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  1. I am currently using beta 7, if you remember how it works I would be really grateful!
  2. I was wondering if you can create several bases for the characters, for example, a base for the character holding an ax, another one with a bow, etc. is there any way?
  3. Oranges are pretty cute

  4. is there any way to change the size of the tiles? the default size is 32 pixels on the map grid, I wanted to change this number, is there any way?
  5. making this game is making me very happy, I am proud of the animations I managed to make myself <3
  6. I would like to register here the most beautiful menu that I have ever made and that I will probably never be able to do again, I even made a personalized cursor, there is still a lot to finish but only this menu has left me with a lot of inspiration and pride <3

  8. i don't know how to do, sorry i'm new with this engine
  9. I wanted to know if you can move things that are within the GUI layout, but every time I change something and click save, when I open it again it goes back to the default
  10. This is my sprite, all surroundings of him have 32 pixels. Side blocks works perfectly, only the blocks under it go through, even though the entire sprite is 32 pixels around it, so this is why i think this is a bug.
  11. But this still doesn't make sense, because around my sprites is 32 empty pixels around by all sides, so why side Blocks aren't affected too ? just blocks are below he
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