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  1. You can call me if still need it. as Daniele said, i can make a test to check if my art meets your standards. Also, i'm a High Quality Artist that make portraits for characters too. My Discord : Hatsuya#0782
  2. Aqui meu discord Hatsuya#0782
  3. I can do it for you, call me and we can discuss prices
  4. It's paid ? if yes hit me on discord, i can do anything you want : Hatsuya#0782
  5. I am currently using beta 7, if you remember how it works I would be really grateful!
  6. I was wondering if you can create several bases for the characters, for example, a base for the character holding an ax, another one with a bow, etc. is there any way?
  7. Oranges are pretty cute

  8. is there any way to change the size of the tiles? the default size is 32 pixels on the map grid, I wanted to change this number, is there any way?
  9. making this game is making me very happy, I am proud of the animations I managed to make myself <3
  10. I would like to register here the most beautiful menu that I have ever made and that I will probably never be able to do again, I even made a personalized cursor, there is still a lot to finish but only this menu has left me with a lot of inspiration and pride <3

  12. i don't know how to do, sorry i'm new with this engine
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