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Graphics I need your Feedback


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Hi, guys.. so, I´ll need your opinion about these NPC.. i´m not a expert so be gentle :3_grin:

1. My idea is make a fungi kingdom, whit some known mushroom.. soo 





yes, i need to give them more details.. but looks pretty good for now :D, idk.. the eyes maybe :7_sweat_smile:


2. well, i was looking the forest and a crazy idea comes out to me...



wierd?.. offcourse.. :)

also this...

 rall.png.fec6aa41862174986336c80a16ea955a.png Tiny.png.39eeeee7e8b0a403ad9d1d9feafe2572.png

3. actually i´m working in this one








and.. some concepts





thats all.. for now... i´ll be updating....thoughts

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10 minutes ago, SkywardRiver said:

Nice to see some more artists around here. Looking good :D

Thanks man..i appreciate it :3_grin:

5 minutes ago, Beefy Kasplant said:

Very nice stuff! 


Have you been working on those side sprites as well? Those are the hardest imo :)


Anyways, love the creativity in your monsters!

yes, actually. they are done  :D ( the mushrooms)..;)


anyway, Thanks man ^_^

8 minutes ago, Khaikaa said:

love these mushrooms

Thanks for the love, gorgeous Steelix ..hahaha

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9 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

You're clearly tallented but i can't help but think the styles and quality between sprites varies a lot. I think you should work on consistency to maintain the same style between sprites. 


All the best, keep at it :)

... and its true, but they are not for the same "project" but,yes they need more.. :), maybe in a future if a make a game or something

Anyways, Thanks for the feedback its very helpful :D

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11 hours ago, Giligis said:

Love it man, all looks great. Love how the ancient mushroom looks like the mushroom part is a top hat of sorts. 

haha, thanks man. a top hat?, haha.... its look like that, i didn´t see it before :D, lol you´re right

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22 minutes ago, General Awesome said:

You're hired

yay!!.... to do what?.. i'll be paid?.. haha, just kidding...thanks 

11 minutes ago, gallighanmaker said:

awesome graphics!. if you need a job tell me :)

thanks, man...and... i don't know, what do you have in mind? @gallighanmaker

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I am back (Thanks to Covid-19 :4_joy:).


Hi guys, me again. On this occasion, I bring another batch of NPC, I hope you enjoy them.

without more to say....


a62bb5fe142b32512ff6d145176ce51a.png    0bb2ee0f6bf78d4ede9e4c8c2b09742c.png    dfdcfe32e6f569944025cba50cb6bda7.png   b94215021b1d405ab22736c9cdfd505c.png  b10fb7920fb6fa2223f8f62d0f918e00.png   67c65b1a11e9ff6fd2c46b0fb570144d.png


Later More...I hope..:22_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PD:  I am Bored, Send me Pictures of any creature.. to make them... Thanks

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