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  1. Hi guys! I have a problem when I try to compile the Main branch please help me with this , thank you
  2. hay que agregarlos tambien al characterwindow
  3. http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/community/topic/749-event-text-variables/
  4. abre el cliente y crea una cuenta primero. And this is a English section
  5. Hi guys! When I try to execute the Client.exe this happen: Any Idea ? PD: I made a Fork from Here, Just opened and compiled.
  6. Basically... you kill a monster (500 xp) 5%( 25 xp) is for the guild and 95% ( 475) for the player.. this percentage could be configure by the guild leader..
  7. Maybe, Guild Logos or a Flag. what if the guild can be level up, like.. a percentage of the xp earned by the members go to the guild xp
  8. I Agree with this sources Request. specially with the auction system, guilds, and skills system( yes like mining, farming,etc.) Maybe, I can help with this part, free for everyone, I want to contribute a little to this great initiative
  9. Hola, Si puedes ilustrarme mas, te puedo ayudar
  10. Hi Guys!! I'm working on City buildings... look we got a Bank, Blacksmith, shoe workshop, tailors workshop, jewelry shop.
  11. Hi!! I'm Working on tree's, so, I make This Mango Tree: How it looks?
  12. yes, you are over thinking, the spell window works like the inventory
  13. nope try this, first line of the layout
  14. A mi también me pueden preguntar cositas
  15. muy buen trabajo @Kamus, evitaste la fatiga de muchos
  16. it is possible to make a stat or a percentage of a stat influence health and Mana? Example: 10 Point of Ability Power Give you 1 or 2 point of Health Same with %... 10 points increase 1% of health... if is possible, What should I do in the source?
  17. Server/Colors.json and this part
  18. Hi Guys!! Can anynoe help with this request?, Please I want to put the LoginWindow in MainMenu Like This:
  19. Well, the mod works, but when you equip a weapon with a speedattack modifier this happen: The frame loop plays the ms of speedattack modifier duration.
  20. Actually works... ill go to test it, looking for any issue
  21. Whaaaaaaaaat!!! this is Amazing, finally. you guys are so amazing, thank you for all this hard work.
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