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  1. Hi guys! When I try to execute the Client.exe this happen: Any Idea ? PD: I made a Fork from Here, Just opened and compiled.
  2. Basically... you kill a monster (500 xp) 5%( 25 xp) is for the guild and 95% ( 475) for the player.. this percentage could be configure by the guild leader..
  3. Maybe, Guild Logos or a Flag. what if the guild can be level up, like.. a percentage of the xp earned by the members go to the guild xp
  4. I Agree with this sources Request. specially with the auction system, guilds, and skills system( yes like mining, farming,etc.) Maybe, I can help with this part, free for everyone, I want to contribute a little to this great initiative
  5. Hola, Si puedes ilustrarme mas, te puedo ayudar
  6. Hi Guys!! I'm working on City buildings... look we got a Bank, Blacksmith, shoe workshop, tailors workshop, jewelry shop.
  7. Hi!! I'm Working on tree's, so, I make This Mango Tree: How it looks?
  8. yes, you are over thinking, the spell window works like the inventory
  9. nope try this, first line of the layout
  10. A mi también me pueden preguntar cositas
  11. muy buen trabajo @Kamus, evitaste la fatiga de muchos
  12. Blestro

    Game jam

    Me parece una excelente idea @lobo
  13. it is possible to make a stat or a percentage of a stat influence health and Mana? Example: 10 Point of Ability Power Give you 1 or 2 point of Health Same with %... 10 points increase 1% of health... if is possible, What should I do in the source?
  14. Server/Colors.json and this part
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