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  1. Blestro

    Suankee World

    Vienes de Alter?// are you come from Alter?
  2. Photoshop, for me. Yes, you can... And just ask for it...
  3. I mean we got the stats attack, defense, ability Power, magic resist, speed. And the physical, magic, true damages. My question is: can I add the Fire Stat, Fire damage and Fire defense(like a Resistance to fire damage).? I would have to rewrite the damages formula
  4. Yes, i'm not work the paperdoll order yet... Thanks man 😊😊 Nice tutorial... Good job Yes I can.. If you want
  5. Edit the CharacterWindow.json route: Client and Editor\resources\gui\layouts\game Just play with the bounds to ubicate the slots. just copy and past the equipmentitem4 and replace the bounds Look:
  6. Nice Work!!! Can I Add More Stats?, Damages and resitances based on that stats?
  7. I can Help you with Papperdolls
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