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  1. Graphics Rate my game visuals, please!

    Wow!! i like it, good job man
  2. Change Color

    Photoshop, Gimp...your imagination is the limit
  3. Invisible Tilesets

    Take a capture to see what is the problem
  4. who want to give me any donation without no reason? :3 

    1. Crest


      If you asked me to order you a pizza I would be more inclined. I ordered a pizza for someone on here once :P


  5. busco personal y jugadores para que prueven mi juego

    Le agrego a lo que dijo @Refur,si llevas un 70% , ese 30% faltante, tenes que enfocarte en mejorar los mapas y si puedes utilizar gráficos no tan usados mejor, que por lo general son la carta de presentación. Animos de igual manera asi se empieza, no desistas... no te apresures, primero has un plan de trabajo, por si no lo has hecho aun, luego cuando ya tenas algo solido ahi si lanzalo para ver que tal va y eso... cualquier cosa manda mp
  6. Finally!! i'm working on my weird project....soon more details :D


    And Maferefun Elegua

  7. Graphics I need your Feedback

    yes I can :D.. and thanks
  8. Graphics I need your Feedback

    hey, hey hey... what about this guy? 40%-101% he is creepy
  9. Story Today I did this on my project...

    good job.. don't add anymore :D..
  10. I need ideas to make npc´s

    give me crazy ideas please:14_relaxed:

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Blestro


      @phenomenalDev  are you without nothing to do? hahahahaha...:lol:

    3. IAskQuestionsTooMuchButHey


      It's late and I finished a new project today, I'm allowed to be stupid for a bit! :PP

    4. Blestro


      agree.. be stupid ;)

  11. Nothing to do....boring:14_relaxed:

    1. Agoraphobic


      Make all the games!

    2. Blestro
  12. just scroll to position 2
  13. I wish, you got it, but...

    But you are a Magikarp swich can't evolve I wish a happy meal
  14. I wish, you got it, but...

    This game consists of making a wish and the next one to reply will fulfill it,but, with an unexpected end. Example A: I wish to be Black B: you got it , but your d*** is tiny B: i wish a yate C: you got it, but it is underwater...... Sooo... This is the first wish I wish the source code of Ascension
  15. Rap Battle

    Wat... :D... This are my introduction bars... The first verse is to say: I am the king I came here to expand your asses ring,so begin I'm truculent, my sytle is succulent ,one hundred percent so, don't fuck with me cause could be your end sniff it , to my drug there is no cure so make your mind for sure cause you can't survive if you aren't pure... this is the shit that MJ taked the day of the game with flu, hahah