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  1. Not possible, you'll have to wait for source!
  2. Hi source yes source source, You're welcome!
  3. wishy

    Floor 100

    little UI update video: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/cec4fc128bd40a645059b529363677bb.mp4
  4. You can use the API for that, https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/api/v1/endpoints/players.html#take-item
  5. wishy

    Floor 100

    Updated the farming, everything is skill level based now, the higher your farming level the better the success rates and rewards. Crops grow when you are offline too now. Added the basics of farm animals.
  6. You can only do "Player1 slapped player2." with "/trigger param" and use "\pn slaps \param" as text
  7. You can add me but I can't promise much of my time though, there's only 24h in a day and I usually need 32h :p
  8. Can't you add a slot for hair, do an event spell for the transformation and change the hair slot with the event?
  9. wishy

    Floor 100

    Small update, Added Forum with game account integration, External Password reset and Custom Leaderboards to the website Embedded Video Link
  10. Should make an english version Would play!
  11. love your work! Can you make my avatar? or this one:
  12. I'm always up for a paid job PM me with what you need and your budget, and we can talk
  13. I've made both, a control panel for admins and a website for users, see my thread video's for examples:
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