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  1. Most of what you listed already exists or is easily added to source with a few lines of code.
  2. I rofl'd pretty hard. Sounds a bit hypocrite saying the open source release is rushed, did you even see your own creation? Looks like it's worse than just a rushed project, and you sell it's source for 4k and even claim to have an android version for sale... You seem to be on a quest to find the perfect wysiwyg game engine which ranges from 2D to 4D, has built in multiplayer and mmo support, visual scripting and export options to all platforms, but still don't want to touch stuff like VS and can't even see that it has free versions (and in the end complain that it doesn't work properly to your standards and that you will rewrite it all.... But applying a git patch or downloading Visual Studio seems too hard for you... ) Goodbye!
  3. Best I could come up with is events triggering spells that a player doesn't has The downside is that the spell is actually casted by the player, just triggered by the event, so stats are taken off the player. easily fixed by having non scaling stats on the spell. Also best used with spells with Target Type: Self.
  4. What did you try already? Have you tried changing the size of the image?
  5. I would have an online version and a local version, you only work on the local version until you are happy with your new additions. The local version goes to a test server so other people can test and look for bugs. (this step can be skipped if you did extended bughunting yourself) Once that test version seems bugfree, you push the changes to the live server, probably best during a short maintenance window.
  6. Thanks Those steps are to make sure the webhost and gameserver are properly configured, and yep will include a tutorial too.
  7. Getting close to releasing this, just gotta add a few more customisation options, everything, including the cashshop, is working ofcourse. Setup is done in less than 5 minutes with little to no programming experience needed. Thoughts? Embedded Video Link
  8. Love this mod!!! (i requested a simular thing a while ago) working great so far
  9. Can't seem to find out how to get the Item StatBuffs of an Entity's equipment, just like you get them from a player with Player.Inventory[].StatBuffs? Anyone can point me in the right direction? I'm talking about the bonus stats here, not the basic stats
  10. The error says So you probably forget to pack a new update with the edited config
  11. try setting UpdateUrl to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MrPalladice/Altaria-Online/master/update.json
  12. how does your config file looks like?
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