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  1. attempt at some kind of minimap and a new class-change window around the 01:00 mark
  2. Yea the edges are off, didn't find out how to fix that (yet) UI is 'intentional' because of my limitations of understanding most of the drawing functions, if that makes sense. (Kasplant requested this and this is made for him, source is delivered in private)
  3. testing a simple steam registration/login and ingame cash shop
  4. If you really want it, https://github.com/alloin/Intersect-Engine/commit/70ebb7396cccd62d7a7a9cf28634b36f8625ff4d this was my very first mod ever and it's not well written, so I ended up deleting it, it works though
  5. You can disown, nohup or screen I personally use screen, just press Alt + A, Alt + D to hide the terminal and type screen -r to call it back
  6. big thanks to @Joyce for providing the base ( https://github.com/Azurebeats/Intersect-Engine/tree/Guild )
  7. I really like it! If you really want feedback, it's too short!
  8. first attempt at a custom fishing system, still some work to do, but pretty happy with the result so far
  9. Nope, that's what the "passive" stands for I don't really have use for combat pets in my game, so didn't go through the effort of adding that too It's in theory possible though
  10. still a WIP, but pretty proud on the result so far, passive pets:
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