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(please keep in mind that the game is only in french)



thanks to

Webfoot Technologies for DragonBall Legacy Of Goku serie

jcsnider, Kibbelz and SPQR Panda for intersect

EVOLV for the walking squirrel in game

RPG Marker for the tileset






DBZ Renaissance is a dbz fan game. The game will include all the main saga from DragonBall Z. The player will have the possibility to do many thing such as complete side quest, find hidden item in the game's world like the dragon ball, collectable capsules and more.






After the account creation, the player will spawn in the other world as a soul. The player will have the option to read a little guide to learn few more things on the game. He will need to talk to Enma to select a character. 


After the character has been select the player will need to talk to Enma one more time. The character will spawn to the Kamé Sennin's house. Here the player will have the choice to do the main quests, side quests, find hidden items or only kill npc.





Feature system

- Flying system to travel on the water

- Two equipment slot to equipe capsules

- Possibility to craft two same capsules together to increase their power

- Find collectable capsules all around the game world

- Powerfull housing system

- Walking squirrel on the maps

- Day and night

- Ressources





Screenshot/image of the game



In game screenshot













In game video


Current World


Alpha 1 screen



New day and night system



First cave under the East District



Collectable capsule to find






Person behind the game

Creator: Gibier

Infographer: Resvid







Progression before alpha 2 release

1. Directional arrow for main quests

2. Gather acorn (side quest)

3. Visible dinosaur on map

4. Breakable cliff if level is enough

5. Find dragonball

6. Capital city mapping + tileset

7. Mapping District

8. Reset accounts

9. New fight formula

10. Openable door if level is enough

11. Fix bugs

12. Changing goku's house to dbz log2




Old update progression


Alpha 1 (Not released yet)


1. Npc spriteset

2. housing system

3. kaioken spell icon

4. level max up to 20

5. player house mapping + tileset

6. squirrel which walk on the maps

7. East District's caves + tileset

8. East District mapping + tileset

9. Nord King Kai's Earth tileset + mapping

10. hidden collectable capsule in the East District (bronze and silver)

11. fixing pre-alpha bugs

12. saga sayen


Pre-alpha (Ended)


1. animated images (kikoha, kaioken...)

2. allow to equip two capsule at the same time

3. mapping the East District + tileset

4. mapping the other world + tileset

5. allow to craft two same caps together

6. day and night system

7. new fight formula

8. flying system

9. Player sprite

10. kaioken bluff

11. sound effects

12. npc sprite

13. kikoha

14. item


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Seems as though you've updated the topic up to par. I'll approve this now, and best of luck!! Can't believe there's now a SECOND DBZ game!! I also love the logo, the beams on either side was rather creative from a design perspective imo. 

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Is this dx7 or dx8 and is it just a bug on the flying out Super Saiyan?


A suggestion if you do a flying up animation, moving without pressing speed button to slowly glide and then when you hold shift he perform that flying animation hes doing now. This how mine going to be just wanted to help you out with the flying. Looks Cool, and interesting. 

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I forget to mention the game is made with intersect it use opengl 3.0. The sprite is not a bug. I only make one flying spriteset and it's the super sayen. It only need one sprite to create the system.


I'm gonna add the other later. Probably the next week.


The flying system is made with the event editor which can't allow it. It's a good system but i'm still not sure if the current version of intersect can make a "complete" system for that.



I really like the logo too, our infographer made an excellent work.

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21 hours ago, Kasplant said:

Wooo more DBZ games! Awesome you got flying in with the event system! Good luck Gib, looking forward to more.


My only big point of criticism is the tiles, are they subject to change? 


I like this feature too, even if it's a bugged feature. I slowly ripping the dbz log game i planned to migrate from the rpg marker tileset to the dbz log in many update. But for now I have more important thing to do than ripping those tileset.


I recolored the golden caps of DBZ LOG, now the gane have many type of those caps. Eventually this will be use like collectible caps which will be findable in the game world: bronze caps, silver caps, golden caps, platium caps and blue diamond.




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The flying system is at the better state the event editor allow for now. The sound are now more softly than in the last video








The mapping of the other world is now started.

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The flying system is fixed it's should work fine except for the ping augmentation and the character's transformations. I've "finished" the tileset and mapping of the other world.




Who know maybe the hell is going to be added to the game later.

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The character creation has been change. The character creation allow to choose only one class: soul and will spawn on the other world



Go see Enma to choose your character to be able to go on the Earth.


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The development of pre-alpha version is almost finish. I'm currently waiting for the beta 4 releash of intersect to let people test the game.


While this time i work on the alpha 1 feature.


This version will include mouveable squirrel on the District Est, housing system, findable collectable capsules all around the current world. Other thing will be added too.


I've started a new work, so i have less time to put on this project. My apolozies the development will be longer than i wanted. 

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On 17/07/2017 at 6:21 PM, Yalashanda said:

I think it's the squirrel from Legacy of Goku one
The main feature of the game will be watching it move


@Yalashanda is right, i forgot to mention that feature is the event tutorial of @EVOLV . But like i said i will edit it. Eventually the player will be able to interact with them with another way. This will be implent in the alpha 2.


The event editor give so much opportunity. I want to implent many as i can. Each update will add 1 to 4 event feature until the version 1.


Edit: The pre-alpha version is finally finished but willn't be releash until the beta 4 of intersect. I already finish some part of the alpha 1, with hope i think i will be able to finish the alpha 1 before the releash of intersect. The alpha 1's feature willn't be available for the pre-alpha (squirrel, player house, part of the maps and other)


I just changed the road map of the game to show the alpha 1 road map.



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Coming together very nicely! Awesome work man! Idk if im add Flying into Resurrection Online but I am adding Instant Transmission to all players who obtain that area. Cool downs will apply. You should do the same for easy getting around, but your flying seems to work well too. When holding the running button to move fast in flying you can maybe see about doing a Aura, and also do different colors to let the players choose the color of aura they like for flying and if you add powering up. 


Question: Whats the highest you allowing Transformation to go? I'm doing all the way to K - God which is past ssjb, but I love original saiyan based too where you go only to ssj3. But whatever you decide to do is still gonna be amazing.

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Until now I didn't planned to add dbs in the game. Still prefer having a game with less main quest but with more side-feature than a game with full main quest but no side-feature. So for now it will go only to the ssj3. 


If the game eventually include dbs it will after all the thing related to dbz will be stable.


I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm pretty sure i fuck up the flying system with to much event case. So it take to much ressources. But for the run animation i already planned to add it after the source are release.


I only post the planned thing for only one update. But i already have a "complete " road maps for five other update without counting the alpha 1.

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Awesome bro! And whatever you wanna do is perfectly fine with me and still love the idea of you doing it in a new engine - Intersect! Thats amazing and sweet! You might wanna do like what i'm doing as well. To obtain some Dragonballs, it will require you to do raids Single or Party, and you going to have to fight a lot of enemies during that raid.


Also if you want you can also do a Character Change Shop so players can change there characters by spending Zenni or Donation Currency like I am for unique characters like GT Kid Goku or Black Goku. I'm have a lot more characters in the rare selection. I also will allow people to ask shenron for Dragon Coins to get that character without donating as well. But just saying some ideas im doing to maybe give you some. Whatever you choose to do is still awesome.

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6 hours ago, EroManga Sensei said:

Hey , @Gibier , shenron's wishes system can be done using variables and switches , are you going to add it ?


I already add it in my road map but it will not be in the pre-alpha or in alpha 1.


Edit: The cave tileset's under the East district is finished and first cave mapping is done. You can see the screen on the forst post.

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Anouther preview of the alpha 1 version, the East District is finally done, hope you guys like it.






All the cave are done to. I'm working on the collector capsule system. The alpha 1 will include bronze and silver collector capsule. To be able to find the silver caps the player will need to have found alll the bronze caps. All of thoses capsules will be on the East District location. Each type of those capsule have ten capsules. As a reward the player will gain a item after having found 3, 7 and 10 caps.


I give you a free bronze caps location if you can find where it is.




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Edited: My Apologizes.

@Gibier if you need a extra hand on something, I can help you if you want. But your mapping skills have inspired me to wanna do this in Resurrection Online.



EDITED: Btw how big is that world map? Like how big the numbers you put in the map properties?

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