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  1. @jcsniderAh Jc, Can intersect event system do this by chance or a alternative route?
  2. @Eridonis Best way I can suggest this, is guess the time it take for them to almost/kill the npc with a wait timer. Edited: You set a Timer to allow another npc to spawn/repeatedly. Convert MS into Real time if you don't know exact MS required. You also can do a Scroll to summon a NPC right after that one. You/players can activate the scroll to summon an NPC. There's a lot of ways. Just gotta think and be creative.
  3. Goto HpBar Label inside of playerbox.json, and Set all Numbers on bond to 0. -Friend Told me.
  4. How do I remove the Numbers out of the HP and MP? I did what I need to transparent the background from the playerbox.json location in laying/game folder within inside the gui folder. But what line do I need to delete or disable to disable the numbers ?
  5. @Damien666Hes gonna add a Translator to Help N/A Players with playing. I'm Also working on a Similar Project. But we're doing two complete different develops.
  6. I'm make a Command, and players will be-able to type the command and once the claim it, they be stopped from spamming the command on claims. Whenever I release another item to everyone they be-able to do the command again and claim the item. /claim for Example, and I change the gifts overtime, and im also do this for Event Gifts and etc. Thank you guys for helping me big time!
  7. Doug

    Server Commands

    Press Insert while in-game as a admin, Type the Player Name, and Click on kick or ban. Or go through the server and type the name you wanna kick or ban. Easiest is pressing insert and going that route I suggest. @Ruby
  8. @defaultxOH YEAHHHH A EVENT NPC! But how to refresh the event when I make a new event? To avoid it infinity rotating back to 0, Do I keep adding pages on or ?
  9. I was wondering how to make a command that gives items to all players on the server by typing the command in common event. Example: /giftallsword How would I setup my Common Command to gift all the sword by typing that command.
  10. It's ok, I code it in later by fulling around with the coding methods. Thank you big time btw @Joyce And not sure if you know, but Intersect has a sick Attendance System for Daily Logins!
  11. @joyce How can I select the animation for Critical when it pops up that you hit a Crit? Edit: I setup my Levelup sound perfectly, and works amazing! But I just need critical sound thats it, and i'm do for coding or editing the source, or if I can simply make the sound in the editor some how that be amazing!
  12. I edited it - Answer is Above for anyone else needing help with resetting up password reset email to your custom.
  13. I'm trying to edit this code: https://ibb.co/TrJPpgG I wanna simply code PlaySound: [Sound Name] Everytime a Critical Hit is done it make the sound I want. Anyone can help me with the simple code add? -Server Side.
  14. How can I change the background logo, the information thats sent to a user email account when they reset there password? Edited: I changed the Logo Image, But how to change the wording? Changing Product name, and information in the Server Fixes the Sayings for your game, Uploading a Image onto Mediafire or any upload file website can change the imagine for your password reset. -Issue Solved. [[Case.Closed]]
  15. I tried, but nothing happens I seen Delete Friend in Server Configuration so ik theres a way, but right clicking not working for me. Is it cause my screen size is 1600 x 900? @Joyce The Delete friend is setting itself to the right away from the name, and you gotta find the sweet spot to delete someone :l../ Small Bug, But not Damaging or Bothering...
  16. How to Delete or Unfriend someone off the Friend's List?
  17. Doug

    No server.exe

    @Twutti Did you try clean Solution? I had this issue, and click that and all my problems were solved / Latest Version of Intersect as well.
  18. What event are you trying to do basically if you don't mind me asking?
  19. @joyce True, and I see more on this git situation for adding codes/packs to help me in the future. But for now if anyone uses words that aren't PG13 I warn them with a Mute, and if it keeps happening I just ban them.
  20. I wanna add a Sound Effect to Critical, and I would like to type a Different name for it. Can someone show me what to code, and how to add? This should be server-side since its a Live Sound to Everyone on the map.
  21. new to .net, and everything in the section including this importing. I read, and can do everything. But how do I download the pack into a .git? @Joyce Edited: Oh I have to download Github Desktop, Didn't know that was a thing lol. but I download it.
  22. @joyce I like to use this, but how to install the pack?
  23. @KibbelzDo you still have this by chance?
  24. @jcsnider Yes sir! For the Time Beinging i'm use you guys function to fix it! I'm make a Event on beginning Map to Detect the Class they're, and Change there Class to Fix it for the Time being! BUT OVERALL THIS ENGINE IS SPECTACULAR! I give intersect engine a 10 rating For Best Performance 2D Engine out!
  25. Oh ok! @jcsnider I have 100+ Classes, and for example Zackary is Number 25 on the Class Choice right? Well when I choose johnny whos Class one, it makes me be Zackary. Is there anyway to fix that or ? " This happening when Making a new account. "
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