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Nimue is a MMORPG of fantasy that is part of a unreal world.


The game goes back to the forest of Brocelandia, place where a thousand years ago occurred the war of the three magicians. Cedric Adair, Eda Rowle and Addy Ginohi (a clan of magicians from the capital of Mordelaise, known as The Holy Alliance) fought against Nimue and thus managed to conquer the Air Castle, a place created by the magician Merlin and served Of chambers for women. After the battle, the three magicians founded a school in the town of Brocelandia, which sought to educate young people with magical skills in the art of witchcraft and magic fencing and thus encourage the growth of the Holy Alliance against future Threats. In this first stage they could apply Magic Wizards and Swordsmen of all the ages. Sorcerers: These are people with the ability to channel their magic through magic rods and books. Magical Swordsmen: These are people with the ability to channel their magic into rune swords. Sorcerer may choose to become Archmage (specialists in the art of offensive magic) or Shaman (knowledgeable of plants and healing spells). Magic Swordsman can choose to become a Guardian (specialists in the art of magic defense) or Master of Spades (specialized in offense). 

Your mission is begin as a magic student and complete your studies to be part of the Holy Alliance. It's rumored that dark things has been appearing in the magic community. Are we closer to a new magic battle?




First Class:


  • Sorcerer: These are people with the ability to channel their magic through magic rods and books.
  • Magic Swordsman: These are people with the ability to channel their magic into rune swords


Sub-class (specialization): 



  • Archmage: Specialists in the art of offensive magic.
  • Shaman: Knowledgeable of plants and healing spells


 Magic Swordsman

  • Guardian: Specialists in the art of magic defense.
  • Master of Spades: Specialized in offense.




  • Quests: Main Story and secundary quests.
  • Magic Cards Collection: There will be lots of magic cards hidden around the world. This objects will let you unblock  a lot of special places and objects.
  • Dungeons: Prepare your best team to face the difficulties of dungeons. Sometimes you will have to solve puzzles to move forward.
  • Big Monsters.
  • Objects Improvement: Make your weapons and clothes more powerful.
  • Secrets Places: There will be a lots of secrets places with a chest inside them.
  • Magic Duel Club: Are you good at PVP?, there will be a special place with tournaments and challenges for all magicians.
  • Potion's System: Collect materials and make special potions!

  • Emoticon system!






76772c4dc39b08a64dccc0beed8932da.gif      7fb51cd72145936ec6d3eab002921a1d.gif  






Mildred Rossell












Magic Swordsman - Sacred Swords






- Citizen NPC's -












- Enemies -







The game has not date release yet.


Do you like Nimue? You can help us with a small donation



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That depends man. If you keep the sprites id suggest making the Tileset's bigger. If you resize the actual sprites id say keep them. They look good. Just make sure your tileset' are "Free to use commercially outside of RPG Maker" I recognize a few graphics that might be illegal if you use them commercially just because they are in the actuall RTP from Enterbrain.

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@Daxterxx Actually I like the sizes of sprites, maybe we could resize a little the tiles to make them looks more congruent with characters.

And you are right, there are a few things that are from the Intersect resources that we must change (like the darker plants beside the river), but all the others are original or re-designed :rolleyes:

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12 hours ago, Refur said:

@Daxterxx haha, I really like large sprites :rolleyes:


@Kibbelz Do you think that trees and houses should be bigger?

It would be much easier to shorten the sprites relative to lengthening all the objects in the tileset. I also think the style of the characters doesn't fit with the tiles. As @Daxterxx says, make sure you're 100% safe from copyright claims :), would hate to see anyone go down after ages of work! Thats why Intersect is getting free tiles and characters royalty free.

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This is not a Life Forge thread. Use common sense and be careful about using copyrighted graphics in your games, especially if you ever try to get a big audience such as publishing your games on greenlight. 


Stay on topic. @Daxterxx if Life Forge is using any strictly copyrighted assets I'm sure Sky will want to know about it. Please shoot him a pm or provide any concrete examples in the Life Forge thread. Thanks. 

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