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  1. https://gamaedcompaniaanon.wixsite.com/website  mi sitio web, lo hice con HTML dime si te gusta baja para que veas todo lo que dice la pagina ;).

  2. Lethal Bosses English Desc. Desc. Español. Pictures.
  3. 3709514892e17ffff12135a4871d9d2d.png

    New game in development! "Lethal Bosses" :16_relieved:

  4. Hola como estas hermano! necesito hablar contigo cuando puedas responde este mensaje! Muchas gracias!

    1. RockoDev


      Hola que tal!? en que puedo ayudarte?

    2. migoel585


      Sabes he montado un servidor del juego.


      Copyright (C) 2018  Ascension Game Dev
      For help, support, and updates visit: http://ascensiongamedev.com
      Loading, please wait.
      Server has 2 registered players.
      Game time is now: Friday, September 28, 2018 11:57:23 PM
      Websocket listener started for Unity WebGL Clients using Port #8080

      UPnP Service Initialization Succeeded
      Successfully auto port forwarded tcp port 8080 using UPnP.
      Successfully auto port forwarded udp port 8080 using UPnP.

      Connection Information:
         Public IP:
         Public Port: 8080

      Your game is accesible to the public!
      Enter your public ip and port into the client/editor config for others to join!

      Server Started. Using Port #8080
      Type exit to shutdown the server, or help for a list of commands.
      Me sale eso, pero no puedo conectar otra maquina a mi juego! dice Que mi servidor no esta online!


      Solo mi maquina que tiene el servidor puede entrar xq sera eso?

    3. RockoDev


      Asegura de tener el firewall o el antivirus desactivad amigo... eso impide que otras pc's accedan a tu juego

  5. hermano tambien soy de venezuela. tengo pensado hacer un proyecto bien grande con este motor. aqui te dejo mi correo y hablamos mejor. si quieres. soy de lecheria mano estado anzoategui.

    1. RockoDev


      Un gusto ver que nuevos hermanos se unan! Exelente amigo! te deseo el mejor de los exitos y mucha paciencia que es lo mas importante! Saludos desde Aragua

  6. I do not know if you understand Spanish very well ... but in this video I did, I show how to do something similar to what you want to do! regards
  7. Bueno! hola a todos! les traigo un mecanismo que se me ocurrió! de mucha utilidad y quise compartirlo con ustedes!
  8. @Refur Thank you for clarifying my doubt!
  9. I've updated the post of the question because I was trying, and I noticed it does not work any common event in 4.2, if not just happen to me.
  10. Progress! Classic Hero Maker v.0.1.6B! Behavior of movement.
  11. I have a question about projectiles in intersect beta 4.1, since when I create a weapon that launches a projectile, when the projectile collides with some block it drags my character to the wall where it collides, and I have not marked the option of hook
  12. The online functionality is still thinking, as it is somewhat complicated with construct 2, I promise nothing but if I try to do something for that
  13. New version available Classic Hero Maker v0.1.5B do not wait !!! Update the topic with the download links
  14. If exactly haha, that's why he mentions that the game is not in English yet. New additions for classic hero maker, adding more to version 0.1.5 beta , will show the new so far! I have updated the post with this already mentioned!
  15. I am Venezuelan, and therefore I know Spanish as a native language xD
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