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  1. Showoff Nox Host

    For a price?
  2. Showoff Nox Host

    I gotcha man, but good luck with your services. I checked your site out... it looks nice. Perhaps show the actual specs of your servers, and or packages would be nice for potential buyers!
  3. Showoff Nox Host

    Cant tell if you got the name from the actual GemStone or MineCraft......Anyway good luck with your hosting man!
  4. Jumping

    Yup yup!!
  5. Jumping

    More than likely when the source comes out, you would simply add an extra frame to the character file being 1 tile above everything. Triggered by an event/tile that would allow a jump animation along with withe tile stucture, same with building a "Blocked" attribute, but jumping...
  6. WIP Rebirth Fantasy Online

    Ohhh ok I see what your saying now. You right Anything from XP and above is registered under "First Seed Material"
  7. WIP Rebirth Fantasy Online

    "Tutorial Island" rung a bell in my head. I like where your going with your work, but try to keep "RuneScape" out of your head, cause I know it is....don't lie. Also after trying to read up on the license agreement from REFMAP, your all good to go. Anything under the name "First Seed Material" from any of REFMAP's work is license to RPG Maker. Everything else is free to use commercially outside RPG Maker *Ahem @jcsnider, "AKA: "Mack's Tileset's" is not registered under "First Seed Material"
  8. Pre-Release Nightmare

    Love it, that actually looks really damn good. The Map as a whole is really impressive!
  9. WIP Nimue

    Alright, sorry about it. Anyway, Good luck with your game @Refur
  10. WIP Nimue

    No problem man!
  11. WIP Nimue

    That depends man. If you keep the sprites id suggest making the Tileset's bigger. If you resize the actual sprites id say keep them. They look good. Just make sure your tileset' are "Free to use commercially outside of RPG Maker" I recognize a few graphics that might be illegal if you use them commercially just because they are in the actuall RTP from Enterbrain.
  12. WIP Nimue

    I like the GUI and the tilesets, but why does the sprite look like goddamn slenderman X) X)???
  13. Pre-Release Wing of Misadventure - RPG Maker MMO

    I know some Ruby. I helped fix some bugs in Vladimires "Vampirye Net Gaming" back in the day, for RPG maker VX. Hit me up with a message if you need some help.
  14. Pre-Release Wing of Misadventure - RPG Maker MMO

    You already did release it. Well a version of it at least it's on github
  15. Pre-Release Wing of Misadventure - RPG Maker MMO

    Everything looks really solid man, the UI, the mapping, but the sprites I have to agree with. Your using RPG Maker, so you are allowed to use the sprites, I know you know this. Why not take a look at some of the custom stuff on the reouse page of RPG maker???