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  1. DarkDino


  2. DarkDino

    Intersect Alpha 1.4 Released!

    Amazing work guys, you rock!
  3. DarkDino

    Intersect Alpha 1.3 Released!

    Bro, download links are broken. Amazing update keep working!.
  4. Amazing update, very cool feature in editor list(i'll add to darkstory soon ).
  5. DarkDino

    Site Theme Updated!

    I really like a lot this theme .
  6. DarkDino

    SFML 2D VB.Net SpotLight Tutorial

    I'm officially a fan of JC, fantastic tutorial.
  7. DarkDino

    New Code Parser Installed

    Fantastic feature help a lot to make tutorials.
  8. DarkDino

    Orion+ 2.0

    Nice custom fixed version , try to separe the Client/Server on each source, the novices searches it.
  9. DarkDino

    Changes Approaching - Open to Suggestions!

    Nice updates , I like how its going. I like the new Logo but i think you can delete or improve the shadow.
  10. Use Calibri font to fix the Square on jump line .
  11. DarkDino

    We're back from the dead!

    Marvelous, This never die because I'm in the forum everyday. Waiting for Orion Update!.
  12. DarkDino

    Bearmord [Global Game Jam 2015]

    BEARMORD A4ZKyUiZ3O8 This is a small project I work for 48 hours for the Global Game Jam ( Most Important Event of Game Development of the World ). This prototype are very basic and made in Construct 2 because my Visual Basic 6 doesn't work in the PCs of Event. I make the IA and features with my own code, If you want to see another feature of this project comment and i release the Source Version. URL: http://globalgamejam.org/2015/games/bearmord -- Here i put the Artwork soon[/center]
  13. DarkDino

    So I do music, and stuff

    Not bad, I like Farewell and the Guitar .
  14. DarkDino

    Runescape progress thread

    I miss this mmo, What server are you playing?
  15. DarkDino

    Eclipse Online Odyssey [WIP]

    very nice render night , good luck with the project!.