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  1. Hello, I'm looking for additional volunteer pixel artist to our team for 2D MMO inspired by Bleach universe, we're looking right now for custom hollows (walk, attack animations) (16 frames, 4 directions per sheet) Name: SS Engine: Intersect - Closed Alpha will be released on 25th of May. In case you're interested let me know! Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, how to make a player show attack frame while is moving? Will line changes in Entity.cs do it? Thanks, Tim
  3. Hi everyone, what is the time for each frame? (entities) Thanks, Tim
  4. Hmm... What about L for Quest Log.
  5. Sounds cool, what about make different keybindings for attack and interact?
  6. Timty

    Concept Ghoul Online

    Well, I think as long the project is free-to-play and non profit, there should'nt be problem, thank you for your advice anyway. Im not sure what all is copyrighted, but for sure im not using any original characters, names or full designs.
  7. Timty

    Concept Ghoul Online

    Well, I think it's mostly for fans of the anime/manga. We have changed alot of things but we are only inspired by anime/manga. Let' say it's a different world with aspects of Tokyo Ghoul.
  8. Timty

    Concept Ghoul Online

    Hi, I would like to show you my project on which I work. GHOUL ONLINE Story: Ghoul Online is a role-playing focused 2D Online RPG inspired by Tokyo Ghoul universe (japanese dark fantasy manga/anime series by Sui Ishida). Where each player is the creator of his own story, by behavior, decisions and much more! Gameplay: Enter the visceral, dark world. Customize your character, play as human or ghoul, exactly how you want. Create your own organisation, then lay claim to any Ward of Tokyo. Just be prepared to defend your territory - you never know who might be waiting to get the jump on you! Staff: Timty - Project Creator Game Artist Kirimihara - Game Artist Pixaro - Game Artist Safeira - Game Artist Ziexchan - Game Artist Elysian - Game Artist BloodOrangeSangria - Moderator Trigger - Moderator Screenshots: Links: Website Discord server Facebook page
  9. Thanks, it's just for special addational hairstyles. Basic one are in character creation screen.
  10. It's similiar but not exactly same. Love this chibi style.
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