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  1. Uyarrr thx, but, this will make all logic behind the item works?
  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but in my last update V. 5.1 the "boots" slot desapeared! can someone help me?
  3. I'm trying to make graphics in 8bit style. What do you think?
  4. I'm working on my new graphics. What do you think about the grass? And the other tiles? New Tiles!
  5. @Kibbelz about the abyss of black: I really hate the square world, it seems like you're trapped in a box. and about the cliffs, you think that I need to make the ontop cliff with 2 tiles of height? I don't understand
  6. @jcsnider there's a way to make the maps without the black borders in any resolution? I tried to change to "no seamless" but it always are with the black borders.
  7. I'M GOING TO KISS YOU JCSNIDER !! Thanks for the update!
  8. I have made a new playable class: Here's the appearance, say hello to the lizard-men, LACERTA:
  9. nice ideas, but I want to see pictures! where are they?
  10. Thanks you all! Topic UPDATED! One new imagem of the development!
  11. mateusfar


    I love these graphichs! Nice work, keep it
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