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  1. Oh yeah its quite easy. Keep in mind I use time fantasy tiles at 48x48 but i dont think it should be any different. A normal un-animated auto tile sheet looks like this: An animated sheet, would have 3 sets of this auto tile, with three different frames: In the editor, load the tileset with the animated auto tiles (put it in your tilesets folder) and select Animated [VX Format] (or whatever format your tiles are in, this example is VX, refer to RPGMAKER) You can see the white border selected all three frames, now just use what ever tool to add them to whatever layer on the map.
  2. Tile size shouldn’t matter, you set the tile size in the settings and it will just splice the tile set into the correct tiles for that setting. Just make sure your autotiles are set up correctly to be used property in the editor.
  3. Thanks! It’s just sloppy, I wanted to get something functional to begin with, I can clean up the json deserialization a lot among other things.
  4. Hello! So one of the biggest hurdles I have faced while using the Intersect Engine, is editing the GUI. Any big changes require a lot of work, and while it isn't difficult to edit the JSON files and figure out what does what. It does take time, and constant reopening of the client to check the changed. I decided to make a tool that will load the Intersect Engine GUI JSON files and give you a visual editor for them. It simplifies the JSON file into a TreeView that is easy to edit and save. Currently this is limited in what it will show but I will be adding much more to this tool. This is the initial alpha release, there will likely be bugs Please tell me about bugs! This project is Open Source though it is coded in VB.NET and I am trash, be thankful this even works lol. Preview: Download: https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-GUI-Editor/releases/tag/ Source: https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-GUI-Editor Make sure to copy and paste the contents of your Client > Resource > gui folder to the editors gui folder, and replace any images in the resources folder that you would like. The custom font is still experimental at this time but in theory it should work, you can change the font by putting a .ttf file into the font folder and changing the font in the settings window (cog icon). Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them! And follow the development here: https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-GUI-Editor/projects
  5. Its done! Just some minor tweaks and ill be releasing it! She ain't pretty, but she gets the job done.
  6. Oh man, this weekend was full of progress! Only 13 more json files to deserialize then some clean up and minor tweaks!
  7. Making progress! About 50% done deserializing, and only the location/size/image edits are shown/loaded atm so i want to fine tune everything once im done and add that stuff. So for example if you change hidden to true it should hide the visual component and right now it doesnt do that. But eh. Progress!
  8. Finished all the layout > menu windows, time to start work on the layout > game windows. Some things are kinda wonky due to the hierarchy of the json file and the form components used to generate the visual aspect. I also added this neat little toggle-able grid overlay to help with coordinates. Also started a github for the project, its coded in VB.NET and I'm not a good coder by any sense so you get what you get xD you've been warned. https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-GUI-Editor
  9. Made some progress on my visual gui editor for intersect. Cant wait to release it
  10. if I recall there is a party sync function for player variable set. without looking at the code I would assume something like that function could be used more liberally, for instance warp player.
  11. Oh.. Its part of the Time fantasy icon pack. Ill look at the keys and see about reducing that, good call!
  12. TBH its a placeholder icon for the actual item icon for that type of item i have to make so i just selected something. But yes the squares are purposfully a bit smaller than the icons themselves to make them stand out a bit, you can see it on the red arnmor and the herb leaf at the bottom left as well.
  13. Began work on changing the UI, found a free UI kit online and i think it fits with time fantasy fairly well, I will be changing the fonts just as soon as I can get the mono pipeline tool to work properly
  14. If that were the case my prof of concept would not have worked (6.2 in the example). Changing a variable inside the result of the if statement does not effect the if statement, as the conditional branch has already done its check and moved on.
  15. Well give the item and set a player variable or even a self switch for that claim and toggle it. something like this. Variable Editor: (unique ID optional incase you need to call its value at a later date in a text box etc.) Event Example on map Prof of concept You could go further with this making seperate pages with spawn conditions using the variable if you dont want the npc to show after they claim the item etc. When you want to run a new claimable item make a new variable and update the event with the new variable to check. You can take this further with yes or no text boxes and other things, you can even go as far as using the system time in a variable to compare time differences etc for daily claims (all in ms btw)
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