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Found 27 results

  1. Question about Unity?

    Hi, I don't know if this is in the right place , but I'm new using Unity and I was wondering if anyone here knows if there's a way to export an animation as a sprite sheet. Thank you!
  2. Softwood UI

    Version 2.0


    Hi guys, I created this User Interface for a project I was developing a few months ago, but I will no longer use this interface, as I am creating another one completely remodeled with the dynamic UI system for my new project. So I decided to make it available for you to download. It is a very simple, but beautiful User Interface. I'll call it "Softwood UI". Hope you guys like it. Screenshot:
  3. Hi I don't know if this is the right place to post it but I'm just showing what I've got. ~ What do you think?
  4. Browsergame

    Hey there, is it possible to put my game into a browser? (Maybe with a flash converter or something like that?) greetings, Pal Diaray
  5. Finding player stats

    How can i find the stats to players in the game files? I'm trying to find the player levels to my html page so i can update which player is the highest etc. So where can i find which lvl each player ingame are?
  6. Hi, When an admin join the game we get the following message : "You are an administrator! Press Insert at any time to access the administration menu or F2 for debug information.". Now how to do to write a message for all kind of players (simple player + moderator + admin) ? For the Admin we have the ID : adminjoined For The moderator the ID : modjoined Then for a simple player what's the ID ? Thank you.
  7. My first attempt at a trailer. Let me know what I can improve on. Kickstarter and Greenlight coming soon
  8. Game Storm-Online World

    Yeah not much to say, i making progress on my game. I search for help maybe mapper when anyone want. Here are a map! I need feedback i use refmap i edited it and convertet all by my self, without a program!
  9. Game Underwater Game

    Just a few underwater scenes for a game I'm working on (I'm not comfortable announcing it yet, just want feedback on the scenes). What do you guys think?
  10. Working on my game old world. I'll be posting screenies and stuff of areas and sprites i'm working on. When the source gets released, i'll be posting and maybe sharing some custom content and features. 3/7/2016 Beach tileset being worked on. Currently working on animated water tiles
  11. Graphics Spriting

    I'm posting links to help people build sprites. I'll put some paperdoll ones up soon, as this was the most requested thing on the old site. i will keep adding to this list
  12. I have a following and they all want to know when I am going to release a new version of Ambardia. I have dedicated players who are still playing right now. I shut down Ambardia for a while but after receiving hundreds of e mails and requests I opened it back up to the most stable version of Robins EO version that I had. My question is... At what point should I try and launch an Ambardia Intersect version? Should I just map and add assets for a while or will Intersect Beta 2.0 be something I could launch an alpha with? If Intersect is in Beta then of course our games have to be beta as well. Can we follow the path of Intersect along with our game beta or should we wait till a later version? I don't want to spend hundreds of hours of my time and my teams time if we end up with an engine that turns into a dead end. I am watching my server right now and players are talking about other games they hate and why they like Ambardia. I'm anxious to show them the power of Intersect. Give me some feed back and thoughts. I really want to show a lot of people what this community is about.
  13. Hello, figured i would show off my construct 2 games. Below is a diablo style hack and slash game im working on. Im also working on a 2d Grand theft auto type game: What do you guys think? they both use the same sort of "Core Engine" as far as movement goes, mapping, npcs, attacking, projectiles. Ive just made small changes to the engine and the graphics of course.
  14. Hey everyone. Here is a little video walk through showing my work with Intersect. I know its not a great video but maybe in the future I might do better. You have to start some where. I know watching vids are a huge help to me so here it is.
  15. Here are some Models that I have created and Textured for our Post-apocalyptic game which is just getting started. - Give me Good points and bad points, looking to +UP my work. - For those wondering, the Dev Team is called High Rise Games. - You can check out our Face Book and give us support if you'd like <3
  16. Hello guys I have a doubt, how can i put a server online? i already did what JC says on: JC Answer So here it goes some prints i have off all process, if someone have an idea how to do, please <3 1. Direct IP Windows 10 myip is: 2. Port Fowarding this is all i want to put my game online so... 3. Client and Server try connection... Not ask me to call my internet provider, this is not an option in the country where I live, they can't help me, i already call. PLEASE HEELPP!! (i have teamviwer 11 to helps someone who can helps me)
  17. [R] Game Logo

    Hey there. I'm currently looking for any form of logo someone could provide me with. I'd like to request it to say - Beyond Online. If possible, look similar to this; Best Regards,
  18. Sharing Games?

    I am in the process of making my first game with this engine and was wondering how you would go about distributing your game to friends and etc. to test it? Thanks!
  19. A picture from my old dungeon crawler made on dragon eclipse. Im going to move it over to intersect and revamp it.
  20. Game Dawn Swimming and More!

    For this video I showcase a little swimming which I have just recently finished. Still needs a bit of tweaking but it's handling very nice! Other changes include Sound, Skills tweaks, Centered Damage Counters, and more! I'll be uploading more Dawn videos with more content etc soon! Note that most if not all sounds are placeholders as I was just testing out sound in general. Thanks to Eric for some free music to use If you want to support the project, I've set up a little donation page via Paypal. Donators will be included in a Special Thanks and 20% of all donations will go to AGD. Donate: Here Leave me some feedback guys and gals
  21. hello ppl i made this pokemon game. its project i working on when im bored... i dont know if ill ever release this as a online game, just want to show you Engine : SkyWyre Primityve 8 (VB6) features: Battle system-NPC and gym battles, aquiring badges and item after you win battle wild battles, fishing, player cards, PC Storage, pokedex like original game, shops, pokemon items, pokemon evolving, pokemons nicknames,move learning TM's Too, Custom stats system TP (i have no idea how EV IV work :D Im too lazy to read about it hehehe missing: trades, party... maybe more i dont know
  22. Yeah I know it's cancer seeing so many Pokémon games but I don't mind. So while I'm waiting for Intersect to be released so I can work with Adams on a game, I'm just killing time by writing an online Pokémon game from scratch! I am writing it in C# using MonoGame for graphics, and Lidgren for networking. I do not have anything playable yet, I only have screenshots and little "dev logs" that I wrote at the time (and saved them in Notepad XD) of what I've been doing, that's why I'm not posting it in the Projects forum yet. Screenshots:
  23. Game New Dawn Skills Framework

    Pretty exciting! (at least for me haha) Got skills in and working, albeit without custom icons haha. Anywho, I'm going to be uploading all New Dawn videos to my friend's channel to help em off the ground! It's actually a group of friends but they upload some silliness every now and then and you may even see me in a video or two in the future. Be sure to check em out and also leave me some feedback on what I can improve
  24. So here's a super laggy video of New Dawn where I'm just showing some of the base mechanics off. Doesn't look too pretty because I've been mostly working on base functionality and behind the scenes features. Sorry for the lag, I had way too many programs open on my computer lol
  25. Medieval GUI

    Version 1.0.0