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  1. Is there a way to have paperdoll color options for one item instead of having to make items for all of them?
  2. I was just trying to add something like Arrows but i did it already...all i did was leave the item type on none
  3. Will this work if i'm trying to add another item type to the list of types? Like consumable,spell,ammo? etc etc
  4. Is it possible to add more?
  5. Is there a way to have it show in the chat box when something is done like picked up or dropped a weapon, exp received etc etc?
  6. It works but the player options deletes them from the editor And the server options causes the server to crash when i login
  7. If it isn't to much trouble for you that would be nice XD
  8. I have it set so they can open it once but once a week or once a month i want to be able to reset all of them for everyone using one event And rite now it only reset for a single player who use's the player switch event
  9. I figured out how to do it i just don't have as many firing at the same time Don't know what to all it.... But all you have to do is have your animation that your using set up like this. But im not sure if your asking how to make it look like that or make it stop looking like that
  10. Here is the global switch and variable.
  11. Do anyone know why i try to make on to reset a open chest it doesn't work but it work's when i use it as a player switch?
  12. Is there anyway to make quest or treasure chest give out random items instead of the one's i pick?
  13. Is the only way to have treasure chest is through the quest & event system combined?
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