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  1. I wonder if it isn't already possible to create a guild system using the events? Seems like you could probably do something like that given how versatile it is. This update is really interesting- many things I didn't even consider were added. I can't help but feel some things are missing though? Even if I can't name those things right now. -edit- Ah, I can name one thing- when I read the on Death event for npcs/resources, I wondered why there wasn't something similar for players. Surely this trigger would work for custom PvP?
  2. Well, I'm not actively making a game because my editor isn't working yet, so I'm just playing around with what I can. I wanted to make a small and quick pvp/permadeath/survival type orpg (using rpgmaker assets) to learn about all the events and see if I could make some type of arena system with it. Also who knows when B5 is going to drop? It could be weeks/months away.
  3. I was messing around with this but was having problems with the main menu, it didn't even occur to me to remove the alignment this explains why the position wasn't changing when I put the coordinates in lol.
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