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  1. Need Help [$$$] Dune Online - pixel/tile artist required

    The cutesey-anime-chibi-dungeon Children of mana art style really won't work with the Dune universe. Just saying. You can do it if you want but it's going to feel almost repulsive as you play and it certainly won't appeal to anyone looking for a game set in the Dune universe. You'd be much better off attempting a style that's not cute, but is rough whilst being defined, with less saturation. You want to really grab that aesthetic of Dune. Something like Death Trash; Interestingly about the piece above, a pixel art tutorial I read once said that "Pixel art is closer to painting than drawing" and this saying is really encapsulated within the above art. Hope this helped you, but that anime/chibi/casual/colourful art really won't work. Any pixel artist would tell you this truth, unless of course they couldn't give a shit about you or your project and just want the money (sadly these artists are quite prevalent these days, though I can't say they're the majority, it's natural to become attached to a project you're commissioned to work on.)
  2. True damage ? Taunt ?

    There are three types of damage in Intersect right now (hopefully we'll see some sort of editor for this so we can increase the damage types allowing attribute based damage i.e. wind/fire/water/dark/light in the future, whether official or through a source tutorial.) Physical damage can be blocked by the player's equipment and endurance. Magic damage can be blocked by the player's equipment, endurance and possibly (though also may not be) intelligence/wisdom. True damage is applied regardless of level/stats/gear. So a level 1 slime that hits 5 will always hit 5 using true damage, but a level 1 slime that hits 5 against a level 1 player using physical damage, will hit less against a higher level payer.
  3. Rudra no Heihou / Treasure of the Rudra RIPS

    Maybe it would be best to rip them myself then. Guess I'll have to learn how.
  4. Rudra no Heihou / Treasure of the Rudra RIPS

    Yeah, there are definitely some of the tiles on here. Shame it seems they're all split up, heh. I'll keep looking but you pretty much nailed it.
  5. Rudra no Heihou / Treasure of the Rudra RIPS

    These are the tiles from Rudra no Hihou / Treasure of the Rudra; This is a screenshot of Silverdale; Now that I see them side by side, there are indeed slight differences. The similarity is almost like it was traced over. Some of the things are identical, like the plant or the warped tree.
  6. Looking for Work Composer in search of game

    That price is really steep lmao. What stops me going to PeoplePerHour or Fiverr and hiring a sound producer there for $10-20? I've seen some /really/ talented (though completely obscured to the industry's eyes) producers and composers on there. If you're going to try selling a house in the same neighbourhood as those guys for 5x/10x/20x the price, at least explain why you think it's worth it, post some of your past work, qualifications, etc. If you're just another guy producing music like the guys on Fiverr (except one guy I saw who was actually a sound engineer) there's no difference between the two of you, but if you attended music school and learned formally then yeah, there's some substance to your production quality. I'm sure you probably feel like everyone is ganging up on you here and that's probably a bit shit of them to do, since you didn't actually know this was a hobbyist level community when you joined (you probably assumed it was a serious game development forum due to the site name, so it's understandable you'd think there'd be professional devs and studios throwing money around to make games here) however this is not. It's a hobbyist community, we can try to dress the cow up to look nice but at the end of the day, it's still a cow. Also I think your prices are stuck in the 90s because every man and his dog can produce music thanks to programs like flstudio. Hell, I produce poor quality music all of the time, still, I'd rather drop 50 poor quality tracks I made myself, than pay $10000 (assuming 2 minutes per track, I put out 1:40 per track at least, at $100 per minute) to have someone else make the songs, what with all the risk involved (say I don't like you 2 minute track after paying you, and you make like 3 more and I still don't like them, what then?) - we're all indie devs here. We all do different things and we're mostly not professionals at any of our primary skills, chances are that more than likely if I made that game with 50 placeholder tracks, some composer/producer will see that I have something that's basically already released and remake the tracks for the game with mixing and mastering free or significantly cheaper, at probably $5-10 per minute, or even in-game privileges. There are always people willing to put forth effort for the latter. That being said- I do feel $200 for a main game theme is worth it. It's the most important track of the game, the one players hear every time they open it, the song they hum to themselves 8 years later when they're taking a dump, the song that creates the auditory 'identity' of your game, setting the mood for the player. A well done main theme is worth this price, but songs where players will hear it for 4-5 minutes, perhaps only once as BGM is not. As for how the producers on Fiverr/PeoplePerHour make money is that they live in countries with very low costs of living. $5 in Thailand would basically buy you two meals at restaurants. Western producers and composers are working at western prices, so developers are outsourcing to countries with an abundance of people willing to work for cheap. In the end, the end result is 'get what you pay for' but paying $5 to some third world guy is like paying the same guy $20 if he lived in the US/EU. Like I said, stuck in the 90s pricing, you can't compete at your pricing. There's not really a market for music composers/producers who don't show exceptional talent (enough to be picked up for movies and large studios, but then you're competing with people like Jeremy Soule who have a proven track record spanning decades. I'm sorry my guy, but it's not just music being hit by things like this. Prices to get anything done are dropping. Art, Coding, if's digital it's doable by someone in India/China/Africa. Also if I had the aforementioned $10,000- no, $5,000, no, not even that, $1,000- if I had $1,000 I could have an entirely custom coded game engine made for $700, with all the features Intersect has, then spend the other $300 having two guys go through and clean it all up.
  7. I'm looking for the tileset rips from the game Rudra no Hihou / Treasure of the Rudra. I don't have any intention to rip it off or use it- I'm studying the art styles of different games and learning their methods for creating their art. The art in question was used exclusively in an eclipse game called "Silverdale" of which I'm positive there are a few copies floating around. I want to create an aesthetic that combines Rudra no Hihou, FFA:Tactics and also include elements from FF:Origins at a 32x32 scale, but I'm just missing the tiles from Rudra no Hihou.
  8. How to make the door open and close?

    Firstly to answer your question, you place an event tile on the tile where the door is, you make it impassable then set the condition to be Player Use (I think) then you set a global variable (if you want other players t see the door animating, if you don' then use a player variable so only that player can see it) to have the door open/closed and you change the door animation depending on the variable. Secondly to add my opinion, after playing Arcwyre, it's a nice idea but it just slows the player down from going inside a building (it's doubly frustrating if you accidentally leave a building as you now have to wait the 1-2 seconds for the door to open.) I would recommend that instead of having it done on player interaction (which just adds a frustrating and inconvenient 'feature' for the player) you should have the tile automatically open the door when a player steps on the tile. I personally would rather doors open when I walk past the shop than have to open every single door to get inside a building, one is an inconsequential thought of "oh that's weird, I wasn't even going inside, lol" and the other is a negative thought of "that's really annoying."
  9. Creating a game in the style of MMORPG

    Even if you aren't lazy, don't get your hopes up too much lol.
  10. Mapping Feedback on my super rough draft map

    -It's too "square" - caves don't often have square walls like that. ESPECIALLY not rock walls next to magma where it's being melted and cooled all the time. Unless it's an artificial/manmade construct, when mapping there should be no 90 degree angles, think curves. -There isn't any clutter on the ground, fallen rocks, animal bones, etc. Though it's kind of hard to see. An interesting type of clutter you can add are red/heat resistant plants which are basically a recolour of the normal plants. Caves are quite easy to fill with clutter, once you add NPCs, ore veins and rocks. Try not to overdo it with clutter too, often people who get told there's not enough clutter then go all in and put too much. Moderation is important so as not to obstruct the player's movement so much that it's a noticeable and frustrating inconvenience. -The rail is hovering over the lava, you should put a bridge under it of some description, preferably metal so it doesn't catch fire from any sparks from the magma (again the rail has wood on it in a cave with magma.) The bottom three maps have a decent shape, but still a bit square and straight. Needs more roundness to it. I can tell you're new at this and whenever someone starts mapping they have loads of fun doing it. Good job asking for feedback, a lot of people can't take any criticism and it takes a certain level of integrity to ask for it earnestly and sincerely.
  11. Player Variables in Combat Formula

    I think he means like being able to create damage types? So like fire damage, poison damage etc? Things like Vitality access too? But I don't think he'll get any of this until source. Because it's just more work for no real reason.
  12. Player direction variable:

    You can force a player through a passage where they have to walk down, then when they walk on the event tile it changes the variable. Not sure how you'd stop the variable from being set to down again if they walk back through though. Edit: Ah, of course, you can always enable the tile block on the event to stop players walking back through.
  13. Z axis

    Is it possible to put players on different levels? So like if there's a bridge going over a street then players standing on the bridge won't block the people underneath from walking? Also will act as fringe to people on the street but as ground to people walking on it? If so, how?
  14. Need Help Megania Online is recruiting!

    That mapping is absolutely horrible. I'm sorry, but someone has to say it or you won't improve. Constructive Feedback is important. -Too much going on. -Too much clutter. You're building a world, remember that, you don't need to cram everything close together. Like putting your spawn next to a camp, one map from a town. Don't worry about putting in maps that have no purpose, forests, roads, fields, etc. It gives the world a large feeling and always comes in handy for adding content later on. -Too many different art styles blended together, it just doesn't work, decide on an identity and go with it. -I understand what you mean when you say "ultima" - you've clearly been influenced greatly by it's art direction, however it's not 1998, the era of randomly mashing graphics together and getting away with it is over. We can all say with complete confidence that Ultima looks like crap. On the bright side, I can feel your passion. You really want to do this. If you're really into it then check out some mapping tutorials and improve your mapping- the one problem I always have is I lack the motivation to map so I'm always looking for a mapper. I'm a pixel art/design/music guy. I also have some programming knowledge. I'm literally sitting on the assets to make two playable games, tilesets/ui/icons/characters/monsters/music/sfx, but because I hate mapping that much (I just don't enjoy it) I haven't actually used the assets to make the world. I used to have a buddy who would map, but when he had to map a 90+ map dungeon (I ran around and laid it out, he only had to put decorations, traps and monsters in it) he came online less frequently because he didn't want to do it and we just stopped talking to each other when I got bored of chasing him down. I'm going to drop you a message on Discord, we'll see what's up.
  15. Arcwyre Alpha 1.0 Preview

    Is this still active? Just asking because it's on the main website page as an endorsed project.