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Found 11 results

  1. Step-by-Step Quest Creation in Intersect Date Modified: 6/27/2017 Engine Used: Intersect 3.1 The following guide will show steps to create a quest which will allow the game developer to take advantage of all the great features Intersect has built in. After reading this guide, the developer should have a good grasp of the ways by which the quest system is set up. The guide uses Intersect 3.1. Pre-req: You should have some basic familiarity with the Intersect Engine, how to access the Quest Editor and the Events system. You should know the basics of the Event editor commands hierarchy system. You should understand the basics of the Animation editor if you want to add the "!" and "?" symbols above the head of your quest-giver in the Optional Precursor. Requirements: You should download Intersect 3.1. You should have some sprites to use for your quest-giver event, as well as some monsters set up in the NPC editor. Basic stuff! Precursor (Optional): For this guide, we will be using quest animations specific to the point in the quest which the player has reached (The "!" and "?" symbols above the NPC's head). Step 1: Figure out what you want the quest to do. Step 2: Let's create the quest itself! Step 3: For this part, we'll need to create an event (an NPC) who will both give the quest and act as a return point for when it is completed. So I hope this winds up being a help to some folks who are trying to get to know the Quest Editor system a little better. Rest assured I'll try to keep tabs on this thread and improve/add to this as necessary. That in mind, I may have forgotten some things, so if you find an error, etc., let me know! Thanks and happy questing!
  2. Okay so, someone mentioned something about having a quest to build a house and then having the map change to have a house there. What does this mean for player visuals? Like if Player A hasn't done the quest, would he be walking through the building for player B? Likewise if you had a bridge appear, would player A be walking off a cliff to player B?
  3. Okie dokie so I have yet another question. I am working on quests for my game and have ran into some issues. (Note I would provide screenshots; however, this problem isn't shown in the screen/player view itself.) So the simple problem is "QUEST NO WORK". The detailed problem is that I have tried running a quest, where the player starts the game and has to talk to the event that's in front of them. I have tried running the event in a number of ways, including running a variable to detect what quest "bracket" the player is in, completing that task of the quest (the only task of the quest), (insert the task sentence again) and then ending the quest, finally I have also tried running it so when the event detects the quest task, it rewards the player the quest reward and then ends the quest. All of this to no avail either.
  4. before u see this tutorial you need know this remove the female character Embedded Video Link Youtube Link
  5. Hello, I'm using Intersect for some times now and I still be searching for something: How does Event Editor work? How can I put a NPC that does not Walk, and a NPC who sells items? I really need answers! Thank you all.
  6. Simple Event-Driven Effects in Intersect Date Modified: 7/7/2017 Engine Used: Intersect 3.1 The following guide will show steps to create a simple map accent in the Intersect Engine. For this tutorial, we'll make some birds that bounce around on your map and fly away when the player gets close to them. After completing this tutorial, the developer should have a basic understanding of events and self-switches. This is a simple tutorial that's probably not out of reach even for beginners and I made it with relative newbies in mind. An example of what we'll be creating is here: Pre-req: You should have some basic familiarity with the Intersect Engine and how to access the Event Editor. Requirements: You should download Intersect 3.1. You will be using sprites which, as of this writing, still come with Intersect (in the entities folder, sprites 129 and 130). If you are viewing this tutorial after these sprites are no longer included and/or otherwise don't have them, you may download them, here: http://gloryhound.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/129.png http://gloryhound.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/130.png SPECIAL NOTE: The bird sprites are for learning/testing purposes only. I do believe they are RPGMaker sprites and I am not familiar with how the sprites are licensed. Therefore, I do not recommend using them in your final game. SPECIAL-SPECIAL NOTE: I hope to replace these with my own sprites, soon and will be happy to share with the community when I do. Setup If You Downloaded the PNG Bird Files: Download the bird files above, if you do not have them. Place them in the Entities folder as if they were going to be characters (which, they kind of are!) By default, the entities folder is located in: Intersect/resources/entities Part 1: Using the Event Editor and Self Switches -- Bird on the Ground Part 2: Using the Event Editor and Self Switches -- Bird in the Air You can have a lot of fun with Intersect and little details if you know how switches and variables work so I hope I did a pretty decent job of explaining this simple task and what it's telling your game to do. When you master the basic stuff, it becomes easier to write more complex story-building moments, and I think the self-switches give a lot of opportunity to do that. More to come. Happy building!
  7. Hi all! Is there anyway to add a sound to the menu/click events (when you open the inventory, close windows or click the buttons games), like when you configure the background sound in the XML file? Or I should wait to the open source to do this? Regards
  8. So, I have an events, that change graphic. However, those only work for the person that did the event, for everyone else it's unchanged. Which is very good for some example, but awful for others. I have an house system and while home owner opens the door the rest of the players cannot see door opening nor can come in(due to walkthrough on being only local for owner). So, it is possible to somehow transmit event's effect or just nope? I mean it's not fun-killer for me, it actually makes it way easier because I don't need to worry for someone to go into someone's house or quest zone unwated but at the same time optional "change graphic globally' could be nice, or i am missing something obvious? Quick Edit -- I know I could make autorun somekind of event and set it on some global variable or switch to make events like puzzles that many people can contribute to, or somekind of bridges and stuff. But as i said in my example the opening doors are on action by player so I cannot run it on auto
  9. Hey guys, I am trying to create an abilities system where you gain ability by reading a tome for example. However I found myself duplicating A LOT of work needlessly but I can't think of something different to do to minimize this. So basically let's say I have melee, ranged, magic, crafting, etc... skills and each skill needs a tome to be bought to learn that skill. I created a switch for each one of them to identify whether the player learned it or not (if learned they don't learn it again). But then I had to create an even for each one so it says text related to the tome used. Is there a way to do this similar to the code: UseTome(SkillType _type) { //Type whatever text pulled from _type information. } Basically just a generic event that I feed something to based on the item used and that would just then act accordingly?
  10. Hey, I'm having so much fun with Orion but I'm a little confused with the events system. I tryed but I can't catch the switches and variables stored values. I was trying to do a quiz and the right answers, would increment a variable named score. Given the score, it would lead to a custom script. The storage it's something that I have to implement or it's somewhere and I can't find it? Thank you!
  11. Okie dokie, so I've been playing with the 4.1 system for awhile since I'm curious on how I would go about making a Graveyard or Respawn system in a similar way that World of Warcraft, or almost any other MMO for that matter. I've played with some events and added upon death factors, but I can't seem to get the graveyard to work in the correct way, with the player then being respawned at the global class spawn location. Does anyone have or know of a system or way to implement something along these lines?
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