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  1. Alas, I did not understand you) Language barrier
  2. Hello. I made a separate location for "training". All players get to this location at the beginning of the game. But how to make sure that there is a separate "virtual world" for each player (so that players don't see each other and can't kill NPCs together)
  3. Делаете свой проект или просто..?
  4. Good. In general, does it load the game somehow?
  5. Thank you, this is a good option!
  6. Hello everyone. To implement the "training", I had to give a certain item to the player during registration, and then I made a check in the "Event Editor" (screenshot below). When logging in on the server, a check is made for the presence of the item and then: teleport to the location, etc. I wanted to ask if it loads the server? Will this check happen absolutely every time you log in? Suddenly it causes a high load.. https://imgur.com/a/lV7WOy0
  7. I think I got it. And what is the difference between "Intersect Engine Upgrade" and "Intersect Engine Patch". What should I download? P.S. Can I download the latest released version or do I need to see all the previous ones before it? (what if there is some updated file that is not in the latest version? My version is several versions behind the new one)
  8. Thanks! And if there is a "binding", in the future there is no way to untie the spell?
  9. Oh, I just noticed that the message "You can't forget this spell" appeared in the chat. What does this mean?
  10. Hello everyone. I still can't figure out if it's possible to update the engine automatically somehow? After all, if you download a new one, you will have to transfer all the changed files and there may be problems with - .json files. The second question, which is also related to engine updates: what to do with .json files in my native language (I translated them into another language myself)? I do not know what new lines have been added to .json files and what has changed in them, respectively, you will have to completely replace them with new ones? Then my translation will be lost.
  11. I don't understand you. I have not implemented such a system in my project. Or is this a standard feature of the engine?
  12. Hello everyone, the problem is the following: I created an "Event" in which I gave myself magic and in another "Event" I want to take it from the player. In addition, I also give out/ take away items and there are no problems with them! That is, everything works except magic. We give the player magic - https://imgur.com/a/QmM8zav Taking away the magic from the player - https://imgur.com/a/UcINrbT
  13. Is it possible to do something like a "Block", just so that this zone does not just prevent the player from passing, but causes damage to him and he himself leaves / dies? For example: lava
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