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  1. @jcsnider Thank you, I think I understand! I think I got it. It's really better to change the signature so as not to confuse people. Thank you, then it would probably be better to rent your hosting!)
  2. @SmootI have read the documentation, but due to my ignorance of English, I have a lot of questions. I have already used different hosting services before and have a rough idea of what it is. The fact is that there were game hosting sites specialized for a specific game, and here, in addition to loading the server, I need to configure something before that. It's a pity there are no videos or tutorials with pictures, because it would be easier that way. JОcsnider hosting is so good, but the cheapest tariff plan supports only 5 people, this is very bad.
  3. @jcsnider Hmm, I think I understand, I hope. It turns out that you need to upload the game files to some hosting, register the path to these files in the config and that's it, the game will download any changes?
  4. @Смут I don't understand how I can put the game on a rented VPS myself. After all, in addition to uploading the contents of the "server" folder there, you need to do some actions, but what..
  5. @jcsnider Please remind me how to organize the same chain? Do you need a third-party launcher or can it be done with a standard set of applications (client and editor folder)?
  6. Hey, guys. I came across a project of one user from the forum, it weighs 9 MB.. I did not download and watch because of the very low upload speed (with my 10mb/s, the download was 10kb/s). However, I can assume that this is some kind of launcher that will already download the game itself, which weighs much more . Tell me, how can I compress the size of the project as much as possible? WinRAR compresses very slightly.. (Or am I doing something wrong? )
  7. Hello everyone I wanted to ask if it is possible to update the Editor to the latest version through the application itself? Or is it necessary to download a new version of the application and transfer your project there? ( If so, then there will be great difficulties, since I translate all the configs for myself. And if any line is deleted or added in the new version, then I won't know about it. I will be forced to translate the entire editor_config from scratch! )
  8. @Smoot Thank you for the answer. I've already figured out about the local network. Regarding the hosting JCSnyder also understood everything! But it seems to me that I will not be able to use any other hosting, because due to the language barrier, I did not understand some points.
  9. That is, for MySQL I will already need Denwer / OpenServer? ( so that the game finds the database when starting from the local )
  10. @jcsnider And can I clarify with you about the database ( suddenly you know ) ? When I worked with GTA:SA multiplayer, in order to run the game on the local, it was necessary to run the Denwer or OpenServer program and import a database into it. Why in the case of IE Engine we do not need to do these actions? Or is it necessary only for MySQL?
  11. @Чешир I remembered another question that also fits the topic! Is building a project in Microsoft Visual Studio necessary only if I changed something in the source code? Will it not be possible to somehow build a project so that the files are not as accessible as they are now?
  12. @Cheshire Oh, right, sorry Thanks for the explanation, I think I got it
  13. @Чешир So, I think I'm starting to understand something. Two questions: 1) If I rent your hosting, will you upload the necessary files yourself? or is it done manually? 2) If I want to run the game on a locale, can I have a short list of how to do it?
  14. @Cheshire Yes, I know that I mean, where is she?) I worked with a mysql database once, I had a file with the .sql extension there, but I didn't find one here. Where can I get this file to upload it to the hosting?
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