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  1. @Aesthetic @AgoraphobicI made a save of passing the "training" through the "switch". Is it worth changing to a "variable" or will it go?
  2. Hello everyone. I apologize right away that the screenshots were taken with the engine translated into my language, but I think everything is clear. I wanted to find out what are the differences between "switch player" (I hope I translated it correctly) from "variable player"? There's also a "Global switch" and a "Guild variable". I also don't understand their function (Although in their cases, by the names "Global" and "Guild", you can still understand their function).
  3. Greetings! Tell me, how can I implement the language selection in the game? I want to add my own language, but leave English, the player will be able to choose a language that suits him.
  4. @pandaSorry, this happened because of the auto-translation function inside the browser. Here is the text I wrote: Hello everyone. I decided to update the engine (downloaded the updated version and replaced the necessary files). At startup, the "Server" outputs this text. I don't understand how to update SQLite..
  5. Now I realized that it's possible not in SQLite, but in the files "gamedata", "logging", "playerdata". It is worth transferring one of these files from my project to a new version of the engine and such an error appears. How do I transfer my data then?
  6. Всем привет. Я решил обновить движок (скачал обновленную версию и заменил необходимые файлы). При запуске "Сервер" выводит этот текст. Я не понимаю, как обновить SQLite..
  7. Thanks, it's worth a try. If I come up with something, I will definitely let you know
  8. Good time of day. The question is probably too naive and the answer to it, I think, is obvious, but still I will ask: is it possible to implement a construction system in the game? Or is such a possibility being considered for further implementation? Although, I saw how the "vegetable garden" system was implemented on this engine and I think the answer is obvious..
  9. Hello everyone. In the editor, you can set the "uniqueness" of the item, that is: a simple item, legendary, mythical or something like that. In addition, I would like to highlight the image of the object in color (for example: a sword on a red background. this would mean that this item is legendary). I could photoshopped each item onto the background I needed. ( Gray, Yellow, Red), but it will take a lot of time and possibly resources. Is it possible to implement something, so that when choosing the legendarity of an object, the appropriate background is set for it? *I do not speak English, I hope I have written everything clearly..
  10. Alas, I did not understand you) Language barrier
  11. Hello. I made a separate location for "training". All players get to this location at the beginning of the game. But how to make sure that there is a separate "virtual world" for each player (so that players don't see each other and can't kill NPCs together)
  12. Делаете свой проект или просто..?
  13. Good. In general, does it load the game somehow?
  14. Thank you, this is a good option!
  15. Hello everyone. To implement the "training", I had to give a certain item to the player during registration, and then I made a check in the "Event Editor" (screenshot below). When logging in on the server, a check is made for the presence of the item and then: teleport to the location, etc. I wanted to ask if it loads the server? Will this check happen absolutely every time you log in? Suddenly it causes a high load.. https://imgur.com/a/lV7WOy0
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