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  1. the Sprite system is the last feature before the release of v 0.7.0 and since the engine is quite full I could start developing my game
  2. I’m so excited that the new version of Crybit comes out that I’ve already advanced in Sprite
  3. with the addition of this sprite system and the overhaul of the map system I would take this engine and abandon all the work I did on intersect in no doubt. Because on intersect we are quite restricted even with the animation system where we have the right that has 8 frames maximum but good.But I am satisfied with a lot of elements on intersect that I would love to find on crybit especially the event system that very intuitive and indispensable.The essential trick that is present on intersect is to be able to change the resolution of its game and that is not present on your engine
  4. with the addition of this sprite system and the redesign of the map system I would take this engine and abandon all the work I did on intersect in no doubt
  5. Oui je pense que tu as raison
  6. @Senpai402 le soucis c'est que intersecte est en close source donc je ne peut pas ajouter des frame pour les sprite c'est le seule problème j'avais bien avancer au niveau du maping et des Event mais les frame manquant m'on gênez et je suis assez perfectionniste. j'ai envoyer un mail au créateur de intersect qui m'a rediriger vers orion+
  7. Bonjour/soir je vous écris car je recherche un codeur qui puissent m'aider a faire un jeu Dragon Ball Z sur le moteur Orion+ si je cherche un codeur c'est parce que le moteur est assez limiter mais reste bon sinon je ne l'aurais pas choisi.Je n'ai rien teaser car je ne peux pas avancer dans mon travaille tant que je suis limiter par tout les chose qui sont essentiellement graphique qui me tracasse . Si Vous souhaiter me contacter privilégier mon compte discord GabThiais#0377. Je vous prie d'agrée l'expression de mes salutation distinguée.
  8. I solved the problem should be incorporated in the content folder and not in the Data folder. Thank you very much for the time taken to try to resolve the problem.
  9. I tested the engine and it’s just great for a game creator like me but good it’s still not perfect according to me and I’ll tell you that it could be the elements that would make it perfect whether it’s for a pro or for a beginner in game creation All abors video a manual system allowing to choose bunch of sprite for each movement what it would leave a certain freedom and which therefore leaves the possibility to add sprites attack race throwing spell etc. it would remove the constraints of more I find that the map editor is not intuitive the map editing system of intersect or that of Orion + its perfect last point which is optional but which would be very interesting a control interface "physical" means buttons for the server to perform tasks even without being logged in is my opinion.
  10. @Damian666 The problem is that none of the tileset and none of the sprites that appear in the game are the files I haven’t even incorporated. I would have to show you the problem by video call because I have no video capture software
  11. @Dasplant so you have an idea where the problem could come from ??
  12. I also thought it was a name problem but name I tried several names knowing that the tileset and sprites it displays in my as well as the editor are not even in my game folder
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