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  1. it’s more worry than impatience because no response in this time of illness I’m afraid something’s happened to her
  2. no action from Ricardo’s par for more than 13 days on are gitub sela I strongly worry I hope it goes well
  3. @Valentine hi your project seems great and I wanted to know if there was a way to translate it into English or French.
  4. @Ricardo hi your message fills me with joy and gives me the motivation to continue my sprites I am so glad that you have advanced
  5. sa promet de la difficulté dans le jeu ça
  6. hi I was amaper on Crybit then I wanted to test the map that I made and I realized that there was no administrator interface so I couldn’t teleport in the map that I made the only way to go is to create a point of teleport or to make sure that the character during its creation is directly in this map sa will be although this interface is present for version 0.8.0
  7. google translate his not my friend he said the exact opposite of what I meant and I copied stuck stupidly.I meant that I was happy that this was the last step and not that I hated it
  8. @Ricardo I impatiently await the sprite editor I was quite disappointed that they did not come out during v0.7.0 I hate to see that this is the last thing that remains to be added.
  9. en effet il y auras une animation d'attaque je l'ai veux sur le GitHub du jeu @Aiden9
  10. @Ricardo hi I saw that you knew how to remove quite a lot of functiontionaliter in your project like the Pain Sprite or the game introduction there is a reason to that where you intend to put them for version 0.0.8?
  11. @Ricardo your message my is so happy I hate that the new version comes out to start my game
  12. Embedded Video Link 1 mouth later ...
  13. the Sprite system is the last feature before the release of v 0.7.0 and since the engine is quite full I could start developing my game
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