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  1. Creating a guild can be confusing at first. First of all you need to create a player variable which will store the name of the guild, so it must be a String variable (for this turotial the variable is called Guild) then, an "NPC" (event) which should show two options: Create and Delete, if the player selects "Create" you must use the Input Variable option and select "Guild" player variable, making sure to specify the minimum length greater than 0 and The maximum for this tutorial will be 10 Right after, you must use the Create Guild command, which will ask you for the variable in which you save the name of the guild With that you will have the guild created. If you did everything correctly, the name of the guild that you wrote when you created the guild will appear above the player's name. I hope I have explained in the best way.
  2. this will healy 300 hp per second during 5 seconds If you want a single heal when using the skill, set the duration to 0 and uncheck HOT/DOT It is also important to set the damage type to true. so that it does not scale with the character's damage or be affected by defenses
  3. Please help, I have not been able to activate the tool. when i log in it tells me that the server is offline I activate the api for the server and then Activate the api of the account.
  4. Hello, could you make an updated version of this post please. I would like to know if there are new commands, if it is possible to change the style of the letter, for example to bold or underlined, and/or change the color of the text.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I made a modification to the original character of the angel from rpgmaker xp. I adapted it to be used as a Paperdoll pet, additionally I modified the tones a bit to give the appearance of a change of rarity. I highlight that I specifically modified it to fulfill the function of a pet, so it is made so that it is located a little to the right and above the main character. Note: This publication was translated from Spanish to English with the Google translator. I apologize for possible errors.
  6. download on itch.io Tokyo Ghoul Wings
  7. New Free Wings download on itch.io Free Wings Pack 3
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Just a Rarity Background for Items for 32x32 https://espectrow94.itch.io/item-rarity
  9. I think it's not because of the dimensions, when the item has stats like % experience, tenacity, luck... those are also shown, I think the problem is just with the attack stats, ability power, defenses, and speed
  10. Hello, I have a problem in the crafting window, when the item to be created is an equippable object, it only shows the HP and the MP does not show the other statistics. I know that this can be corrected from a layouts. but I do not know which one. here's a screenshot: and here is a screenshot of the same object already in the inventory: note: this post has been translated from spanish with the google translator. I apologize if there is any mistake.
  11. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to create another equipment slot for a weapon, but with all the weapon characteristics. I mean, that this slot also has the speed increase, the type of tool and more... I know that in config.json I can select which slot is for a weapon. but can i add another slot? for example something like "WeaponSlot": [2 , 20] I know that the example does not work and probably does not have logic, but it is to represent what I want Note: this post has been translated from Spanish to English with google translator, I apologize if there are errors.
  12. Hello, I would like to share some ideas that may be applied in the future. - Resources can be configured to randomly appear on the map. (like the npc) - The "Animation" of the events can be added, changed and removed from the commands - Increasing the character's stats through variables, for example, a player variable called HP, with a value of 10, this value is added to the player's maximum life. It can also be applied to the other statistics, attack, mana, defense... - The percentage of bonus effects can be greater than 100%, for example, that when equipping, the EXP bonus is 150% or 200% or more. likewise for the other bonus effects These are ideas that I think could be practical. I hope some are to your liking. Note: I apologize for errors in the translation. I did my best with google translate and my limited english. Thank you.
  13. I solved the problem. Thanks
  14. I'm trying with that documentation but it's giving an error
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