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  1. Could it be possible to define a different maximum level for each character class? For example, a "mage" class that the maximum level is 50, but when doing a certain quet, his class changes to, for example, a "dark mage", with a maximum level of 100. I don't know if it is currently possible since I don't see the option in the configuration files or in the editor. maybe it can be added in a future update.
  2. I present Lost Dungeon. It is an incremental RPG, based on the collection of items, either by eliminating mobs/boss or by collecting and improving the available systems. Current Systems: -wing system -Equipment system -Skin system -Wing System -Mount system -Pet system -Relic System -Profession system (in development) You can download it from the following website: https://espectrow94.itch.io/lost-dungeon where updates and events are posted. Note: This is a project in Spanish. This post has been translated from Spanish to English with the Google translator. I apologize if there are translation errors.
  3. I managed to download and update. Thank you very much for the help.
  4. Thank you very much. How can I download the new version?
  5. I save the file with these lines: "Instancing": { "SharedInstanceRespawnInInstance": true, "RejoinableSharedInstances": false, "MaxSharedInstanceLives": 1, "BootAllFromInstanceWhenOutOfLives": true, "LoseExpOnInstanceDeath": false, "RegenManaOnInstanceDeath": false }, once the server starts automatically it changes to "Instancing": { "SharedInstanceRespawnInInstance": true, "RejoinableSharedInstances": false, "MaxSharedInstanceLives": 3, "BootAllFromInstanceWhenOutOfLives": true, "LoseExpOnInstanceDeath": false, "RegenManaOnInstanceDeath": false }, the strange thing is that it only changes this part of the file. the other lines remain as I have them, for example, I have custom equipment parts. those don't reset.
  6. I am trying to change the default settings. "MaxSharedInstanceLives": 3, to "MaxSharedInstanceLives": 1; but when saving and starting the server, it automatically overwrites the default again.
  7. Hello, I would like to create passive skills, is it possible?
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