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Found 16 results

  1. In this game , you'll be able to relive the story of Dragonball through your characters from the iconic series ! In this all new version of Dbz Fight you'll be able to fight your way from the Saiyan Saga to the Cell Saga . The game will be available in French and in English. The game has been developed with Eclipse Skywyre. Story : Saga Saiyan : 100% Saga Namek : 100% Saga Cyborg : 100% Saga Cell : 100% Features : 150 levels available 6 playable characters A lot of skills for each character More than 100 maps A lot of equipments Current Staff : Escanor (Developer) Konoshi (Moderator) Kitsuku (Moderator) Yan971 (Pixel Artist) Media : Embedded Video Link Discord : https://discord.gg/FZSNcVJ The fight system is inspired by Heroes United 2
  2. Intersect Demo Game Spawn in a small town, familiarize yourself with it's inhabitants, and proceed to protect your new friends by vanquishing the monsters all around you. Introduction This game was created by @Kibbelz in order to demonstrate: Custom graphics created by @George, @Xeno, @Zetasis, and @PixelFox which are now the defaults for the engine itself. Custom UI provided by @Aesthetic Basic features/capabilities of the Intersect game engine. Due to the nature of this game, expected playtime is only 2-3 hours. It is highly recommended that you grab a friend when trying to conquer this small world. Story There is no real story at the moment, but I can outline how the game currently works and how I hope to expand moving forward. Immediately after creating your character you spawn washed up on a beach. You have no memory of your past, your family, where you came from, or how you got to this strange little town. You don't have any money, or food, and you're lucky a random guy on the beach is willing to part with some of his clothes. You're stuck in this little town, so you better get accustomed to it. In our Demo Game you will be given various quests that lead you out into the forest to the west, the graveyard to the north, and the cave to the south. In each of these locations you have loot to find, mobs to kill, and bosses to conquer. If you look around you will find the alter-egos of many AGD veterans including myself (JC), Kibbelz, Damian, Panda, Zetasis, Murdoc, Geroge, PixelFox, and more -- we all have short little quotes about the game and our game dev community. Once you conquer the bosses in each of the PvE areas you've beat our game, but don't take on that task lightly, it is super hard to kill mobs in our game -- we've designed it this way to keep people playing/grinding in hopes that they would play longer and help us discover more bugs in the Intersect engine itself at the same time. We highly recommend you bring a friend into this little adventure, and let us know what you think in our discussion boards. Media Download Panda is now running both Stable/Prerelease versions of the demo game which should always be using the latest public versions of the engine. Click here to download! Continued Development No further development on this game is planned/expected at this time. It isn't something I can dedicate time to with other projects I am working on alongside the engine itself.
  3. HEROES OF UMBRA Once a fabled assassin, you hunted those who jeopardized the order and balance of your home village. Now, after a blinding flash of light during a routine mission to stop a murderer who calls himself The Apprentice, you find yourself alone on a mysterious island with little recollection of the task at hand. Can you recall and complete your original mission and stop this mysterious killer before he reaches his target? Heroes of Umbra is a 2D side-scrolling online RPG that plays similar to games like MapleStory and Diablo. You can connect and play with your friends over a network, or play the game single-player. The game features four major dungeons to test your platforming and plenty of maps, enemies, and equipment to discover. Heroes of umbra is currently released on Steam and is still in development we're in the process of adding the last post-game zone for higher level players. Once you have beaten the game you can rebirth and this unlocks "Orb Gardens" similar to diablo 3's rifts. Randomly generated maps with size depending on your orb rank (max 999 highly unobtainable atm) currently working on a full android release as well for those mobile users. (CROSS-PLAY) Randomized gear rolls on rebirth items bring awesome ways to help create new builds. Complete 5 Skill tree's Physical Magical Agile Spiritual Ranged And we're almost complete with our newest addition "Summoner" DISCORD: https://discord.gg/mqTZcv7P https://store.steampowered.com/app/645380/Heroes_of_Umbra/
  4. Breath of Fire Awakening Non-Profit, Fangame. All Rights Belong to Capcom. Please Support the Official Breath of Fire Releases. https://agoraphobic.itch.io/breath-of-fire-awakening-fan-game Like many of you, I grew up playing the Breath of Fire franchise, and like you I've been waiting for another official BOF release. It has always been my dream to create a Breath of Fire Game. This project is both one of obsession and passion that I have devoted 2 years of my life crafting in between working and school. While I long to follow my dream to make video games for a living, I must work to support my family. So, I'm hoping to transition into making indie games full-time soon, but before I fully committed I wanted to create this game that I've dreamt of. I apologize this game is still a bit buggy, but it is my hope that you will enjoy it for what it is. I have a strong desire to keep adding content to this game; however, it is at a point that I feel it is ready for an initial release so I can focus on other projects. I know there are bugs that I missed, but I hope you can forgive for them, and I hope you have an enjoyable time playing the game. Let Capcom know BOF is not a dead series, and we long for an official release! I must apologize for not asking for express permission for many of the resources I’ve used because the secrecy of this fan project was essential. I have listed all credit for any non-BOF resources that I’ve used below. My initial intent was to use only BOF 1-6 resources, but there were many gaps that needed filled or updated. Please thank and support the individuals listed in the credits. CREDITS For Non-Capcom Assets https://www.dropbox.com/s/5i7hir8g68qzdp5/Credits.docx?dl=0 Game Download Location https://agoraphobic.itch.io/breath-of-fire-awakening-fan-game Once again thank you taking the time to read the post; I hope you enjoy the game, Knightmarish Games
  5. Hello everyone, I'm creating my game on the Intersect Engine platform About the Game Ulna Online is a free multiplayer game (MMORPG) developed by Moscano Produção. It started to be created in 2017. In it, players can develop the skills of their characters, search for treasures, solve puzzles and explore areas such as cities, dungeons, forests, deserts, islands, beaches, mines, etc. The characters can fight fights with each other or with creatures, such as monsters, dragons, demons, using weapons and spells. When starting the game, your avatar starts on the island of Corbie, an island that every player must pass through to develop skills necessary for progress and survival on the other maps in the game. When the player reaches Corbie's last map, he can optionally choose his vocation and leave the island. In Cayman, the player becomes familiar with the game and learns many things about the world of Ulna Online, such as magic, equipment and etc. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1529860/Ulna_Online/ World Map Cayman City Class Gui Vídeo
  6. Hello Friends, I am looking for a strange issue on my Windows 10 for several days, whenever I am going to play games, it minimizes automatically. It is so annoying. I have no idea why this happens. Any suggestion would be definitely appreciated.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm proud to announce that a new team has taken over Orake. If you are not familiar with the game, it is a free-to-play 2D tile-based MMORPG originally released in 2016 that was made on the Eclipse engine (a 21 year old engine at this point that functions similarly to Intersect's engine). It has similar skill-based progression to games like RuneScape. Since then, it has undergone many improvements, but began to decline. In 2018, it became the possession of another owner who tried to make the game popular again, but that also didn't work out. Now, a team of veteran players who care about the game immeasurably and did not want to let it die have purchased the rights and want to get it back on the map! Story: You start as an adventurer in the Collapse. You must escape by going through the Knight's encampment and face your treacherous nightmares. After being reborn, your adventure begins in the city of Aracia, a lively town where you can discover quests and mingle among the townsfolk to learn more about how to navigate through the game. Just north is the Boneyard, where player-vs-player combat is activated. You create your own playstyle in the game with 14 skills to train to become powerful enough again to destroy the Gods and maybe even the Orake. Currently, we are in the process of fixing a large number of bugs that have existed even since its original release and generally optimizing the game to fit our standards and those that players expect. We will be putting membership back in to its previous state as well as purchasable world blesses that grant bonus experience for an hour at decreased prices. Our first big goal for this game is to release the content already made but was never released . Another goal is to get the game remade into a sequel using the same dark fantasy style assets in Unity! We want to invite any players interested in such a game to join our discord to keep themselves updated with our progress. We expect to re-release the game in a few weeks on Steam. We have very high hopes for the game, we are very responsive to suggestions and have many of our own ideas for the game that have been festering for months or years in our minds. Thank you for reading! Current Developers: gooby GodKingToro Meissner Zacuum Milkmachine Dude Noted Robstinator Links: Discord: https://discord.gg/yzbRwJK Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/516510/Orake_Classic/ [SPOILERS] Here is a walkthrough video guide of the story mode tutorial. UPDATE: The game is now live! Join the Discord if you have issues and we can help you resolve them. Happy Halloween hunting! Here are some screenshots of the game:
  8. Jotak1ng

    Playable Nova RPG

    INTRODUCTION Nova RPG is a free online strategy game, where every day, many players come together in their fantastic, wonderful and chaotic world. With a lively medieval style, players can choose between different kinds of characters, such as magicians, archers, warriors, paladins, assassins, and many more types. They can create alliances between them and also group their forces, or rather be a single stealthy fighter. In the world of Nova there are abundant types of monsters and creatures to fight against, thus gaining experience in battle, levels, rewards, new spells, items, gold, etc. In the vast cities of Nova, many NPCs inhabit, which in addition to selling and buying objects, also offer many missions. Thus, in a very fun way, challenges and challenges always available waiting to be resolved to obtain great rewards. GAMEPLAY Ranking and Leagues We have a fairly complete ranking system with leagues included and TOP in 1vs1, 2vs2, etc. Multilanguage Community We support the English and Portuguese language. - Crafting - Jobs; fisherman, logger, miner, etc. - Factions system and more than 5 classes to choose from. - Random events - Paperdoll Visible - Guild System - Friends System - Boss and MiniBosses events. - More! Media Download: https://novarpgoficial.com/descarga/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nova-RPG-288418938166158/ DIscord: https://discordapp.com/invite/7TRAzPQ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/novarpgoficial/
  9. Foreword This game was originally created to showcase another ORPG game engine and was finished in 2015. It was also my first full release of a game before I went back to school. I won't lie, there is a lot of cringe in the below post and game. The purpose of the posting of the game is to show that anyone can make their own game if they spend the time and effort to do it. While this game is rough around the edges, I am releasing it in hopes that it will inspire you to make a much better game. It uses the default code of its engine (beside the random dungeons), and the graphics that are easily/cheaply available with personal edits done Richy and I. Have fun and become inspired! Development: Agoraphobic Mapping: Richy and Agoraphobic Programming For Engine Done by: JCSnider & Kibbelz Coloring of Spell Icons & Logo: Vus https://www.dropbox.com/s/rc3mcfkoy2sxb1c/labyrinth hearts.rar?dl=0 2015 Original Release Article Preface I am new to the forum and want to say hello! For the past year Richy and I have been working on a free to play ORPG game called, Labyrinth Hearts. I would love for the community to try the game out and give us some feedback and constructive criticism. I want to know what you liked, what you hated, and advice on improvements that can be made! Currently Labyrinth Hearts is toting more than ten hours of gameplay at present;however, we opened the first three hours of gameplay to the public for feedback. During testing we encourage everyone to enjoy themselves and feel free to explore every aspect of the game that is available. This is an opportunity for you as a player to give us critical feedback about the game. We want to hear: What did you enjoy? What did you dislike? What questions do you have about the game? What suggestions do you have? How can we improve? Although Labyrinth Hearts is still a work in progress, constructive feedback and criticism from you, as a player, is vital in improving Labyrinth Hearts. My Love I absolutely love Dungeon Crawlers, and consider myself a pretty avid Dungeon Crawler player. In addition, there's a second genre of games that I absolutely love. Although most people don't know my little secret, Romance Sims hold a special place in my heart. There is something magical about looting treasure, exploring distant lands, destroying countless legions of monsters; combining it with the strategy, fun, and emotional roller coaster from a Romance Sim, it would create an astonishing game. This was the inspiration for me to start work on Labyrinth Hearts. Introduction Labyrinth Hearts is an ORPG Dungeon Crawler / Dating Sim. The idea behind Labyrinth Hearts is to combine classic dungeon crawler rpg elements and the story driven emotional ride in playing a Romance Sim and bring both genres to a whole new level.The game focuses on dungeon crawling in your spare time; however, it also has a secondary focus: Dating. Throughout the game you will find characters you can romance or befriend. By advancing through the story, dungeon crawling, and dialogue options you can eventually build a relationship with characters. What Makes Labyrinth Hearts Different There are a few core ideas that will make Labyrinth Hearts a bit unique and enjoyable for players. The game has almost all the standard dungeon crawling elements we have grown to expect from a dungeon crawler; however, with the ability to date characters it helps break up the grind as we watch love blossom from friendship. In addition there are several other features: Story Driven Game The game is designed to be extremely story driven. Every NPC has been painstakingly designed by hand to bring life to the game. You're rewarded for learning/reading the lore of the game, exploring, and enjoying the game. There is a main story; nevertheless, you're quite able to deviate. Thus you can play the game on your own accord. Dynamic Worlds Every one of your actions or inaction's dictate what happens in the world around you. Your choices might have dire effects for certain NPCS or can aid you later in the game. What this means is anything you do will either change the world instantly or might have an unseen long term effect on the world, be it for better or worse. Companion/Romance System The Companion / Romance System has been integrated into the engine, to create a very real and dynamic story waiting for you to discover it. During your time playing Labyrinth Hearts, you will be able to meet and recruit companions. Although the companions don't directly help you in combat, each companion is capable of bring a unique set of skills/abilities to the table for you. In addition friendly banter, and time together can deepen the bonds of your friendship and for some, can even blossom into a romance. Cut-Scene Banter During conversations with people you can befriend and romance, it will unlock cut-scenes at certain intervals. The more you talk to your NPCS and help them, the more they begin to like you. After a certain point you they will begin to fall in love with you and you both will have choices to make. Closing Thank you for taking the time to read this and giving the game a try. I especially look forward to feedback!
  10. Hey guys, It's been a while, but today I'm coming with some news: my new Android game Pipe Mania Mobile. Pipe Mania Mobile is the second game I published on the Android Play Store. It is a remake of the famous Pipe Mania, also known as Pipe Dream in the U.S., one of the classic arcade games from 1989. Pipe Mania Mobile is an arcade game where the player has to create the longest pipeline using random pipe sections stored in a queue. The better he gets, the trickier the game gets: liquid is faster, player has less time to plan his pipeline, more obstacles is placed on the grid, and so on. The player will have to place pipe sections on the grid quick, but he will have to plan his pipeline before any move: one false move will make him loose time, and might get him overflowed. My first game Link It !, while fun to make, was too simple. I wanted to build something more complex, and hopefully more fun and replayable for the gamers. Being a fan of retro games, I naturally decided to go for a remake of an old-school game that I could play right on my phone, without the need of any emulator, and with some extra gameplay mechanics. For this project, I decided to go for the MS-DOS version of Pipe Mania. All of the graphics are based on the original version, but are hand made by myself. I also added animation that was lacking from the original version (one way pipe sections for instance). For the gameplay and score management, I used this documentation to be as close as possible to the original version. The background musics come from @Eric Matyas, and the sound effects from freesound.org. As always, I'm looking forward to see what you guys think of it, and any feedback is welcome! I know the game seems a bit hard, specially for those who are not used to this kind of game, yet it's how the game is meant to be: old school games were hard, that's why they were so entertaining! UPDATE : Pipe Mania Mobile has been replaced by Pipeline Builder, you can download the new game here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.awali.pipelinebuilder
  11. Hello everyone! Last week I took part in Brackeys Game Jam, a one week game jam where game developers have to create a game from scratch. This year the theme was "Light". Everyone was free to join the jam either alone, or in a team of maximum 4 people. One of the most tough rule was the following: everything HAD to be created during the game jam, meaning we couldn't use any music, sound effect, 3D models, sprite or code created before this event. If you want to know more about this game jam, don't hesitate to click the link above. I teamed up with Sancho, a young Mexican teacher. I took care of every aspect of conception and development, 2D graphics, building the 3D levels based on Sancho's sketches, as well as the publishing. Sancho took care of game design, 3D models, and background music. One week might seems enough to build a game, but working in the same time, I can assure that the nights were short in order to meets deadlines, but it was worth: we finished and published the game 1h before the deadline, and we are very proud of the final result. So... What is "What Is Light?" ? What Is Light? is a puzzle game where the player help a light finding his way out of the darkness. Light being both a particle and a wave, the player need to switch between those two form: in particle form, the light can move in straight line, while in wave form the light brighten his surroudings. However the light can only be in one form at the time, meaning the player will have to switch to the appropriate form at the appropriate time. Considering the short period of time we had, we didn't had time to put every game machanic we came up with during conception. However the game has 8 levels, an intro, a progressive tutorial, data tracking (number of deaths, movements, etc), a save system and credits. The game is free to download at itch.io: https://sebastien-awali.itch.io/what-is-light Works on Windows, and only weight 16 MB. And... what's your toughs about this game jam? We were cruelly short on musics and GFX for the game. For my next game jams I'll make sure to find an audio artist to join the team. Appart from that, the event was pur joy: I worked and exchange with a mature guy, we both learned from each other (him manly on programming, and me on 3D modeling) and more important, it was both our first game jam! In the end, we're very proud of our project, the game is neat and kind of complete for this kind of event, and we still have plenty of game mechanics to add (lenses, mirrors, prisms, plasma walls). I'm looking to keep on working on it alone if players/jury like it, and maybe publish it. Votings ends on 22nd September. I'm very impatient to see how we did compared to the other teams ! In the meantime feel free to leave a comment here or on the itch.io page to let me know your opinion about the game, what you liked, what you didn't liked, things you think might need rework.
  12. hello their my name is rover and im hosting a tournament for my game where you will be in a pvp arena fighting someone else for that first place! the reward of winning in 1st place is 3000 gold and with 3000 gold you can buy many items such as weapons,armor,and potions and much more! If you want to enter the tournament please join my discord server! Discord server link-https://discord.gg/tsa7ekw watch this video to see how the pvp is going to work and how it looks like!-
  13. Chronicles of cyberpunk is adventure in the city of the near future in which power belongs to the big brother and his supercomputer. You have to convince the inhabitants of the city is in danger of artificial intelligence and fight together with the forces of cyborgs. Play it on Steam Story and atmosphere of the game inspired by a lot of movies, games and images about cyberpunk. One of my main goals is to create a world to which the player wants to plunge and which he did not want to leave. I make this game every day, so it inevitably moves to the release. Game will contain a lot of handmade artwork and many models.
  14. Angels & Orcs (AOO) is a 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a very unique pixel art and over 400 items. This is a pre-Alpha version where you will be able to fight up to 90 different monsters on 15 different areas. *Here is the tutorial: 1. Tap where you want to walk 2. Tap mobs once to start auto-attacking 3. Have fun! --------------------------------------------------------------- *Status: Online *Developer: Alkanov *Avaliable: ANDROID [IOS AND PC VERSION SOON] *Released status: NEW *Our community is super friendly, Join Now! *Discord Official* discord.gg/rq7JcQH *Forum Official* Angelsandorcsonline.com
  15. Hey guys - this isn't necessarily an intractable or MMO 'game' so I apologize if this doesn't follow the expected criteria. I just released v0.5 of my app called Back N Forth! It's an app that's geared towards human connection, and opening up dialogue between two people. There are over 120 questions that are geared towards specific relationships - Friends, Dating, Married Couples, Parent/Child, and First Date sections are all there and available right now. I will note that I forgot to add in a reset/exit button but that will be added in the next update! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PalisadeStudio.BackAndForth&hl=en Please let me know what you think, and rate the app if you enjoy it! Nate
  16. Hello AGD My Name Is Niko, And I'm Here To Share A Phase 1 Demo Test Of My game Pestilence Online. So Ive Created An Intro Cut Scene For My Game And A Tutorial Island Type Area Where The Player Can Learn The Ropes. I started over from scratch on my game to re think things and reorganize everything. This is just a test demo and everything's a bit rough, I do expect there to be some errors with event and some things that need to be adjusted. All opinions and critique are welcome and this board can be used to discuss bugs, errors, feature requests, changes, ideas and opinions. Phase 1 Demo Island Starts At 11pm Est November 29th 2017! Download Link Below!!! Planned Features Upon Source Release. -Blackness percentage. If your blackness bar re aches 100% an alert will appear letting you know your are infected. Your character sprite will change to the infected sprite and you will experience major in game penalty's. This includes a Major decrease in your max hp, mp, and all of your combat skills such as damage, int ex. You will not die just because your blackness Reaches 100% But if you do die while being 100% infected you will loose all of your inventory items and re-spawn with your blackness level still at 100% Allowing your blackness level to reach 100% should be avoided at all costs while pk-ing. To bad all the pk zones have a high infection rate. -Hunger system, staying healthy is important in these times. The more hungry you are the quicker you will become infected. -Npc's can infect you with plague illness while attacking you. The speed in which they infect you will differ between npc's. -Certain areas of the world and maps can infect you with blackness, A sewer will raise your blackness level much quicker that a forest will. -New Item type: Medicine. These items such as mushrooms, toads and flowers can help lower your blackness percentage. -New skill type medicine making. Combine mushrooms, blood, flowers and all type of wacky ingredients to achieve better medicines that will heal you much better. -New Item Type: Blood Letting. This allows a player to buy or find a special item type that trades health for a reduction of infection level. So if a player finds a knife, he can choose to cut himself with it. This will lower his hp by 50% but also his blackness level by 50% A small sacrifice. -Heavily trapped and guarded citys, to prevent plague holders from spreading disease. -Rats, Mice, bugs and certain other animals and scenarios can raise your blackness level. -Large quest series involving the whole realms attempt to rid the plague. -If caught stealing or breaking laws you will be sent to jail. Your blackness bar will slowly raise in jail but smart players can break free from jail. -Different citys will show their percent chance of infection upon entering city walls. -Sewers hold a high chance of becoming blackened. Only stay in the sewers for short periods of time. -Food will lower your blackness bar, also washing your hands, feet, face. Bathing and basic antibiotics. Certain herbs and mushrooms will help.
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