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Found 7 results

  1. Angels & Orcs (AOO) is a 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a very unique pixel art and over 400 items. This is a pre-Alpha version where you will be able to fight up to 90 different monsters on 15 different areas. *Here is the tutorial: 1. Tap where you want to walk 2. Tap mobs once to start auto-attacking 3. Have fun! --------------------------------------------------------------- *Status: Online *Developer: Alkanov *Avaliable: ANDROID [IOS AND PC VERSION SOON] *Released status: NEW *Our community is super friendly, Join Now! *Discord Official* *Forum Official*
  2. Playable Back N Forth - Released!

    Hey guys - this isn't necessarily an intractable or MMO 'game' so I apologize if this doesn't follow the expected criteria. I just released v0.5 of my app called Back N Forth! It's an app that's geared towards human connection, and opening up dialogue between two people. There are over 120 questions that are geared towards specific relationships - Friends, Dating, Married Couples, Parent/Child, and First Date sections are all there and available right now. I will note that I forgot to add in a reset/exit button but that will be added in the next update! Please let me know what you think, and rate the app if you enjoy it! Nate
  3. Playable Ulna Online

    Hello everyone, I'm creating my game on the Intersect Engine platform a game story A world that was dominated by monsters in 6674 BC. 3 celestial beings, were to fight against evil for the good of humanity. The people of Cayman celebrated with the arrival of the warriors, who every 100 years, awake from sleep to fight against evil. The monsters devastate villages and towns that have left nothing behind. What remains are bodies, brave warriors will hunt the monsters and seal them like depths of darkness! Mapa Cayman Tallinn Island kherlen Island Corbie Island The Three Celestial Knights Home screen vídeo Detail of the initial game, the game has 3 classes, 3 costumes, to choose the gender of the character, everything without guns, armor, potions ...
  4. Hello AGD My Name Is Niko, And I'm Here To Share A Phase 1 Demo Test Of My game Pestilence Online. So Ive Created An Intro Cut Scene For My Game And A Tutorial Island Type Area Where The Player Can Learn The Ropes. I started over from scratch on my game to re think things and reorganize everything. This is just a test demo and everything's a bit rough, I do expect there to be some errors with event and some things that need to be adjusted. All opinions and critique are welcome and this board can be used to discuss bugs, errors, feature requests, changes, ideas and opinions. Phase 1 Demo Island Starts At 11pm Est November 29th 2017! Download Link Below!!! Planned Features Upon Source Release. -Blackness percentage. If your blackness bar re aches 100% an alert will appear letting you know your are infected. Your character sprite will change to the infected sprite and you will experience major in game penalty's. This includes a Major decrease in your max hp, mp, and all of your combat skills such as damage, int ex. You will not die just because your blackness Reaches 100% But if you do die while being 100% infected you will loose all of your inventory items and re-spawn with your blackness level still at 100% Allowing your blackness level to reach 100% should be avoided at all costs while pk-ing. To bad all the pk zones have a high infection rate. -Hunger system, staying healthy is important in these times. The more hungry you are the quicker you will become infected. -Npc's can infect you with plague illness while attacking you. The speed in which they infect you will differ between npc's. -Certain areas of the world and maps can infect you with blackness, A sewer will raise your blackness level much quicker that a forest will. -New Item type: Medicine. These items such as mushrooms, toads and flowers can help lower your blackness percentage. -New skill type medicine making. Combine mushrooms, blood, flowers and all type of wacky ingredients to achieve better medicines that will heal you much better. -New Item Type: Blood Letting. This allows a player to buy or find a special item type that trades health for a reduction of infection level. So if a player finds a knife, he can choose to cut himself with it. This will lower his hp by 50% but also his blackness level by 50% A small sacrifice. -Heavily trapped and guarded citys, to prevent plague holders from spreading disease. -Rats, Mice, bugs and certain other animals and scenarios can raise your blackness level. -Large quest series involving the whole realms attempt to rid the plague. -If caught stealing or breaking laws you will be sent to jail. Your blackness bar will slowly raise in jail but smart players can break free from jail. -Different citys will show their percent chance of infection upon entering city walls. -Sewers hold a high chance of becoming blackened. Only stay in the sewers for short periods of time. -Food will lower your blackness bar, also washing your hands, feet, face. Bathing and basic antibiotics. Certain herbs and mushrooms will help.
  5. Playable Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    -Pre-Release & WIP While In Pre-Release- We're Official Open to the Public! Join Our Forums @ The Game has a lot to Offer, and We just finish up the Saiyan Saga! We're in WIP due to the fact of new content popping up time to time and giving you guys unique things to experience overtime, like new playable characters in the Character Shop or New Skills in General, Also including new tough boss fights that you can do with your friends and family. The Video is Self Explanatory on combat, and etc. The Combat is very unique as you can see in this video. Storyline of the Game is based on Original Storyline but with Fanmade twist added into the story itself. We just released v2.4 which has the Complete Saiyan Saga Done! We're focusing on adding a lot of the storyline that is original from the show itself and like legacy of goku, but with dragonball Super in it eventually. We have a huge and great amount of players/community that's playing the game now! Theres a Huge Selection of Staff and most of them are kept anonymous for there reasons only. But we do have a Artist/Mapper who did the video up above for us as well named @jesusbleach Download Link for the Game is a Installer, Didn't want people to join the game without signing up due to the fact if someone gets banned and wants to unban themselves by explaining to us what happen and wanna know why they was banned. - Removed - -Engine i'm using is a BR Crystal DE Custom Made, and over the 8 Months my Staff has changed so much in the engine that it's basically been redone from scratch, including upgrading everything in the engine and more as we go.
  6. Playable Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Chronicles of cyberpunk is adventure in the city of the near future in which power belongs to the big brother and his supercomputer. You have to convince the inhabitants of the city is in danger of artificial intelligence and fight together with the forces of cyborgs. Play it on Steam Story and atmosphere of the game inspired by a lot of movies, games and images about cyberpunk. One of my main goals is to create a world to which the player wants to plunge and which he did not want to leave. I make this game every day, so it inevitably moves to the release. Game will contain a lot of handmade artwork and many models.
  7. Playable Nightmare

    Hi everyone. This is the official thread for Nightmare, a survival mmo game with werewolves. That's right werewolves. The whole concept basically goes like this. During the day, you can kill, level up, craft, trade and go on quests like any normal mmo. However, at night most of the world becomes a dangerous PvP battleground. The only way to opt of battle is to try and hide. If you die while in the wilderness you will lose most of your gear. So banking often is a good idea. As an added perk there are also 4 Werewolf Packs in which you can join after completing the main quest line. Quests can be Day or Night associated quests respectively. And NPC mobs that are more threatening survive at night. It will take your werewolf abilities to take them out. In the day you work for the Royal Guard, completing missions for King Ratticus while in human form to keep trust. In the night you can capture Forts and Resources, and elect a Pack Leader from your pack. This leader will attempt to gain control of the monarchy by becoming Alpha and gaining complete world domination for his pack. The next Alpha in line is determined by the strongest pack. Character Customization: At the beginning of the game you can choose from one of four classes: Warrior, Assassin, Sniper and Mage. Players will also have a wide variety of gear to choose from, and various hair styles to make their character unique: There are also different colors for each of the 4 Werewolf packs you eventually choose from. Media (Note: A lot has changed visually since this topic was created) Features: Extensive collecting/crafting system to help you survive in the wild. Four Packs (factions), each with their own element and sigil. PvP during night-time in wilderness areas. Werewolf morph with special skills not accessible in human form. Stories and Quests that interact with Day & Night system. Various mini-games spread throughout the world. Make allies with friends, elect a Pack Leader, and dominate the world. *All content is copyright of Magework Studios. Nightmare is made using the Intersect engine. Magework Studios is the company creating this action packed title, and consists of myself (Artist/Writer) and Kibbelz/Joe (Programmer). If you'd like to participate in our pre-alpha phase click here! Accounts will never be wiped. Discord channel: