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  1. Heya guys, i got another question today. Is there any possible way to make an limited sell of a item per day? Let's say i want to put an npc who sell a bread. Then, if the player buys the bread, can i make something to avoid the player buys again the bread till the next real life day?
  2. Omg you're totally right lol i didnt notice there was an copy-paste buttom this whole time... anyways you helped me a lot! thank you! PD: The event is about eggs and pets. You give it an egg + the card of the mob and it gives you a pet, so there's so many pets and we had to put it 1 per 1 in different pages.
  3. Yo! I'm new in this world of programing a game, i recently started to help a dev with his game and there is something i'd love to know... Is there any way to copy and paste an event!? I mean i discovered an event that the dev did and it has 97 pages, lol! It should be in various places of the map but there's only one in a place, i mean do that event would take likely more than 2 hours so... And if there's no a way to copy-paste an event, you think in the future you will make it possible? Thank you!
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