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  1. Hi, I'd like to do a floor but I have an issue regarding the border of the floor at the bottom of the room. I did "autotile" or "normal" mode but there is always a black hole with the bottom edge of the room. How could I solve this issue ? Thanks in advance, D_Bug
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    Thanks for the answer ! Another question: Is it possible to put "lights" coming from the windows that is dependent on the cycle "day/night" ? If yes, how to proceed to set-up day/night cycle and associate the lights in this room ? Thanks, D_Bug
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    Hi, I have set up two lights to show the entrance of a room ("interior style") but when I play the game, it does not appear like that. In editor: After saving the map and play the client: How can I solve this issue ? Thanks, D_Bug
  4. Hi, Is it possible to erase one "block" which is contiguous with other "blocks" ? When i select "erase" and click on one block, it deletes all the connected "blocks". Thanks D_Bug
  5. Hello, I'm trying to do a map with the available tilesets in Intersect, but I have a problem of display with the walls notably. I want to reproduce the following wall: But I obtain this: I have delimitations between each block of walls... Besides, I don't succeed to make the border above and on the left of the wall, I only have the tilesets below in "autotiles_interior_&_terrain" that seem to correspond. But I can't select it to draw a straight border, I only have corner. Thanks for any help you could provide to start my game !
  6. Hi, When I want to download the client on your website on http://heroesa.com.br/site/views/downloads/cliente.php the following error message appears:
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