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  1. I had this as a suggestion a while ago, but as far as I'm aware, at the moment it's not possible to make stationary NPCs. HOWEVER, NPCs are as far as I'm aware strictly used as enemies or guards, because all they can do is fight. A shopkeeper should be an event instead, which can remain stationary and can do a number of other things.
  2. You can always try doing what is suggested on the screen The /? command gives you more information about the command. Either way, I'm at work right now so I can't confirm, though I believe you need to add a rank value to that command somewhere.
  3. Double-click the '@>' bit.
  4. Pyxel Edit supposedly has a function that converts maps in to tilesets, although I haven't used it myself. Might be worth looking in too?
  5. I don't think mounts are planned. You could try messing around with an event, swapping sprite sheets and increasing the speed stat, though if you want any kind of 'advanced' mount system, you'll probably need to wait for the source.
  6. Oh. Derp. Right, you have to wait for the source in that case!
  7. You can try using something like SQLite DB Browser. Open the 'Users' table and remove the entry. Although I have no clue what sort of effects removing it directly from the database will have. Make sure you take a back-up.
  8. Well, it's not as impressive as I hoped it would be, though this is the result of me spending a weekend messing around with the intersect database in Laravel. The reason I didn't get much further than this is because I couldn't get some of the data from certain fields, as they are stored as binary. JC told me that the way data is saved still changes from update to update, so it would be rather pointless to find a way to decode the data at this time. I did send a message to Chronos, considering he made the original edit tool, so perhaps he can help later. Either way, this is certainly a project I intend to revisit once the source is released. Back to working on my game! Features (so far ) - Dashboard - Permission system based on user's 'power' level - View/Create/Edit characters - Edit User info Yeah, short list. I know. Screenshots! Dashboard New Character View Character (I will post the source to git soonish!)
  9. Got an addendum question if you don't mind. I'm trying to extrapolate information from the data fields to get, for example class names. Are the data fields encoded in some way? Currently I'm getting '<see attachment>' from the BLOBs, which is going to be rather hard to make sense out of.
  10. Yeah, syncing two separate databases is going to be a real pain in the ass. I suppose you could do it through something like onedrive or dropbox, though if both of you are making changes at the same time then I'm not sure if the .db file will update correctly. Really, the best way is to set up a test server where the game is actually running, so both of you aren't running separate instances.
  11. Awesome! Now I've got something to do this weekend, other than curse at my abominable art skills.
  12. Alright, I've had a peek in the database file last night. Here's my two cents. The password salt is stored in the database, which is great. But we don't know what sort of encryption is used, or what the algorithm is. (E.g. hash($password + $salt) or hash(hash($password) + $salt), etc.) If we have the algorithm and the encryption type, we can let players login with their account on a website. As far as I know, SQLite is pretty similar to MYSQL. It lacks a few advanced features like RIGHT JOIN, Foreign Key constraints and some permissions stuff, though as long as you stick to basic queries you should be fine. Personally though, writing SQL in a web app is old hat. I would use a framework with a working ORM instead and let that take care of your database functions. I use Laravel myself, though I've heard good things about Medoo, which is a far smaller app. I'll mess around with this more over the weekend.
  13. I think he wants updates made to a class in the editor to automatically reflect on existing characters in-game. Currently that doesn't happen. I think making an event that adds the spells you want to test to the character's spell books is your best bet.
  14. +1 It would be interesting to know if we could build a web interface around the game's database.
  15. Fair enough. Although I'd like to point out that people without much development experience will have a hard time getting used to git. I know from experience that merging branches can be a messy business, especially if conflicts are involved. If people are trying to merge two branches, both of which have made changes to (for example) the event system and they don't know which parts of the code to keep or remove, they're going to end up making a lot of mistakes and you're going to end up with a lot of frustrated users. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with open source development, so I might be asking stupid questions ^-^'