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  1. Happy to see that the source release is going to happen soon
  2. Hey @TheNuclearWolf - Bit of a suggestion here. Look into Xenko or Atomic Game engine as they are both based off the .Net Framework and will save you allot of time. My 2 Cents, HeadClot
  3. Looks like the NX is going to be shown off tomorrow.
  4. Interesting - Considering that Nintendo has partnered with a mobile gaming company a while back to make games for mobile. I personally think this is legit. It is also powered by Nvidia Mobile Technology - http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-nintendo-nx-mobile-games-machine-powered-by-nvidia-tegra I disagree allot of big companies (EA, Ubisoft, 2k, etc.) are interested in the NX and Nintendo because of this move. Nintendo also really opened up their Developer Program. No upfront cost to join the dev hardware still costs money but it is allot less than Xbox or Sony from what I have heard. https://developer.nintendo.com/faq
  5. Follow up with some technical details among other things.
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