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  1. Good day all, I'm currently in the planning stage for my upcoming MMO and one of the ideas I have for the game is Transcended Gear. I thought up this idea as a lot of the time in MMO's it's all about getting that sweet juicy end game gear! But what if you already got all your end game gear? What then? I started to ponder as to what can I do to make players continue the level climb but without releasing a new set of gear. Then it dawned me, Transcending gear! Now to example how Transcending gear works I'll give an explanation of how the gear system works. There will be various ways of obtaining gear but for this purpose going to say that the gear you'll be getting will be from Raid bosses. Now each time you defeat a Boss he drops a chest which will give you a choice of what gear you would like, Head, torso, gloves, legs or Feet. Now when getting the gear of your choice and say it's item level, (item level representing the strength of that gear in terms of stats) is iLV30 you can increase the iLV of that gear 10 times. So for this Example, you have acquired the iLV30 Arcane Gloves and you can increases it's iLV 10 times from iLV30-40. Now the stats in the game are: VitalityVIT) Basically your HP ManaMNA) Your MP OffenceOFN) your physical damage output DefenceDEF) Your Physical damage input reduction ForceFRC) your magical damage output ResistanceRES) Your Magical damage input reduction DeterminationDET) Effects the rate at which your Vitality heals SkillSKL) Determines the damage output of your Dot attacks. PotencyPTC) Effects the potency of your abilities. All gear has 2 main stats that will increase each time you increase the iLV of your chosen gear and the gloves main stats are DEF and PTC. But each time you do increase the iLV of your gear you can choose a sub stat for it. Sub stats are a small increase that gear can provide and it can be of anything your choosing. So If you want your Gloves can offer VIT or PTC or a mixer of stats of your choosing. You can also select 1 sub stat more than once so if you chose VIT once it offers 35, then if you choose it again when the iLV goes up again it be 38, then 41 etc etc. up to a max of 10 times since the iLV of the gear can only be increased 10 times. So you've managed to get all the endgame gear for your character. So what do you do now? You can transcend! Now Transcending is when you upgrade a piece of gear 6 six times in a 1 chosen stat. ____________________________________________________________________________________ iLV36 Arcane Gloves Main stats DEF:210 PTN: 68 Sub stats VIT: MNA: OFN: DEF: OOOOOO FRC: RES: DET: SKL: PTN: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Now that your Gear has 6 slots in a sub stat now the fun begins! You can transcend! ____________________________________________________________________________________ iLV36 Knight Arcane Gloves Main stats DEF:210 PTN: 68 Sub stats VIT: MNA: OFN: DEF: OOOOOO +1% FRC: RES: DET: SKL: PTN: ____________________________________________________________________________________ If you choose to transcend this piece of gear it will change into a Knights Arcane Gloves! oh, nice! Now you've noticed you've still had the 6 subs but also a +1% to your DEF stat and is now a Rank 2 item? Now, this may not seem much of a boost yet but what if I told you this is a way to have all sub stats in 1 single piece of gear? Now you'll have to acquire another Arcane Glove but this time increase it's RES sub stat to 6, transcend it which should give you Warlock Arcane Gloves Rank 2 and now you can combine these 2 peices of gear together to make! ____________________________________________________________________________________ iLV40 Defenders Arcane Gloves Main stats DEF:240 PTN: 74 Sub stats VIT: MNA: OFN: DEF: OOOOOO +2% FRC: RES:OOOOOO +2% DET: SKL: PTN: ____________________________________________________________________________________ A Defenders Arcane Gloves! Which as you can see has made the iLV40 now but also you now have both Sub stats in DEF and RES. But this isn't the end of the line oh now, by continuing to get the same gear and upgrade different stats you can transcend it to combine it even further with this one to give it, even more, stats until eventually, you'll obtain the highest Rank that this piece of gear can obtain and that's called Ultimate Arcane gloves! Which as you guessed has all sub stats maxed out and a big 5% to all other base stats? now you think 5% isn't much but that is just for the one piece of gear, the other % bonus from other tranced gear will stack so as we have, Head, torso, arms, legs, and feet as gear that is a whopping 30% increase overall. iLV40 Ultimate Arcane Gloves Main stats DEF:240 PTN: 75 Sub stats VIT:OOOOOO +5% MNA:OOOOOO +5% OFN:OOOOOO +5% DEF: OOOOOO +2% FRC:OOOOOO +5% RES:OOOOOO +5% DET:OOOOOO +5% SKL:OOOOOO +5% PTN:OOOOOO +5% ____________________________________________________________________________________ the final workings out of this idea aren't fully finished but just a general idea and would love to hear some feedback from the players about this.
  2. That's me on the right on the right, the other person on the left is Yoshida director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV. 2nd time I've met him. I was in the queue for him and I noticed he was wearing mogslippers. I was with a group of friends an when I noticed this I had my mog slippers back at the hotel!! D: So what would any fan do? simple, run back to the hotel which was a good 10 min run that's for sure! My friends thought I was stupid to run off as I might have missed him but lo and behold I got the best pic of the night. D.D
  3. So today at work I've been thinking about how I want to dev my MMO and a thought accord to me. What if the game world knew it was a game? Probs not making much sense here but when we play games all the NPC's we meet to act as if the game is real life but what if those NPC's acted like this was a game and they know it is? I was thinking should I make it like this? So When you talking to an NPC they will say things like "To access's your menu screen you can just press enter" or "The raid there will reward your character with the highest iLV gear and IF you do wipe against the boss in the raid you'll just restart the fight with your health and Mana restored." But would this break immersion for some? As this wouldn't make it feel like it's a fantasy world were entering but a virtual world. What are your thoughts?
  4. Hey all o/ So a few of you have probably paid another person to make a resource for your game, so say you asked them to make you a Dark Knight character, and you have given al the detail given and explained how you want your Dark Knight Character sheet to look. So the work is done and the artist's sent you the work you ask them for but for whatever reason, you don't like the work, it could that it doesn't match the description you gave or the style isn't right. Here's 2 scenarios You already paid them for the work but your not happy about it. or You don't like the work but they want payment for there time. And let's just assume the work isn't bad but in fact rather good and anybody else would be happy to have it but it just not what you asked for or what you hoped for. So let's discuss. What do you do?
  5. Alright then I shall produce one tonight or tomorrow since I'm raiding tonight. I'll do a how to install and set up guide. Edit: Or maybe a tutorial that hasn't been done yet lol.
  6. I wouldn't mind helping out as I enjoy helping people out and I know the pain of want to learn something but due to lack of guides it can be demotivating to a extent. As for the written English part me and the wife can handle that easily. I generally do the base idea and layout of the guide while she nip tuck it to make it seem more professional. But if the position might be a paid role then I would be able to devote more time to the guides itself as work/study tends to get in the way a lot. I can do a example guide if you wish to determine if it's good enough or not?
  7. Hey all my name is Arcainess or you can call me Martin Arcainess ^^ I love playing RPG's one of them being Final Fantasy and been playing FFXIV since Beta Phase 3 and now I love MMO's! I'm also the FC/guild leader of my group so when it comes to running/leading things I have experience in the area. I'm currently taking a course in web design. I like to create a enjoyable MMO that's focused on the community and delivering some fun, enjoyable content for everyone to enjoy. It's not gonna be heavy story based but more go out there, kill, get stronger and take on the next challenge!
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