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Found 15 results

  1. Buenassoy nuevo en el foro pero sigo intersect desde la beta 1, admiro como avanzan asi que me decidi en hacer el rpg que tengo en mente basándome en este motor. Shinobis Online será un rpg 2d basado en el mundo de Naruto, la serie Anime creada por Masashi Kishimoto. Hace mucho hice este juego de naruto en el motor BYOND(pero byond tiene grandes limites), bueno, su programación es basada en el lenguaje C y desde que deje BYOND estudie los lenguajes de programación(antes me dedicaba más al diseño grafico), y ahora tengo conocimientos sobre: -Desarrollo Web(HTML,CSS,PHP,JS), y Aplicaciones de Ventana(C#,VB y Java) -Diseño Grafico: Logotipos(3D,2D), Pixel Art(me falta experiencia) y Dibujo Digital Pero obviamente no puedo hacer todo solo. Tardaria mucho tiempo, hace días cree un mapa entero en mi cuaderno con todas las aldeas y sus alrededores, caminos , etc… Y en intersect beta 4.7 estoy haciéndo los mapas. Pues mientras hacia estos mapas me di cuenta de algo, necesito uno o más Pixel Artist y un Mapper. Creo que falta un poco mas de información acerca de este juego, resolveré eso: Este juego contara con 7 aldeas que son (Konohagakure,Sanagakure,Kumogakure,Iwagakure,Kirigakure,Hamurogakure,Otogakure) Cada una tendrá 5 clanes osea que el total de clanes del juego serán 35(ya en teoria sus técnicas) Tengo 3 jutsus de cada elemento(Fuego,Rayo,Viento,Agua,Tierra) y otros de especialidades como: (Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,Taijutsu,Medico). El personaje del juego pues solo serán dos sprites bases (hombre y mujer), me gustan mucho los paperdolls y los utilizo para cabellos, trajes,armas,etc. En fin no me gusta dar mucha información de jugabilidad ya que eso es algo muy valioso en el mundo de los maker. En resumen Quiero hacer este juego así, solo necesito el Open Source de Intersect para empezar a programar nuevos sistemas y eliminar cosas innecesarias del Intersect. Mientras tanto quisiera tener un equipo formado para terminar el personaje que tengo tamaño 64x64 px, edificios, mapas, gfx para las técnicas(humo,fuego,etc). Tengo un rival en Norte América llamado Nin Online, mientras espero la release open source de intersect preparare los mapas, todos los tilesets, paperdolls, animaciones, gfx todo junto a mi equipo. No busco empleados sino compañeros que sueñen y tengan creatividad. Si quieres contactarme enviame un Mensaje Privado aquí o buscame en facebook como FB: facebook.com/OJBB04 (Orlando Jose) PD: No se si es obligatorio subir imagenes pero por ahora no puedo, perdon de antemano, subire unas en cuanto pueda. PD2: 11 de Enero: Proyecto Cancelado, tengo otra cosa en mente por ahora.
  2. Project Concept This is a project made in Unity Engine (Version 5+), C#. Website: http://www.indiedb.com/games/elder-tales Free to play Informations Pixel Multiplayer Fantasy RPG Tiled Based Characters and Maps Photon Networking Engine SQL Server Data Engine World TCP Server Socket (C#) Features Multiplayer Cross-plataform Open World Immersive map design based on tilesets Elaborated maps with forests, rivers, mountains, ice places, villages and citys. Fun and beautiful 2d graphics (WIP design) Advanced melee/ranged/magic combat system Chat with players, trade, party and guilds etc... Day, night, rain and snow cycles Explore, build, fight and rise. Be a hero or farmer, be a expert swordmaster or intelligent alchymist, be everything you want. Day and Night System (old), new version will come. Test Server: The test performed above shows the server's large capacity to handle connections and multiple requests at the same time. Panels with fade in and fade out I have been added fade in and fade out effects to the panels like login, account etc... These effects give a better look at screen transitions and are widely used. In the above gif you can already see a change in the visuals of texts, colors and design but the graphic question will still be improved but it is something that we can use for test versions. Character Creation Some changes were made in character creation but it is also in progress because I want to add character customization but until then already works with the new server and 100% original The character creation is already synchronized with the server, has been added function to delete the character, until then can only have one per user but it is something that I will plan to add new slots in the future. New panels in-game The panels inside the game have also been restructured, with a better look and new concepts. all information is already being saved and loaded by the new server. The panels are draggable and have best fit into all screen resolutions. Equipment System and new UI Previously I had not implemented 100% the equipment system and the inventory but in this new update already we can see this advance when equipping items to show a visual in the player. Everything is synchronized between the server and client, all players can equip items, walk, have their own information stored and shared when necessary. (sorry, i'm naked). All graphics so far are free and may change over time but I really liked this new interface and I will keep this pattern for now. Map Overhaul I made some modifications in the world and the map where players will start the adventure but it is still in progress and will be added all objects, npcs, animals, effects etc... but I would like to share some pictures of the work that I am doing in the maps. I'm only using free resources but it can be changed over time but in the same color and concept pattern. Forward From now on I will further advance the project, improve some current functions and implement new systems. Soon we will have the long awaited test version even though it contains problems but will be essential for the project. In the roadmap I already have all tasks including the game world (maps) and not just systems features, because it is something that I want to evolve enough to launch a test version. Thanks guys! Continue to support us, the community is very important to the project.
  3. Version 0.0.8


  4. Hello, Today is the time to finally confirm the work on Fallen Sky Online. Currently, the Vault Softworks team is working hard to get the online offshoot of Fallen Sky to work. (Falling Sky 1 will be available in early March) Currently we can say that we are still at the beginning of the development, but already have some settings to Present. Thanks to the team of the program "Intersect" we are able to provide Fallen Sky with an online version! About Fallen Sky Online: The game takes place in the vicinity of Bad Kreuznach and takes on the challenge to find the kidnapped children of the city again or from the steal the mercenaries. Furthermore we try to find out more about the anomaly spells which have a strong power. FSO takes place in the year 2120 after the great nuclear world war that brought civilization back to the deepest Middle Ages. Fight mutated creatures, monsters and evil gangs to free the world from the bondage of the atom! Behind the Scenes: In Fallen Sky, the player or the observer will be aware of what can happen if humanity is deprived of the comfort we currently have. In addition, one is encouraged to reflect on how desperately everyone struggles for his own or the group's survive, the tracks hate others for his peer fear of dying or losing his people .... Rage .... Rage rise from fear ... Progress: -> Mapping: 12% -> Scripting 20% -> Storyline 70% -> Equipment 41% -> Crafting Entitys 4% Thanks for visit this Thread ~The Vault Softworks Team Vault Softworks Germany LLC, Apolda (TH)
  5. INTRODUCTION There are an infinite amount of things that I don't know about gaming. People are always talking about things and using words and terminology that I don't recognize or understand. So I am hoping that we all can make a collaborative effort to make an encyclopedia of terms that deal with game development and games. If you have something to add, post it and I will edit this. If you have a question about a term, ask it. Once someone answers, I will add that new term to this list. If you can improve a definition, post your suggestion. Let's try to keep the definitions short and simple but informative at the same time. INTERSECT ENGINE Sprite = Any static or animated two-dimensional image that can be placed anywhere on top of a larger scene. Hitbox = An invisible rectangle used for monsters to detect collisions from weapons and projectiles. Tilesets = A saved bitmap that consists of one or more sprites. You can select parts of each tileset to use in your map, and a map can use many different tilesets. Autotiling = An advanced Editor tool that speeds up the process of mapping. In a tileset, you may see groups of tiles that have one texture surrounded by a different texture. For example, "grass surrounded by water". These groups of tiles generally consist of four corners and may also include top, bottom, left, and right edges and even center tiles too. If you were working with a group of six "grass surrounded by water" tiles, you could just copy and paste the four bottom tiles of that group over onto the map, but then you would just end up with an identical four tile square section on your map. Most likely, you will need a bigger, irregular shaped area that utilizes these 4-6 tiles. It would be very tedious to have to copy and paste each corner tile manually and then fill in the rest. With autotile selected, it will automatically calculate where each (i.e. corner) tile goes, so all you have to do is move your mouse cursor around. It saves time. CPS = Cycles Per Second. This is similar to FPS, where the higher the number the better. CPS determines how fast your Server reads information from your computer? (I forgot). A good CPS is over 40?, but you could probably get by with just 10? You have the option to lock and unlock CPS. By default, Intersect has the CPS locked at 100? When unlocked, the CPS is allowed to change freely and be more or less? An exceptionally high CPS is not needed. PROGRAMMING C# = C Sharp. A great programming language to learn. C# has similar syntax to dozens of popular languages, so learning C# would help you learn those languages as well. C# has a lot of support because of its popularity, and it is easy to find C# code online. VB6 = Visual Basic 6. It is an old, outdated programming language. VB.Net = A successor to Visual Basic that was launched in 2002. It is implemented on the .NET Framework. It has cleaner code and more support than VB6. Visual Studio = An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to create programs in Visual Basic and other "Visual" languages such as Visual C#, Visual C++, etc. Visual Studio is like the text editor, and Visual Basic would be the language that you are writing in. Visual Studio comes in different editions Express, Community (i.e. Visual Studio 2015), Professional, Premium, and Ultimate. Visual C# = Microsoft's implementation of the C# language along with the IDE and design-time tools used for developing C#. MISCELLANEOUS WIP = Work In Progress. GFX = Graphics. PLAYING GAMES GG = Good Game. NPC = Non-Player Character. RPG = Role Playing Game. MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Noob = An inexperienced or new player. Commonly used as a insult. NEET = Not in the Educational, Employment, or Training system. Basically a jobless person who isn't going to school. PENDING TERMS Q.) What is a VPN? Q.) What is a VPS?
  6. Angels & Orcs (AOO) is a 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a very unique pixel art and over 400 items. This is a pre-Alpha version where you will be able to fight up to 90 different monsters on 15 different areas. *Here is the tutorial: 1. Tap where you want to walk 2. Tap mobs once to start auto-attacking 3. Have fun! --------------------------------------------------------------- *Status: Online *Developer: Alkanov *Avaliable: ANDROID [IOS AND PC VERSION SOON] *Released status: NEW *Our community is super friendly, Join Now! *Discord Official* discord.gg/rq7JcQH *Forum Official* Angelsandorcsonline.com
  7. Firstly, i'd like to say that this is my first time making a post like this, so excuse me if i make grammatical errors and what not. What's the game about? RHG is a tournament style animation battle between 2 animators and their unique stick figures, basically whoever's animation was better would win and some would even make their battles canon to their character(etc one of them called FLFFL{ALFA}lost his arm in one of his battle and since then he's been only using one arm). This game is similar but you don't need to animate anything and theres alot more than just battling for glory. The players(stick figures) have some freedom to explore and travel around to become stronger however they choose to become so, whether by doing quests, hunting other players, NPCs and other things. The game would be designed to make you choose what you want to do instead of holding your hand for 90% of the time. Story? You're at the age in the stick figure community where you'll be able to become a gladiator, a gladiator is assigned tasks, missions and also participate in tournament battles against NPCs and other players. You can choose a general stat path where you want your character to be in (whether it is fighter,mage or tank and so on) then you'll be able to assign your own stats freely each level. There would also be alot of customization elements that would make your character unique like different skill setups, clothing and weapons. Thats pretty much all i have at this point. For staff, it's just me alone which you would realize after seeing the only few screenshots i have at the moment What has been done so far is basically just placeholder stuff to make it a viable concept(If that makes any sense), i have a stick figure character sprite that could be alot better but since there aren't much stuff from rpg maker regarding stick figures i had to improvise and modify one of the existing rpg maker ones and just made it plain black. The style of the map i was going for was like a moba styled one, where you have a base and then you go out into the wilderness,jungle and rivers until you find the next landmark and what not. The only weapon i fully made was just a sword to test the paperdoll and damage. There still needs to be a female sprite so i'm working on that. Classes are basically done but i think they may need better balancing as things go more foward. My plan right now is to actually get serious about this and make it into an actual thing, i didn't really have the motivation until realizing there aren't alot or any prominent mmo stick figure rpgs of this sort. I did have a playable version running and was using a custom character stat system but i didn't get enough forms turned it to actually make use of it so i just left it there. So in the next 6-7 days i'd make some changes to the user interface and actually try to make a presentable map and maybe a trailer of some sort? i dunno. I have alot of items and skills to make so i've been preparing myself and collecting alot of different ideas for skills that players would be able to use If you want to point out somethings to me and give me feedback and criticism i'll gladly accept it.
  8. I have a sword and i wanna use it after then 25LV i tried this steps: 1- http://prntscr.com/g3txoz 2- http://prntscr.com/g3txw6 3- http://prntscr.com/g3ty1s but im still can use it in level 1 :/ (not founds are not problem for this level system. systems are working but fonts have some problem for "me" my pc culture settings)
  9. Hello everyone, Here is the interface of the project I'm working on. It may still change but that is the basic concept. I used Kenny's assets to create this interface and they are very useful. The project is being developed in unity, in the future I will create a topic showing the progress of this game. All panels are draggable When equipping an item it changes the character look All the design was made using free resources in the interface as well maps and character. I need to adjust some border edges and image positions but that's basically it. Suggestions are welcome, remembering that I am developing this project from scratch Seeya!.
  10. So I had a few icons lying around from ages ago in 32x32. These icons are free to use under CC By 3.0. That means as long as you put: "Some Icons by Kem @ http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/community/profile/495-kem/" In your credits somewhere, you can use these icons in commercial projects and generally do whatever you want with them except claim them as your own.
  11. LPC homepage http://lpc.opengameart.org/ LPC-art-entries http://opengameart.org/lpc-art-entries LPC asset list http://lpc.opengameart.org/static/lpc-style-guide/assets.html Time Fantasy (free) http://finalbossblues.com/timefantasy/free-graphics/ Time Fantasy (buy) https://www.gamedevmarket.net/member/finalbossblues/ Kenny (free) http://kenney.nl/assets Kenny (buy) http://kenney.nl/store Tilesets Items Mixed Music Much, much, more on http://opengameart.org | http://pixelation.org
  12. Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that the Alpha of my game is online to play. This is an MMORPG in a fantasy world and you are the traveler who will find out more about this world. History The game takes place in a medieval era in the part of ancient Europe, you have just arrived from a long boat trip by the oceans and you see on the beach of Valkyria, a great capital. This is where the player's journey begins. Gameplay A gameplay of the game is very simple, the commands are: "E" to interact, attack and pick up items on the floor, Left mouse button to select target on an enemy, W A S D or Keyboard Arrows to walk. The game has a real-time turn-based system where each second is a turn, and each block is a target. Remember that it is an Open PVP game. Dialogs with NPCs can help you understand more about game history and mechanics. [ Informations This game was developed with only one purpose: to amuse the players. We are in the Alpha 1 version, so I ask for patience and understanding with Bug's and possible Crash's that the game will have. Even so I hope you have fun and enjoy. Note: Every time a member of a party dies and tries to open the party again, the game crashes, so if you die in Party with someone recommend closing and opening the game. Note2: I am from Brazil and i made this game in Portuguese, so the dialogs are in Portuguese but other things in English, i'm sorry for that, the game doesn't have a English Dialog Patch yet. Server Status: Updating A Special Thanks for: Damian, Jcsnider ............................. THIS POST IS NOT UPDATED, FOLLOW THE PAGE ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE INFORMATIONS, THIS IS AN BRAZILIAN GAME! facebook.com/fantasyonlinemmo
  13. So, I know most people here are probably not into Construct 2 or its event system. Its sort of like game maker because its not defined to any specific genre of game and your sort of starting from scratch. I like construct 2 because it teaches you how to program without ever having to code. It's event system is built like programming without every writing the code your self. So at the very least it teaches you to think critically and like a programmer. Its exporting options are sort of nice too, html, iphone, android and pc options. At they very least I love using construct 2 to build android and mobile games. I would personally never build a giant pc game with it but for mobile its awesome. What do you guys think of construct 2? I would love to create some tutorials if anyone is interested .
  14. Fable The Last Hope Synopsis History Gameplay Classes World map (screen) Road Map Special thanks to: jcsniter, Kibbelz and PhenomenalDev
  15. Ranqe

    Item icons

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