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We've Broke Even! -- Thank you very much pt. 2!


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Thanks to so many amazing donations this month from @or3o, @Craig1020, @熊猫みたい, @Kidlion, @Boat, @John, @Azerdeath, @Owellow, @Niko, and @MCADAMS we have met and exceeded the $334.11 needed to break even. AGD has officially paid for itself and has started to turn a profit. 


With that being said don't let the donations stop! Moving forward we intend to start hosting contests/competitions were we will likely have decent cash prizes. Eventually we will want to upgrade our site some and maybe acquire a stronger server. We want to greenlight Intersect upon release and get it on Steam. If a good opportunity came along we'd love to commission art/resources that we could distribute to AGD members. Outside of that we're entirely open to suggestions on how to future spend your money :P


Yet again  we want to say thanks, you all are awesome! Here's to AGD; May it live long and prosper!

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AGDCon bring it to New York please, I can drive LOL. Vegas is a plane ticket for me. I wouldn't mind meeting most of y'all that would actually be wicked dope. 


On on a side note: thanks for being such wonderful members guys. Basically making JCs dreams come true! Hahahaha!!

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