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  1. I know it may be a hot second for the engine to be at the point were we get access to the code, and this is probably 110% scrubby of me to ask. However... what IDE would be needed or advised for the source once it is available?
  2. Well, I figured it out and believe that I may have earned some shame for this one.. I completely spaced that it is case sensitive..
  3. <Equipment> <WeaponSlot>2</WeaponSlot> <ShieldSlot>3</ShieldSlot> <Slot0>Helmet</Slot0> <Slot1>Armor</Slot1> <Slot2>Weapon</Slot2> <Slot3>Shield</Slot3> <Slot4>Boots</Slot4> <Slot5>Ring</Slot5> <Slot6>Necklace</Slot6> <slot7>Aura</slot7> <slot8>Pet</slot8> </Equipment> <Paperdoll> <!--Paperdoll is rendered in the following order. If you want to change when each piece of equipment gets rendered simply swap the equipment names.--> <Slot0>Helmet</Slot0> <Slot1>Armor</Slot1> <Slot2>Weapon</Slot2> <Slot3>Shield</Slot3> <Slot4>Boots</Slot4> <Slot5>Ring</Slot5> <Slot6>Necklace</Slot6> <slot7>Aura</slot7> <slot8>Pet</slot8> </Paperdoll> Well the scroll bar does indeed show up, though it still only lets me scroll over to "Necklace" as the furthest option.
  4. Hello everyone, using Intersect Alpha 1.9 and have a question regarding the maximum amount of fields allowed for equipment. I have been messing around with the config.xml server side and added several fields to the equipment and paper doll fields.. However, when booting up the client and the editor it seems the game only recognizes up to six fields and it is as if the others do not exist. Does the engine currently only support six equipment types or did I screw something up? Also, if the engine does not will it support more in the future or is this something I'll have to manually change in the source once it is available for download?
  5. Reminds me of Metroid back on the NES, I like it. Keep up the great work.
  6. Azerdeath

    [WIP] Pestilence

    I think it seems pretty cool, I'll keep my eye on this project. Not sure if you covered it, at least I don't recall you covering it.. but when do you think the game will be ready for testing?
  7. Might I be as bold as to ask to test out the Linux client when it is ready? I would enjoy a title like this and think it would make a fine addition to the list of Linux compatible/native games.
  8. Azerdeath


    I am trying to get high enough level to start playing ranked. I only really play support and healers so I am hoping it won't be that hard to find a team who will accept me.
  9. Azerdeath


    Anyone else playing on PC? I mostly play Mercy or D'va. I only have had the game a couple days but have come to really enjoy it and most of its community.
  10. Welcome to the new community then, I assume it is technically the "new" community. 030 Anywho, I ended up creating an account for these forums today myself so its nice to meet new faces.
  11. I was a member of the Eclipse community forums before agd. Also, thank you for the complement friend. ^.^
  12. "Have been a member of this community for quite some time, started back when I was 15 or so and had little to no knowledge on game design or coding. I have seen the website and community change time and time again but have always come back through each transition, almost always silent but helping when I could. Now I am here and have high hopes for the future of the current engine. " - Introduction. Bio: My name is Dylyn, though I go by my screen name Azerdeath or Azie if you prefer. I am a Linux fanboy, though I still use Windows for most if not all of my gaming needs, when not using my Xbox or Playstation (Kinda play from time to time on my Wii). I enjoy making friends as well as gaming with people and have taken several courses on game design and scripting in high hopes of finally living out my dreams of being a game developer. I also enjoy web design, though I don't really have much to show for that field other than my half-baked network built on open source cms software (I am officialy newbie status at best.). I do also enjoy music, though I prefer metal and rock over most if not all other genres of music. I am kinda blank at what to add after this point so I will leave it up to you if you wanna know more just ask. =^.^= Also, I am 110% bad at structuring most if not everything I post, and my grammar is sub par at best. I apologize.
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