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  1. My desk is just a cheap work bench, And messy as hell lol. Please forgive me for the red fan on my radiator, I assure you a new blue fan is on the way.
  2. my case is just a junk case i got for free, The pc is pretty ugly as far as builds go, but i may be getting a new case eventually lol.
  3. Upgraded the watercooling recently.
  4. http://www.devogeninteractive.com/g2dforums/index.php?topic=85.0 Looks like a dead project
  5. To be fair didnt most of the assets taken from old nintendo games and gameboy games have the assets ripped via screenshots? The point is just if someone wanted to steal assets they could. Not that it matters because I have yet to see a game using stolen assts to be completed let alone successful.
  6. if someone wants to steal your are all they would have to do is take screenshots with the game running. But seriously if someone is too lazy to make original art than they are too lazy to make a game.
  7. About friggen time California caught up.
  8. I got a few psp's in the mail and also about 7 gba sp's so this weekend should be eventful.
  9. I have always been into electronics and soldering and stuff I had not really worked on many games until last year when a friend asked me to fix his famicom, I started taking apart stuff i had and seeing what components they used and spent 70 bucks on a lot of broken systems on ebay, I figured if i could fix 3 of them i would make a profit. I watch retreoGameTech on youtube pretty often, Most of these things are pretty easy to figure out though (scorch marks on pcbs or popped caps) Honestly just find something broken and try to fix it, If it doesn't work its not like ya ruined it, it was broken anyway lol. Thanks for the kind words everyone, Ill be sure to take more pics when all my systems come in.
  10. I convinced a retail store to wholesale me all of their broken consoles! Ill get pics when i get everything in but i should have around 90 consoles! Should keep me busy for a few days.
  11. What kinda hardware you running for emulation? A pi or something similar?
  12. So I got bored yesterday and made a coffee table, I was really unhappy with using my bookshelf to display my handhelds. Now i have a bit more room for junk lol.
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