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  1. Looking for Work Composer in search of game

    i would pay 30 dollars for a 3 minute track, or something more reasonable.
  2. New Skills

    I would assume it would be better to hard code this feature. Although it can be mainly achieved via events.
  3. what do you use to make this?
  4. chat bubble

    The text will just display over the players head over your game graphics with this method. So I would suggest some sort of background graphic for the text.
  5. chat bubble

    Well I wouldn't delete it, it might cause the engine to error. I would open it in Photoshop, clear the image and leave a blank transparent background. Then the engine will not display anything.
  6. PinkAngel's Graphics

    these are made from a 3d modeler? These Are Really good, you should make a 3d game.
  7. Story Today I did this on my project...

    yea.... its starting to seem that way.
  8. Story Today I did this on my project...

    @Kibbelz It worked out great! Thank The Gods! I wanted a method of creating large amounts of content quickly but could never have achieved it with my old method. Now the bottom rocks and water shadow i have to paint on but the whole grass area with the brown trim is now auto-tiled with success. So I will live with this.
  9. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Created auto-tiles for my land masses today, it makes mapping huge areas of the game much quicker. The problem is everything has now become very square. What do you guys think? Should I just map the old fashion way, its very time consuming. A view of the old more natural tiles is to the left, which i believe looks a lot better. But huge land masses, mountain ranges and much more can be done quicker with the auto-tiles.
  10. Black widow spider

    Looks great
  11. A brown spider

    Some what reminds me of the old spider sprites from rsc, better though obviously.
  12. Black widow spider

    black spider on a black background, cannot see?
  13. I wanted to bring one iron bar to an anvil and have the anvil return 5-10 iron nails to a player. Because using 1 bar for reach nail seems odd to me. Is there a way for a crafting table to return more than 1 item to a player?
  14. I am scared to update, because I rely heavily on this working properly. I think ill hold off a bit.
  15. Playable Pestilence Online -Stage 1 Demo

    Update: Most Items Are Now Craft-able. Broken Tutorial Island Quest Now Works. Added Wood Working, Dye Making, Tanning and More. Everyone will have to re-download the Game again, updated my auto updater. Everything should work pretty smooth from here on out problem free. Who wants to come check it out?