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  1. an on logout trigger for common events!
  2. Looks like your cape equipment slot renders over your shield of. You can change the order of this.
  3. Thanks guys, I will be creating more tutorials. It is just a matter of how quickly. This request sounded fun an interesting so I released it quick.
  4. I know copy/pasting variables within conditional branches then trying to change the variable is currently bugged.
  5. Yes, I mean I can make it work exactly how I want with its current features. I just don't know how bad it will effect performance. I also considered only doing like ten levels for each skill. Each level they could equip a new pick and gather a new ore. Having each lvl longer to gain. I guess I will have to ponder this more.
  6. Hmm I don't like this idea, it seems cheap an unauthentic.. But if all these conditional branches will end up reducing performance I may have to.
  7. Yes it can be overwhelming and exhuasting at times, but worth it one day I'm sure.
  8. But then how would a player refer to there lvl to know what picks they can equip?
  9. But this would mean from level 1-100 mining it only requires 100 exp to level... That's not at all what im trying to do, I want progression and longer leveling times as players get higher level.
  10. So im basically going to use conditional branches to do the exp and leveling system for my resources. Like each ore gives mining exp, exp levels up your mining level ex. So lets say I have 100 mining levels aka 100 conditional branches. Should i split them up ten to a page? Or will having 100 in a row on a single event page not mess with performance?
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