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WIP World of Adea

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Kind of busy overall, but i try to work on the project whenever i can. I'm currently remaking the southern desert maps, which is finished soon!


While this map, and zone over all is far from complete, it should give you an idea of the current situation in Nusst and it's surrounding desert.


I've also got A LOT of non-mapping things done, apart from a ton of new zones and dungeons


The northern and southern regions of the desert is now home to a merry bunch, travel the desert with caution.



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7 hours ago, Agoraphobic said:

Those impalings are quite brutal. I like it, and the giant skull poking out of the sand.

6 hours ago, Aesthetic said:

I'm in love with the skull poking out of the sand, did you do it yourself? The pixel work is impeccable.


Thank you! It has to do with the history of the region.


2 hours ago, Miharukun said:

Where do you buy those tilesets? Looks amazing!



2 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

what tiles are those?


I got them off of opengameart:



Glad you guys like it!

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Update 29/9


With 4.2 being released i'm moving towards alpha testing. It's still a while until it's ready, but it's getting there.


In the coming days/weeks i'll be posting some updates with game information and what i have been working on.


All in all, great progress! Depending on when 4.3 is released i might wait for that version before playtesting. More to come soon!

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Update 4/10


Adding everything together that's needed to be able to play, it's about 70-75% finished. Mainly balancing stuff and some minor stuff needed.


Some new information regarding the game itself:

While i touched on Quests in my first post, here's a bit of an explanation,


You can take on missions(quests) from anything from ground objects, regular NPCs, a poster on a wall, etc. They're not always obvious.


Massive Quest Chain, consists of at least 10, almost always more, quests. These involve things like advancing your class, dungeons, important parts that tell a story, lots of dialogue and traveling. Events/NPCs that start these chains have a (!) in their name so that player don't miss them easily.

Major Quest Chain, usually consists of 5-10 quests, could be the main chain of a hub, or leading up to a Massive chain.

Lesser Quest Chain, usually around 1-5, some impactful, some less.

Quest, average of 1-3.


These are the types of quest chains i have planned.


Another interesting thing i've been considering is a fourth class that utilizes Intersect's awesome projectile system. While the already planned classes utilize projectiles in some ways, i felt a projectile class should add some more variety to the game (If i add the fourth class, that brings classes to a grand total of 28 classes!)


Also since i love to map and can't stop working on future zones from time to time, i'll try to get some screenshots up as soon as possible!

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So! Things are moving forward. Alphatesting is closer than ever. I'm currently waiting for a relatively stable version of Intersect before i start alphatesting, until then i will be doing some internal testing.


Oh and if you didn't notice, yes, i changed the name of my project, I decided to change some of the things i had planned, and i couldn't really think of a name, since there isn't a story to connect to the game name, i simply decided on the world's name as the name of the game. Perhaps i'll change it again before final release, though it's not likely.


What i'm doing right now is finishing up some things, paperdolls(which are temporary until source), items, sprites, spells, animations, etc, pretty much ready!


Maps are ready for alphatesting, missing a few things, but will be done until alphatest.


Simply put, i'm waiting for a stable release. Until then i will be polishing and making everything ready,


And of course, an update post without any images isn't all that fun, so here's a few things to look at. (keep in mind, some graphics will be bugged until future Intersect releases, and paperdolls are temporary as stated above), these things are not finished, but will be fully complete soon!


Updated class chart: (note regarding ranger subclass/es, the class has not been made and most likely won't be available with the alpha test.
































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3 hours ago, SkywardRiver said:

Looks nice, but the art style of the mobs/characters clash with the map art.


Must agree with that, i love the eerie atmosphere of the map art, but the characters and mobs are kinda too much cartoony (though they are great by themselves !)

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17 hours ago, SkywardRiver said:

Looks nice, but the art style of the mobs/characters clash with the map art.


14 hours ago, Sethis said:


Must agree with that, i love the eerie atmosphere of the map art, but the characters and mobs are kinda too much cartoony (though they are great by themselves !)



I know what you mean :( The sprites(if i can find a good artist) will be replaced in the future. I use these since i can create good characters and paperdolls with GCH without any hassle.


So what i want to do in the future is hire an artist to create a "pack" for me that i can remake characters with. Meaning they'll suit my game a lot more, most likely this will be once i can get some source changes done.

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Hi people! I hope people are excited for my project!


I have both good and "bad" news. Good news first. Pretty much everything is finished. You can currently play up until your first class change, and a bit after.


Now for the bad news, which kind of has good news in them. I'm delaying any kind of playtesting unfortunately. The reason for delaying things is simple, i want more in the game. I work full time, with irregular weekdays, meaning i am at work for about 10 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, with three days off every three weeks. I don't have a lot of time, but i put in time whenever i can. I don't think a lot of people are excited for my project, but for those that are interested, sorry!


Regarding the exact reasons i'm delaying testing is because i want to do these things:

Add custom paperdolls, meaning i will make them work with GCH so i can make better looking NPCs. This also means i'm less limited, so that i can have a wider array of equipment available for players

Add custom NPCs, meaning enemies

Fine tune quests and overall balance

Have the Ranger subclass be playable with playtest release

And a lot of less important things not worth mentioning here, but those are the big ones


It's a lot of work, but it will (hopefully) be worth it. Until playtest i will try to update the thread with what i'm working on, especially since i have done a lot of work since my last post in October and not posted any of them.


I'll keep you guys posted & updated! Thanks!

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As promised, i am here with an update!


I started making the paperdolls with my own custom items!

Here's a dagger, armor, and shield: 639de1e08c0b1ad2c0e210ba44553a98.gif

And the same armor with a sword and shield: f9c2bd0a9d2157511344d4722d0b42a0.gif


Today i made 13 new paperdolls(weapons, shields, armours, boots, and robes)


I've got a lot more to do and more to come :) 


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I have been doing pretty much the same as yesterday and the day before that, pixel art and paperdolls!


I'm going to try and have a trailer and some more stills and info up and running by the 31st at the latest! (If time allows, otherwise shortly thereafter)


56 minutes ago, StrikerMDD said:

Hi, how you made this "attack" animations? Its a little out of sync, but its good.


And success for your project!




If you're referring to the animation that's played when walking down, that will be fixed once source is out and we can add our own attack animations. Right now i'd rather have the attack animation as part of the walking animation than the other way around :), other than that, it's all in sync..


Anyway, the slicing part of the attack is an animation thats connected to the item.


And thanks! :D 


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Today's update!


Been working a lot on my own graphics, finished a lot of paperdolls (just missing a few pieces needed for play testing, other than that it's complete)


Apart from graphical things i've completed a lot of minor things like improved quest texts, item/spell descriptions, spell sounds & animations etc


Also started working on custom NPCs, here is a zombie i've been working on, though not the finalized version, i still wanted to show it! 


Zoomed 300%



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Been super busy working 12+ hrs/day this last week. But i have had some time to do some work.


Since the last update:

Finished zombie sprites with two different palettes.

Two additional paperdolled items finished (one robe and one weapon)

Finished mapping a crypt which serves as a mini dungeon with puzzles and traps, the crypt is tuned to be explored just after you've advanced to your first class, and the location is hinted by NPC dialogues, as well as how to open the door. You could view the crypt as a kind of tutorial to dungeons. Will add the puzzles etc in the coming days


Here's a rather empty teaser of the first level of the crypt:


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Hello! Figured i would post an update. I have been lurking the website but not posting anything, keeping up to date.


I haven't done anything since my last post, didn't even finish the zombie sprite, which just needs a few finishing touches and put into a proper sprite sheet. Motivation and my work being mainly summer based means i have had very little time or interest in working on my project. I haven't given up, and it's actually pretty playable, i who know where everything is can play for 3-4 hours straight to finish most material, and that is just the parts that are complete with quests, items, lore, etc, with a lot more started but not finished.


And it hasn't helped that there are some fundamental things in Intersects current state that i just don't like in a game, for example, quest items being able to be dropped when you've reached max required for the quest task. I mean, if i want the player to not be boosted by other players i have to make the item non-droppable, and then the players would wind up with loads of unecessary quest items. Of course you can make them sellable but it's just many extra steps for something that should be in the engine, and that is just one of MANY things i would personally change.. I know we'll get there eventually with Intersect though, no doubt. I am simply waiting for future updates to make the game playable in the way i want.


A short list of the non-map things i've added and completed for future parts of the game:

Spell GFX, Spell Icons, Weapon & spell Icons and paperdolls to go with them (many made by me!), loads of animations for events, characters, quests, etc. Some (not a lot) custom graphics by me, sounds for various world interactions, combat, and music.


Since my choice of graphics are difficult to combine with most sprites developers use today i've decided to focus on the game parts. Don't get me wrong, i fully intend to have everything paperdolled, and i have almost every item paperdolled for the parts that are playable. What i was thinking then was to have just weapons & shields paperdolled, which are super easy to do. The rest just takes far too much time for me, since i'm at most a novice at pixel art and such. Once i have more of the game complete i intend to hire someone to do some custom assets for me that i can use with GCH or something like it.


What i'm hoping is i'll be able to put some time in and do just a wee bit more before i can put the game online for you all to try, despite current flaws.


Turned into quite a long post, thanks for the read, and for those who have been interested since i posted this thread i can promise i'll have something playable Soon™

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Update as of 2/6, i've gotten a lot of stuff done over the weekend, and have some time today and tomorrow as well. If everything goes according to plan i should be able to release a playtest by the weekend (6/6).


I'm just doing all the minor stuff and fixing up some quests and graphic stuff that i have neglected before. I'll try to post some gradual updates in the coming days, but some of the things are so minor it's not worth posting about. Stay tuned for more info!

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Hello everybody! As promised I'll get better at posting updates. Currently having some friends of mine do some testing before i release a playtest of the first few zones.


While i do intend to have the playtest ready shortly, there are unfortunately quite a few bugs/things i do not intend to keep for beta/full release. Things that i would need Intersect to be in open source for. To remedy this i have added temporary things which i will change once i'm able.


This is the part that will be included in the playtest:



And this is how far i've started developing, just to give you a scope of how far we've progressed:


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