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Mapping First ever Intersect map


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3 hours ago, Chronos said:

Really? That's odd. How does it fail?

My jpg  or png would not upload. Said upload failed, contact us for assistance.

I posted it in Facebook and copied it in from there.

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On 17/12/2016 at 0:03 AM, Ambard said:

This is the very first time I ran the client and server. I am recording this for the history books because I plan to completely port Ambardia over to this new engine. Can't wait to see how it goes!

No automatic alt text available.



How did you remove the "options / party" icons at the bottom right?

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10 hours ago, Ariel said:

Im a bit confuse.. How is the character animation looks like?

Can you upload a shot video of the game just running and stuff..

You can see it all working in my last tutorial series video here:


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