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  1. Empires of Eradon is online, but there's currently a crippling bug in regards to the banking system in B2 - so there's not much activity.
  2. I was taking a crap at my grandmothers house when nobody was there and the door just sorta unlocked and opened itself, I proceeded to clog the toilet. True story.
  3. Thanks for the quick fix! Just btw the Quest Editor is doing the same as well (not sure if its just my end or what at this point)
  4. ValiantNorth

    Bank working?

    Just wondering if the bank is fully functional? On double-click to deposit items the client disconnects from the server. Neither crash so neither produce error logs.
  5. Damn, beat me to It I was planning on making some tutorials, I guess I'll just stick to video game reviews.
  6. Hey just posting an update to the game maps, never released a screenshot of it so I thought I would add it here, probably will do so with the OP as well. This is a screen of what "Westmare Forest" looks like so far, i've decided to instance these to take a little load off if nobody is using it, can't see from here but there's quite a bit of small bits of junk and litter detail throughout! More to come Here is what I've got of Hawthorne and some of the lower continent. there will be a lot more water and islands ects to explore to the south and also much more northeast and to the southeast as well. You can reference the world map above to get a sense of whats missing and the scale. Lots of underground areas that aren't shown as well.
  7. Thanks for the reply, turns out I was looking at the backup DB >.< Fixed
  8. Same thing has been happening to me. Message :Tried to load one or more null game objects! Tried to load null value for index 34 of items Tried to load null value for index 35 of items <br/> StackTrace : at Intersect_Server.Classes.Core.Database.LoadGameObjects(GameObject type) in C:\Users\JC Snider\Desktop\Intersect-Engine\Intersect Server\Classes\Core\Database.cs:line 1633 at Intersect_Server.Classes.Core.Database.LoadAllGameObjects() in C:\Users\JC Snider\Desktop\Intersect-Engine\Intersect Server\Classes\Core\Database.cs:line 1384 at Intersect_Server.Classes.Core.Database.InitDatabase() in C:\Users\JC Snider\Desktop\Intersect-Engine\Intersect Server\Classes\Core\Database.cs:line 199 at Intersect_Server.Classes.MainClass.Main(String[] args) in C:\Users\JC Snider\Desktop\Intersect-Engine\Intersect Server\Classes\Core\Main.cs:line 60 Date :12/23/2016 4:15:29 PM Had this error before and was able to fix it by setting the ids for deleted as 1 and it worked, server crashed recently (a week after fix) and now the fix I used doesn't work anymore. Not really sure what's causing this. Can upload DB if needed.
  9. Thanks for the feedback glad to hear what you think!
  10. New things coming this week, lots of new maps have been added, another graphics update introducing new sprites which means new monsters of varying levels. The housing feature is coming along nicely! I think there's already around 10 pieces of furniture you can place in any "Furniture Slot" in your house. No houses are for sale yet until the furniture system is finished, and we haven't even added any paintings yet so we'll be getting on that soon! As you may have noticed above I've made a new logo, let me know what you think. I really don't want to add to much to it and turn it in to a mess. There's also a new world map in the OP, this is the middle continent and there will also be a "Norlands" map and a map of Southern Eradon. Most of the lakes and rives shown are accessible by boat once you've purchased one in the game. You can go to a harbormaster and launch your ship into the open waters! Anyways just wanted to drop that update. I'll probably post some in-game images and stuff to give an idea of where the whole map is right now. I'll also try and get some in-game screenshots and all that stuff to give a little visual update to the thread and OP.
  11. Yo that's fantastic. If you need any help I'd be willing to throw in a hand! I really dig the graphics and I could definitely get behind a project like this.
  12. My new years resolution is 1280x720 - HNY everyone
  13. Im using a monitoring service so I would be pretty surprised if the connection was open 688 times.
  14. Yeah that's what I mean, I'm not surprised that the query counts as a connection, that's normal. It's more or less that the connection remains open in the OnlineList as a blank space, which kind of gets annoying when everytime I check it theres like 280+ blank entries.
  15. Additional Details: This may be a bug? I'm not a big server guy but I do have Server Monitoring up on the IP and Port of the server which is doing queries of the server status every minute. It seems that every time the monitoring service makes a query to my server it shows up in the "onlinelist" server command as a Blank entry. The server query happens every minute and it seems the blank spaces are showing up exactly on the second that the query happens. Is it possible that the query to the server shows up as a blank spot in the Onlinelist? If so is there any way to stop this from showing up as every hour I have 60 empty entries in the online list and I don't want to have to reset the server every few hours. (Server up-time when this was taken was exactly 15m and 12s)
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