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Found 16 results

  1. Shilo

    Mapping Our WIP Map

    My girlfriend is creating a map in Intersect. She's a beginner artist and mapper and we would like some constructive criticism from the community to improve the map. We are aware that it needs more details and feel like there is a bit of a creativity block. It's still work in progress. Is there any tips/tricks and/or tutorials to help with designing maps in general and making them professional and attractive? How do we know when there's too little or too many trees and so forth? Is there a general distance we should use between trees? Any other suggestions is welcome! I'm sure all of this is vague, but art and creativity is definitely not my strong suit and it's hard to help her with mapping. I am a programmer and logical by heart, so I lack creativity. Any help would be much appreciated by both of us, thank you very much! Here's the map: http://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/4dce8f345bf5bfce5ace45adee711cb5.png
  2. So after seeing George's amazing tileset that he has been working on I was inspired to do something with all the tiles I have made myself. I thought a map showing off the four seasons would be fun to do so I gave it a shot. Looking back now, I probably should have made the map a little bigger so I could have shown off more. Anyways, here it is:
  3. BugSICK

    Mapping Map

    Just exploring tile type and tiles i will used for my game, and it came out ok. just ignore the GUI. familiarizing the properties. Screenshot from Editor: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/26f07d6c4f86483db0bbbf8dd58e572c.png
  4. Hi guys, so I have had a big game mapped on intersect for some time now! I just moved and changed all graphics to the ever popular time fantasy! being a dbz fan I noticed the similarity in style to GBA games. Hence I did some tone changes and wanted to ask opinion on the sprite/tile mix
  5. For the sake of filling the board up a little more; I'll show off the latest on LH. This place is an abandoned citadel that players will need later in the game! This specific location is the Market, for such a place that is so broken; it is so busy! <3
  6. This is the very first time I ran the client and server. I am recording this for the history books because I plan to completely port Ambardia over to this new engine. Can't wait to see how it goes!
  7. What do you think? What could I improve? I did it on Intersect.
  8. So yes, as I said in title. I was just messing around and made this. Figured I'd post it as it's been awhile since I did anything.
  9. SkywardRiver

    Mapping Life Forge Pics

    We don't wanna show off the entire world yet, but we'll update pics when we can! Leave any feedback or comments you feel like
  10. So, you can take screenshots of the grid view, making world maps in the process. Here's a picture of my tileset and map i'm working on. (in progress)
  11. So I've been playing around with Intersect here and there and just thought I would show off the map I made to test things out. Nothing special but, anyways, here it is:
  12. Miharukun

    Mapping Lava Dungeon Map

    I called this Lava Dungeon map ahaha took me long enough, any feedback or Critics? So i can do better next time.
  13. Some maps from our old EO game. I still develop it for fun.
  14. When I've taught people how to use Eclipse, Xtremeworlds, Intersect etc in the past, people got somewhat confused at layers, making some of their maps look like a mess and be even more of a mess to edit. Layers are extremely important in mapping, whether or not you're using Intersect, Eclipse, RPG Maker etc. To make a good map and to avoid trouble when later on editing your maps, it is best to put tiles on layers where they fit the most. In this small guide i'll teach you what layers are and how to effectively use them. Map layers are the order of where your graphics are drawn, which tile is on top and which tile is on the bottom. There's five layers in total, and can be changed accessing the Layers drop down menu to the left of the map editor. Layers are drawn from bottom to top, starting with Ground and finishing at Fringe2. Ground Ground is what you should use for ground textures, such as grass, mud, sand, paths, floors etc. It is what is drawn the undermost of all the tiles. Transparency also doesn't work here, so use this for textures that cover the entire tile. Mask Mask is the next layer drawn over the ground tiles. For this, you can use tiles that don't take up the entire 32x32 space and have transparency or opacity. Mask2 Mask 2 is like the previous mask layer, but drawn over the first Mask layer, in case you need more than one masked tile in one space. Fringe Fringe is drawn over all previous layers, except that while Ground, Mask and Mask2 are drawn under characters, Fringe is drawn OVER characters. Can be used for roofs or other tiles that overlap your player, like tall but thin structures like trees and lampposts, so you can walk behind them. Fringe2 Just like I explained in Mask2, Fringe2 is drawn over the first Fringe layer.
  15. Howdy, I'm here to proudly show you the latest map of Ascent Online. A project run by myself and Murdoc. Map was designed by myself and Murdoc created the graphics! I hope you guys like it! Link to full image!
  16. Giligis

    Mapping Inspiration ;o

    Just the very very small beginning of how @George and @QuoteFox inspired me with, will be doing tons of edits, this is the start to a giant main city. Yes I'm aware of the weird mistakes XD