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  1. As an FYI, degrees make a very large difference in money for software development. A few key differences are the quality of benefits, salaried as opposed to hourly, slightly more paid vacation as well as sick leave (depending on the company), and I've seen a very significant gap in pay (hourly vs. salaried hourly equivalent). That being said, education costs money, and starting going into educational debt right now for a degree is not really the safest bet (specifically in the U.S. given present politics surrounding education, which may soon see a interest rate hike at the very least on student loans) unless you are extremely confident in your ability to secure high-enough paying programming jobs. Other IT work has less of a bar, and is easier to make decent money as a small startup if you're in a good location. There is also always lower paying developer jobs, but they are typically not nearly as rewarding challenge-wise. Very small local startups may or may not pay towards the middle between salaried programmers and the low-end developer jobs (i.e. 45-60K instead of 25-35K).
  2. Email isn't a possibility at this time.
  3. I think on most new routers it's enabled by default but if your firewall is blocking the port UPnP doesn't even matter, the computer itself will refuse the connection.
  4. 1. We are not lawyers. 2. Under no circumstances is posting about or aiding someone in breaking and evading the law an acceptable usage of the forum per section 3 of the forum rules.
  5. Graphics

    Then what's the point in looking for Pokemon-like styles? The third isn't even close to Pokemon.
  6. Yes, the font will be fine. Looking at this though it looks like the font is blurry. In the content generator you can set the fonts' PremultiplyAlpha to False and TextureFormat to Color in the Processor Parameters section (bottom) on the Properties panel. That should resolve the blurriness. Out of curiosity, did you generate all of the different fonts or just arial_8?
  7. The default font packaged with Intersect does not support cyrillic. You need to go generate your own with the Monogame content generator that has the supported character set.
  8. Graphics

    2 is infinitely nicer 1 looks like I made it
  9. Like @jcsnider said, they're available as reference only. If there's a problem (missing files or bad project configuration, not bugs) with any of the source bases, the onus is on you to open a PR with a fix for them. I personally will not support any of the code there, I just wanted to make it available for historical record -- purely archival.
  10. Graphics

    So I started spriting again for a personal project of mine, and the target is 16x16 art. Currently I'm working on the basic nude humanoid sprite, but once I've completed that I'll start work on some other things. Any and all feedback would be appreciated for this, whether it be the shading of an individual pixel, the amount of time per frame, or more encompassing critique. As of 7/12, I have the upward and downward facing sprites for both walking and idle (200ms/frame for walking, 500ms/frame for idle). While I'm pretty sure nobody will bother trying to use or ask to use the graphics I post here for feedback, these graphics are not to be used if it weren't abundantly clear from the presence of identification marks on the images.
  11. Link? What did the results look like?
  12. At least one photo of literal crap probably.
  13. Looking for Work

    No pay me monies vb6
  14. Looking for Work

    no is very good what you are talking about?? 50 dollar for all update vb6 engine