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  1. Hello worldofjimmy, Yeah it seems using localhost is causing the -1 resulting in the game server showing offline. I'm sure there is a way to fix this looking into this now.
  2. Hi Eric Matyas, Thank you so much for sharing! Keep up the amazing work.
  3. Hi placido, Your biggest factor will be the upload speed your server produces, also one thing a lot of people forget to understand is that most ISP service providers share your internet with everyone around you so there will be moments like during the peek times, that your server connection will be crappy unless you have a dedicated server or one from jcsnider. Keep in mind the average player uses anywhere between 1.5-4.5kb of download speed, there is 1,000kp in 1mb. I used to host Minecraft server and each player was using about 1.5-2mb easily. First thing I would suggest is checking your true internet speed with a speed checker, than like Dashplant said remove all unnecessary things from your server and try to overclock your processor if possible, without causing any over heat. If you are new to the world of computers however, easiest thing to do is renting one from jcsnider here. Also, now days 2gb memory is nothing heck, Windows 7 and Windows 10 alone from the factory box, eat about that much in memory lol. Like Ainz Ooal Gown said, also you should use Solid State Drives (SSD) hard drives, which will help with how fast your computer transfers data back and forth. From my experience and the many years of hosting different games, and using different computers and different operating systems, my favorite by far is Centos 7 which is a Linux based system.
  4. Sup the bunny gamer, The migration tool is used to migrate your current non mysql to mysql.
  5. Congratulations panda! Keep up the amazing work guys
  6. Hi Mighty Professional, Very interesting project you have going on would like to see the result once its available to the public. Good luck bro! Not sure if you already fixed your server audio issue, or if this link is even useful as I don't use nor am I too familiar with Unity but maybe this might help you. https://answers.unity.com/questions/1113530/any-way-to-disable-log-message-there-are-no-audio.html Take care
  7. Really appreciate the complete dedication and the hard work you put into improving this engine. I will happily donate soon to this community, thank you!
  8. Wow, very nice bro! If I may suggest a few things. I would suggest also using classes with levels so that each class will allow access to different weapons based on the level the players are on, also maybe consider rewarding players specific health, mana, and maybe even increasing bosses health damage based on the players class and level their in, it would be cool too to add server permissions like moderator, and limited server admin based on class and players level.
  9. Hi Worldofjimmy, Like, Ariusll said you will first need to install your favorite choice of web server either wamp or xampp, depending on your operating system wamp may not always work. In my case Xampp worked perfect for me. Than you will need to open MyPHPadmin and create the three databases like Ariusll said. the three database are playerdata , worlddata , and websitedata Xampp at first might ask to create a table for each database that's fine just use the same name as the database that's what I did and it worked for me. Than load your Intersect server if loading from the same computer you can leave the default ip address as I personally changed mine to localhost doesn't really matter I am just OCD about stuff like that. on the Intersect server type "migrate" without the quotation marks than follow the prompts, at this point you should have your user name and password to the mysql ready, if the connection was successful it will say it and than ask to hit a key to close you will have to reopen your Intersect server and do this all again for the playerdata, remember gameworld will be connected to the worlddata database. Hope this helps let me know if you have any questions. Make sure to read my last post if you see the "Try to connect at WebSite DataBase impossible." error message.
  10. Hello, First of all would like to shout out to Ariusll, thank you so much for this code it's so awesome! After reading and following your instructions I kept getting an error when trying to load the website, I quickly noticed a minor error in the config file and wanted to help and bring this to your attention and show new users how to get the website working if they run into the same issue as I did. in the config file located in the /inc folder look for the following line. $db_web = "websitdata"; // Put the correct DataBase Name of the < WebSite >, Default : websitedata. and change websitdata to websitedata that's it. Looks like the letter "e" was missing, Ariusll if you could fix this from the download .rar file that would be even better however, since it really is a minor error not sure if it's worth your time to change that when the users can do it. anyways, thanks again! Side Note: I will be playing with the website and see if I can possibly add bootstrap into this project.
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