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  1. panda's post in Upgrading to 0.7.2 let the console and editor say it's on was marked as the answer   
    @Artheios v0.7.2-beta.2 had a bad workflow file, which worked fine when it was on my personal repo testing it due to bad cache-related configuration.

    I have since fixed the workflow and v0.7.2-beta.7 has the full downloads, but... they report the wrong version.

    This is because of the build caching, where it actually skips recompiling the binaries if nothing changes but the build number is based on the actual GitHub run. Before publishing build #7, I ran it once to verify that everything worked correctly in debug mode (it does not publish anything) and so since nothing actually changed between the two, it did not recompile to change the binary number.

    I think that this probably also applied to when I bumped the version from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2, because I didn't actually modify a .cs file to do that, it was a change in a .props file.

    Until we have another build that actually changes code however, the binaries will not actually recompile and so the version number won't change -- that said, v0.7.2-beta.7 does contain updated binaries, so you can use that in the interim, let me know if you find any more problems in that. I will see what I can do to make the release information match the binary numbers but that may take a few days.
  2. panda's post in Resizing Character and Zoom to 16 x 16 was marked as the answer   
    Currently we do not have the ability to zoom the camera, so at least until it is something that can be done the recommendation is to just make 16x16 sprites, and then scale up to your desired "zoom" level (don't delete the 16x16 originals though! Zoom is something we want to support but we have not had the time to address it and nobody who has attempted it has succeeded to my knowledge).
  3. panda's post in Auto-Updater was marked as the answer   
    Update on this situation:

    Wix cannot be used with Intersect's updater system. This is because it disallows uploading .json (which is the format the update manifest is stored in), and .exe (which is the client file format).

    A video walk-through and text instructions have been added to the official documentation:
  4. panda's post in [v0.7.1.84-beta - v0.7.1.116-beta] Server crash - Received unhandled exception from System.Threading.Thread. was marked as the answer   
    This should be resolved in v0.7.1.117-beta
  5. panda's post in Sprite Cast Anim was marked as the answer   
    "Sprite Cast Anim" is an override for the player sprite added in PR#1347. The gist is that if you have a sprite called "base-male.png" you add "base-male_cast.png" in the same directory as "base-male.png" and it will be an allowed override for the player sprite itself when they are casting.
  6. panda's post in GUI Questions was marked as the answer   
    The generic UI art is in default-skin.png and intersect-2021.png, from the screenshot it looks like you are using the intersect-2021 skin.

    MenuWindow affects only the menu window, for the non-generic windows they each have their own layout files:

  7. panda's post in Editor Crash on Guild Variables was marked as the answer   
    There is a bug fix for inputs that may be related to #1455 merged and present in which is currently building. Please test with or later once available, especially @Ainz Ooal Gown (who I imagine is RecoStar on Github).
  8. panda's post in Chatbox question was marked as the answer   
    The chat tab buttons are right below the section you modified.

  9. panda's post in Chatbox question was marked as the answer   
    The chat tab buttons are right below the section you modified.

  10. panda's post in Walking animation pauses for seemless maps was marked as the answer   
    So talking with the other developers, it's been there for as long as anyone can remember, but they're surprised that it's as obvious as it is in your video especially on local (your server is on the same computer as the clients, right?).

    One other question -- do you happen to be using tiles that are larger than 32x32? This also occurs on the smaller tile sizes but we're wondering if it's more obvious on larger tiles. You don't have to make your tiles smaller if that's the case (since it'll happen either way) but since it's been there for so long I also can't promise that we are going to figure out a fix for it any time soon (that said it will likely be fixed eventually as I carve out and rewrite more parts of the engine, it just won't be soon because I have so much on my plate).
  11. panda's post in Compiling the Source into a final release structure. was marked as the answer   
    You should write a script that uses MSBuild to build the project and copies the binaries and assets to where you want, and you should specifically build it with "/p:Configuration=Release". Google will be your friend.
    As everyone has different desires, environments, and assets, we don't have a prepared script or anything like that to hand out.
  12. panda's post in Rebranding the Client? was marked as the answer   
    For future reference, questions like this belong in the Intersect-specific Q&A section, not the non-Intersect General Discussion section.

    Client configuration is covered by our documentation, as is distribution of your game. Parts of your question are also covered by the server configuration, also covered in our documentation.

    MacOS support (at least for Intel-based systems) is covered by the cross-platform compatibility section in the documentation via Mono (installed separately). For Apple silicon (M1 devices), support is more limited, and if you can get Mono running then that can still be used to run Intersect.

    Mobile devices are not currently supported, and we have no mobile builds at this time. It should be assumed that it is not on the roadmap.

    If you want to customize the client icon (changing the name is just renaming the file), you need to compile the engine from source (recommended), or use Resource Hacker (not recommended).
  13. panda's post in Announcement was marked as the answer   
    Try writing "your message in quotes".
  14. panda's post in Unable to select Mysql connection was marked as the answer   
    Try shutting down the MySQL server and installing the latest MariaDB and seeing if you can reproduce this issue.
  15. panda's post in Current BGM music file format / type was marked as the answer   
    We only support OGG-Vorbis, this will not change.
  16. panda's post in Construction mode for the type was marked as the answer   
    The exception is rather self explanatory: your packet class doesn't have a parameterless constructor.

    You either need to provide one, or you need to follow Ceras' documentation for using custom constructors.

    All of the non-abstract packets in Intersect provide parameterless constructors so we have not done anything like this.
  17. panda's post in How can i edit the username criteria in intersect login? was marked as the answer   
    This question is effectively a duplicate of this post which you also commented on and I already answered:
  18. panda's post in Add symbols to player name was marked as the answer   
    Username/character names were already up to 24 characters, and names have to match FieldChecking.PATTERN_USERNAME.

    Change that pattern (or the method that calls it) to allow other characters or longer names.
  19. panda's post in Remove 800x600 support was marked as the answer   
    Remove them from MonoRenderer.
  20. panda's post in Fixed resolution was marked as the answer   
    It's not possible, on purpose.
    Wait for source.
  21. panda's post in Direction Blocks? was marked as the answer   
  22. panda's post in Event that doesn't exist still appearing? was marked as the answer   
    If you want, you can send me your Game DB file and I can go find it for you... but it definitely still exists if it's being loaded.
  23. panda's post in Intersect Editor CPU 100% was marked as the answer   
    tl;dr: Yes it is normal.

    The editor runs a tight-loop just like the client because it's always using 1 full thread to handle rendering, content management and network logic.

    Any actively rendered game will always use at least one full core.

    It is using 100% of 1 CPU (or more specifically it's using 100% of 1 core) but you're on a 6-core CPU so it's only using 16% (which is why your utilization is at 20% instead of 100%).
  24. panda's post in ID Database players, NPC, items was marked as the answer   
    There is nothing wrong with the IDs, they are stored in their binary form. Use a hex viewer if you really need to read them (I don't see why you would need to).
  25. panda's post in Character regions for vietnamese was marked as the answer   
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