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  1. is there any way to do when you die drop all your items?
  2. Do you have any idea where I find the source code?
  3. I try to add a new Entity Animation that tries to collect objects "_grab" is there any way to do it?
  4. I'm trying to take a screenshot of my game but every time I try, the image appears blank, please help me.
  5. Niko, do you have some way to move the gui easil because when I put them in the game appear wrong.
  6. I'm creating a game and every time I try to create a "Gui" things get bad, if someone has a program to create a gui easily, please pass it on to me
  7. I was looking in the forum and I found this, in case one works for you. about Walking, Running, they will put it in the future version 6.2 (which is still in Beta).
  8. 1. Walk, run, idle. in Rpg Maker MV there is that system and I would like you to implement it here 2.Diagonal movement The system has a part where you can launch projectiles diagonally but the character cannot move diagonally. I would like to implement that in a next version of the game. 3.Sound of the steps, I would like you to put this because it would be very good to hear it when you walk
  9. cuando pongo un character de otro juego en intersect engine se ve muy mal y quería saber si existe una manera que se pueda adaptar el character a intersect enginer me ayudarían mucho si me dijeran
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