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  1. Arcwyre Save Arcwyre!

    I'm also going have to agree with the other two. P.S. My donation doesn't need to be used on Arcwyre if you need the money for something else, which is kind of why I said what I said in the PayPal note.
  2. Arcwyre Save Arcwyre!

    I mean the reason is given my reputation, if I'm caught donating it might inadvertently dissuade others from donating if they think "oh Panda is donating, the goal will probably be met and then some even without my help". I'm fine being mentioned after the fact but I want Arcwyre's fanbase to help Arcwyre first, and me just provide a helpful boost on top of that, for both Azi's and the players' sake. :|
  3. Arcwyre Save Arcwyre!

    I said not to mention me...
  4. AGD Gaming Nights

    @MCADAMS oi quincy we need'em invites
  5. Runescape 3

  6. Broken "Heal" spell

    I'll take a look in the source code later today.
  7. Runescape 3

    I've only been talking about how I've been playing Runescape for the last couple of weeks in chat... >:|
  8. Runescape 3

    I didn't log in on that either I just typed in my user name.
  9. Runescape 3

    I didn't, I went to the website
  10. Runescape 3

    Why didn't you post your stats
  11. Where can i change keys?

    @jcsnider Will need to answer that one, I don't know how he implemented it.
  12. Music Format

    Unfortunately lossless is significantly larger.
  13. Where can i change keys?

    It's in the settings menu (gear icon). Attack is also bound to E by default.
  14. Notification AGD

  15. Toxic guide to forking and getting forked

    I thought this was about git. You disappoint me toothpaste.