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  1. They look real nice! Keep it up.
  2. A delete account button would be far more efficient and easier than manually deleting an account. But then again, the developer of the application makes those choices <3
  3. Looks really pretty owo
  4. You can use variables or switches.
  5. It looks oddly similar to a startbootstrap theme I've seen before? Nonetheless. Good Job, looking slick
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Well, PM me?
  8. Yeah, I do like the Orion Skill system
  9. Would be similar yes, But I'll just wait for intersect source
  10. For example. A mining System A herbal System Fishing System. Once the player "interacts" with the resource they will gain EXP. Thus will allow them to level up the desired skill they are training. But, I'll cancel this. Just going to wait for source to come out. Then I'll stick it in
  11. Looking for someone to implement a skill system into my VB6 Project. Can/Will be a paid job!
  12. That actually looks awesome.
  13. Did you download the source code from github?
  14. They are both very stable engines.
  15. Well, before getting 50 players. The game must be outstanding for obvious reasons. However each engine has it's perks. Intersect is a smoother engine with less bugs. It's a really nice engine to work in, however Orion is a good base engine with a few extra features alongside the source code. Whereas the Intersect source code hasn't been released yet. So both engines are fairly balanced. However, Imo you should go to the engine that has the features that interests you more.