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  1. You'd need to wait for the source code + You'd need to edit the classes to give points when you level up.
  2. The intro was very unique. I liked it
  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Just a basic converter I put together to just change a file format. I had to set this up for myself so yeah. Nothing fancy. Probably loads online. If you have any issues then please let me know, thank you.
  4. Unity Support isn't yet possible. I don't think.
  5. Pre-Release

    Well, this looks awesome.
  6. No. You will need to port your own graphics if you plan on letting other people play it. RPGMaker Graphics cannot be used.
  7. WIP

    Of course haha. It's a very neat way of doing it. Well done
  8. WIP

    So your own format?
  9. WIP

    So you encrypted it yourself? That's pretty good. I like the art style also!
  10. WIP

    Good luck with your project.
  11. Will take a look, cheers. Edit, same error.
  12. Right, not sure if this goes here or not. But compiling was fine yesterday as well as me adding code to my project. However, Now I get this? Any ideas?
  13. The UI is beautiful.
  14. It has to be removed.
  15. Info

    I personally use the Bootstrap framework. You can create something basic like this in minutes.. Use this to get started: