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  1. Triangle

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    I don't know yet if things like mining and woodcutting will have levels tied to them, but they probably won't because games like run escape make me want to die and I don't really want to balance an anti-grind. Right now it's just based on your tools and character level...
  2. Triangle

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

  3. Triangle

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    idk mapping takes forever, have a preview in the meantime: ...I was just like "wow I need dirt...BUCKET TOOL!!!" I mean that's basically all I did with the water too, lol I figure I can just make it look nicer later if I'm really feelin' it some other day...for now being lazy about it fits in better with my goal of having something playable by the end of the year.
  4. Triangle

    StalysRex's Resources

    IDK, looks like moss to me. I like them! Looking forward to seeing your other stuff.
  5. Triangle

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    HELLO HAVE SOME BEANS THAT'S EIGHT BEANS FOR THE PRICE OF ZERO WHO NEEDS GOBLINS OR ORCS WHEN YOU CAN HAVE BEANS not every enemy in the game will be a bean ok??? calm down working on about 100 billion maps now, dunno when those will be done that covers like one biome, not counting interiors...
  6. Triangle

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    Been busy as heckaroo, work, family, things, y'know... I got this though: It's not much, but hopefully I'll have a bit more free time in a few months.
  7. Triangle

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    Have some interiors: There's still detail missing, but...well, I'll do it eventually. Making lots of oddly specific tiles I'll probably only use once takes a lot out of me, but I think it's worth it. I don't know why there's a soda machine in the bank. I just thought it would be fun to have one somewhere, lol.
  8. Triangle

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    Paperdoll stuff: There's a couple other weapons that aren't interesting enough to show off on their own... Full sewer map: It might get some kind of higher-level expansion at a later date, but it's not worth thinking about at the moment. I really need to make tiles for the building interiors, but just thinking about it makes me want to projectile vomit across the room.
  9. Triangle

    Fire Red Randomized Nuzlocke

    Only the good die young.
  10. Triangle

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    idk have a thing. Trying to get stuff done in-between irl work stuff, lol. Not done mapping yet, but most of the tiles are done at least...not sure what I'm doing with nessie there at the moment, I just typed random values in and stuck it in the map to show off. If you try to cheese it at range, it shoots 20 billion projectiles into your face until you regret all of your life decisions. It probably won't stay that way. Also, there's a homeless guy camping out somewhere, but he didn't make it into the screenshot. I used to play KoL a lot, so it probably influenced my sense of humor a lot. The primary inspiration for the game came from this stupid little game maker mmo-type-thing with stick figures that ultimately never went anywhere (as far as I'm aware) that I played for awhile when I was like 14. I thought it was neat and wanted to make something like it. But the concept has changed a lot since then, so...
  11. Triangle

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    I'd love to release it sooner rather than later, but it took me two months just to put together what I have here. I'm just being realistic, lol. I guess my new years resolution wasn't very realistic then...but it helps to keep me working, so I guess it's ok? I don't know if I'd say that I'm shooting for a particular aesthetic, but it's something like that I guess. It's more like I just go with whatever makes me smile more at the moment? Beats me. The assets are intentionally simplistic though, otherwise you'd be waiting until 3085 instead.
  12. I had this dumb XW project (back when that was a thing lol) that was stick figures running around in a land made out of my really bad ms paint artwork because I'm the worst artist ever and have no talent. I doubt anyone knows what I'm talking about, but that's okay, because it barely matters. So I've been keeping tabs on intersect, because it's COOL...and practicing spriting so I can make sprites that don't cause people to vomit blood upon viewing them (I don't think that counts as good, but it's better than nothing I guess), and I made the mistake of making my new years resolution for 2019 to be "actually make something playable (not good, or fun, or complete, just playable)" so here I am making...a dumb project that's stick figures running around in a land made out of my sorta-still-bad aseprite artwork. Also writing offensively long sentences that don't follow proper grammar conventions. But yeah. I'm sticking this here since there's very little actually tangible 'game' to speak of yet, and I don't want people thinking I actually know what the heck I'm even doing. So this is Realm of Gourd - REBIRTH...because that's how Korean mmo naming conventions work and I want to play with the cool kids. You play as one of these goofy little dudes: They can wear funny hats and beat the crap out of each-other with inanimate objects. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Every good mmo needs classes (not really). We have those! Four main job options: Hero - A standard melee dude (cool scarf sold separately). Trailblazer - Blazes trails (whatever that means), also ranged weaponry. Treasure Hunter - Super edgy DOOAL WEIULD!!!1! boi (or grill). Alchemist - Makes things explode (aka magic) Alchemists manufacture their abilities by crafting spells out of runes WOW!! I only have two actual significant portions of world actually mapped so far (but nothing is explicitly set in stone yet). Here they are. Very Mandatory, Overly Patronizing, 100% Forced Tutorial Area: Starting Town Area Place: So basically, it's a game where you do stuff and things. There's not really a plot. Nobody pays attention to mmo plots anyway, lol. Don't have anything else to add at the moment. Hopefully there will be at least one person on the planet that's looking forward to it when the game releases in 2085.