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  1. hey wow, here's a stick figure with fabulous hair:



  2. VX/VXA's RTP uses 32x32, MV's is 48x48(?), I THINK XP is 32x48 but it's been a long time, RM2k/3 is something like 24x32. The later versions allow you to use larger sprite sizes though in pretty much the same way you can do it with Intersect.
  3. I'm sure everyone forgot I was working on a dumb stick figure game because I only post like once a century, so here you go I guess. I did this after work. The extra animation frames are great, but it also means a crapload more work for me, lol. IDK, you can have this random screenshot I had laying around because I'm too lazy to actually give proper updates on anything I do. Ok see you in another year bye.
  4. Ah, yeah, I went and tried it and it works for the text boxes, huh... I was trying to get it to fit properly in PlayerBox.json though, guess I should have been a little more specific. I can change the bounds of the container that holds the image, but it doesn't seem to change the size of the image itself, which stays firmly locked at 64x64 regardless of how small or large you make the container. I couldn't find a way to change the dimensions of the image itself.
  5. Is there a way to change the maximum size for face sprites on the GUI? The bounds of the container doesn't seem to set the actual size of the sprite, and I don't see any way to modify the bounds of the sprite itself, and it gets squished back down to 64x64 if the image is larger than that. Not sure if I'm just stupid and I should be looking somewhere else, or if it's just a hardcoded size limit. I can just change it later if it is, so it's no biggie, just wondering.
  6. why is this still a thing new beta means new gui means I have to screw with it obviously I slapped this together quick just to figure it out, but I like it so it'll probably stay that way more or less most of the inventory sprites are still random placeholders, lol I put an extra box there because there was room, and I might want to add a luck stat or something when the source becomes available, might as well future-proof it right (of course I might end up changing the stats completely so lol...) Now that's a really friggin' lazy looking update considering how long it's been, so here's some bonuses she likes apples, ok??? idk, random guns I made (but then there's slingshots?) now you can get drunk...wait where did the bartender go? Stuff not pictured: caves, other maps I never took screenshots of, some other random paperdoll and inventory sprites, a lot of random "hey the engine got updates lets find a way to forcibly use the new features for no reason" things, etc... I'm pretty busy lately so it's slow going, but it is still going.
  7. I don't know yet if things like mining and woodcutting will have levels tied to them, but they probably won't because games like run escape make me want to die and I don't really want to balance an anti-grind. Right now it's just based on your tools and character level...
  9. idk mapping takes forever, have a preview in the meantime: ...I was just like "wow I need dirt...BUCKET TOOL!!!" I mean that's basically all I did with the water too, lol I figure I can just make it look nicer later if I'm really feelin' it some other day...for now being lazy about it fits in better with my goal of having something playable by the end of the year.
  10. IDK, looks like moss to me. I like them! Looking forward to seeing your other stuff.
  11. HELLO HAVE SOME BEANS THAT'S EIGHT BEANS FOR THE PRICE OF ZERO WHO NEEDS GOBLINS OR ORCS WHEN YOU CAN HAVE BEANS not every enemy in the game will be a bean ok??? calm down working on about 100 billion maps now, dunno when those will be done that covers like one biome, not counting interiors...
  12. Been busy as heckaroo, work, family, things, y'know... I got this though: It's not much, but hopefully I'll have a bit more free time in a few months.
  13. Been busy with irl stuff (work, car, etc.) so I didn't get much done this week have some random enemy sprites (all humanoid accessories are available to players as well though): and some inventory sprites I threw together: I have to do a bunch of stupid stuff for the next couple of weeks, so I dunno when you're getting more.
  14. Have some interiors: There's still detail missing, but...well, I'll do it eventually. Making lots of oddly specific tiles I'll probably only use once takes a lot out of me, but I think it's worth it. I don't know why there's a soda machine in the bank. I just thought it would be fun to have one somewhere, lol.
  15. Paperdoll stuff: There's a couple other weapons that aren't interesting enough to show off on their own... Full sewer map: It might get some kind of higher-level expansion at a later date, but it's not worth thinking about at the moment. I really need to make tiles for the building interiors, but just thinking about it makes me want to projectile vomit across the room.
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