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  1. Concept: Realm of shadows (name subject to change) is 2d MMORPG set in the medieval fantasy era with wizards, knights, and other fantasy creatures.The game focuses heavily on PVP, PVM, and skilling. The world is being cursed by an evil magic causing deep shadows to submerge over the lands.players set out in the open world completing quests, slaying monsters and exploring the shadow in hopes of stopping this madness, it will take a lot of will power to not let the evil that dwells within control you. The game is being developed using Intersect, Currently we are a team of 4 with one trial member. Solobergy aka. Boltz - I am the writer and developer. I do the mapping and some of the artwork Airrider and Future hero - They take care of 90% of the art like animations, armors etc. PnumaticLlama - Trial Member - Photoshop guy Shadow - Discord moderator. he also handles anything drawing related, an example of his work features/gameplay: Below is a list of features I hope to include in the game throughout the growth of this project if not added already. -full character customization: change complexion, hair, eyes. -paper dolls: Each item has its own paper doll allowing players to mismatch different items. our items and styles are 100% unique. -Open world PVP: this comes with an infamy/jail system to prevent players from pking to much in none shadowed areas. -Beautiful and 100% unique animations. -Skilling: I am trying to make skilling worthwhile for players who do not like PVP/PVM so much. skills will include, mining/smithing, woodcutting, fishing, etc. -Mini-games/raids. -Pets. -PVP arena. -Questing system with daily, repeatable, side and primary quests. -Unique class system: there isn't really a class system, players can obtain new spells as monster drops and quest rewards allowing them to learn and forget spells at any time. players can miss match armors and weapons to create a combat style they enjoy. eventually, players will have the option to choose a specific magic type to pursue which will give them access to different spells depending on which style they choose. The game is community driven, I want everyone to feel like there opinion matters, one of the things we do to encourage community interaction is allowing players to submit weapon ideas for a chance to get them accepted into game. players send us drawings of weapons they imagine and we turn them into pixel art and the community votes! here is my personal favorites from the first rounds winners. https://discord.gg/Cdfv9HD Come Join the fun!
  2. Im not sure if i was supposed to use concept as my prefix but i really wanted to show this off . this was done by one of my moderators for our closed alpha which is coming up shortly! the slime king is going to be one of the first team bosses in the game
  3. XD il keep that in mind but i try to keep them busy
  4. Glad We could be of inspiration! show me what you come up with! <3
  5. For now I don't plan on releasing anything. that being said once my game goes live we have alot of animations and other sprites we have made and are not using so i will gladly upload those :D.
  6. Haven't posted anything in a while! Here are some animations that my artists have been working on for our game! I hope you guys like them! Please leave any feeback <3
  7. Woah! Well done man! I'm glad me and my team could help with the inspiration for your armor set! My team has been working hard on our Custom Map tiles and once we have something to show il post it for you to see! amazing work!
  8. Hey everyone thanks for the constructive feedback! I'm pleased to see this community is not toxic but rather pleasant and helpful! I've spoken to my team of artists and we will be working on custom tilesets starting in the near future and will post anything we feel you guys might find useful or get ideas from! Kibblez I hope to see something like this in Nightmare! I haven't been on in ages as I left the wrong discord a while back XD nobody answered my PMS sadly
  9. Thank you for your feedback! may I ask what is mixels? or was it pixels but typo
  10. *Dragons Must be included In every Rpg* -FutureHero Here is the new dragon armor we have ready for our project!
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