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  1. I stop my game develop, so i decide to put my graphics for sell, for a little contribution. pm if any is interesting on it. i have done: basic sprites and papperdolls base characters hairs armors weapons outdoor tiles indoor tiles sprites are in 16x16 format but i can rescale to 32x32 examples
  2. any know a way to encrypt/protect your sprites?  

  3. no, just advance ones. or talking npc, a simple slime dont need a extra actions i think. am looking too for a event npc but is not possible right now
  4. you can make an event with move route and make a sound. meaby a global event
  5. hi jcs what do you think about create a oficial game jam by tematics? thats could be positive for the comunity and designers can take a break from his projects to participace, maybe some one patrocinate the jam

  6. i will try this, sure event sistem is a creative way to do everything. the problem is (2) you dont have a way to interact with an npc to action a craft table
  7. i looking for this too. take an example. you summon a npc (with a campfire sprite) so when you talk (action buttom) open a craft station (for cook) events tiles dont let you open events in any place. other example you can summon fortifications tiles, chess that open bank hidden in the forest, and etc of possibilities
  8. with screen shot make it more dificult.... almost.... pack textures not convencing me, but is an option. thanks
  9. hi, exist a way to encript or protect your sprites/tilesets to prevent get stolen???
  10. try to use the same color pallete of sprites in your weapons with gale is easy. look good
  11. thanks. i try to use 3 tones of every color to reduce the color mesh
  12. yeah are 16x16 but i reescale in paint to fit here xD, but you are rigth trees need rework
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