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  1. Hello ! I have work on some map recently and i want to share them with u to have some advices because it can help me to progress... So there is three map with the DBZ LOG and Buu's fury style : First : Second : And the third : So i will post other creations later, have a good day
  2. Aiden9

    Today I did this on my project...

    This is the map i finish today, can you give me an advice ? (Thanks to Kibbelz for the help on the tileset..)
  3. Aiden9

    Today I did this on my project...

    Yes your right but i have to use some elements of the real game?
  4. Aiden9

    Today I did this on my project...

    Today i have work on a Pokemon Dungeon mystery Tiles, it look like this : I've also work on Pokemon Detection to enter into the guild, the pokemon who should recognize footprint is Taupiqueur(In french :D) First : This is : Pokemon detected ! Pokemon detected ! Next : It say : Who owns thefootprint ? Who owns thefootprint ? Next : It's Aiden's footprint ! It's Aiden's footprint ! Then if you have realised the first quest, this allows you to enter into the guild : To finish, I have created 2 new stand : "Kangourex" is a storage for your objects.
  5. Hello, I’m news on Intersect Forum, I have already expect to create a game with a french engine called « FRoG Creator ». Today i’m back but i can’t choose between two projects : One based on Pokemon Dungeon Mystery and another based on’ dragon ball z (Legacy of Goku & Buu’s fury) and i ask you the question, which project can be better ? Thanks youuu if u can help me (sorry if my english is wrong, i’ m pure french)
  6. Aiden9