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  1. Hey Aiden, I liked the tiles that you made and I wanted to have your discord to be able to discuss with you.

  2. Oh thank you I didn't see
  3. I will probably look idiot but i can't find a download link for B5.x version...
  4. Thank you, i will try right now.
  5. Hello, I just try to upgrade my game who is under Intersect 4.8.1 to B6 but it doesnt work. Did the 4.8.1 is too old or i am doing wrong? Thank for you answer EDIT: i just want to transfer all my maps.
  6. Hello ! I want to work on a DBZ Project. Which engine is the best for ? I want to work with Orion or Intersect. Have a good day.
  7. Hey, i just see your work, it look very cool, but when i log and i want to use a character, the client crash. PS: Keep working like you do, i want to start a project on this engine because the 8 directionnal movement look incredible PS²: sorry for my bad english, i'm french...
  8. Hello, i'm playing DOKKAN BATTLE for a long time, if you want to i share all my card for you here tell me.
  9. Je trouve par exemple que Kecleon et Xatu vont bien, mais Bekipan pas du tout par exemple.
  10. D'accord, c'est juste que je trouve que les décors de PKMN DM s'intègrent mal, sinon je trouve tes maps très jolies, de + je trouve que le mélange d'éléments de PKMN DM 1 et du 2 ne s'accordent pas trop. Vu que je suis le premier à le dire, ça doit surement venir de moi.
  11. Salut ! Je trouve ton projet très intéressant, sur quel engine travailles-tu ? En revanche je trouve que le mélange Breeze et Pokémon DM ne colle pas trop. Bon courage pour la suite du dev !
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