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  1. RPG Maker XP, that is. I recommend using any tileset as a placeholder, than make the decision later. At the best, you can make your own sprites, but it is hard to do so without proper art // pixel art knowledge.
  2. Title says it all. Making a Zelda-like experience, so its kinda annoying when you release, and it keeps moving.
  3. Wait. What engine are you guys actually using?
  4. I just installed Arc Engine on a VXA-OS project, but so far, VXA-OS is interfering with the platform movement of Arc Engine. It just uses the default movement. Is there any way to change this?
  5. I know for a fact, Arc Engine broke the barriers of platforming in RPG Maker. So I wonder if someone can make something similar in Intersect.
  6. I was excited with Pixel Game Maker at some point, but I just realized that it was a cash grab. I liked IG Maker tho.
  7. Ah, how will you make it? I have never seen a turn based battle system in Intersect. I would usually assume you would use eventing or scripting in some way in this case.
  8. If this is a Pokemon game in an ABS based engine, how will the BS work?
  9. HALLELUJAH! Finally found something like this! I know it is possible with MV, with Nelderson and Alpha NET, but I never knew VXA could do it.
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