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Found 13 results

  1. JOIN THE CLOSED-ALPHA TEST: Discord / Download : https://discord.gg/Gbgxvdy5FR Closed Alpha (Phase 2) Begins Nov. 18th 2022! FEATURES
  2. STORY Gods are preparing for war. They are created a world for train his warriors. This world's name is Jaethoria. Jaethoria have two kingdoms. Juthenia and Undratheia. Be a warrior and join to war become a legend... (In future could be game have more than four classes) CLASSES Warrior Hunter Magician Priest FEATURES PVP Guild vs. Guild with ladder. Nation PvP with ladder. Nation Wars Arena PVE Open World Dungeons World Bosses Mini Bosses Quests Expanded Resource & Craft System (Open Alpha Date is 05.04.2022) Download & Play
  3. English Version The Walking 2D is to relive the apocalyptic story of "The Walking Dead" and living the experience of survival against zombies who have taken control of the city. But it does not stop there, the game will offer you a side story thanks to the different quests that will be available depending on your playing experience, you will also have to face clans that have only one goal, to survive like you Zombies and clans won't be the only dangerous ones in the world of The Walking 2D, terrifying creatures guard specific areas with treasures in store. Your friends can also become your worst enemies with the integrated PvP system, will you manage to get these hidden treasures with your friends without being betrayed? The Walking 2D is a 2D-style mmorpg as its title suggests, you can chat in a chat, invite your friends in a group. Defeat these zombies and create your team to make you the master of survival ! French Version The Walking 2D, c'est revivre l'histoire apocalyptique de "The walking Dead" et vivre l'expérience de la survie face à des zombies qui ont pris le contrôle de la ville. Mais cela ne s'arrête pas là, le jeu va vous proposer une histoire annexe grâce aux différentes quêtes qui seront disponibles en fonction de votre expérience de jeu, vous aurez également à affronter des clans qui n'ont qu'un seul but, survivre comme vous Les zombies et les clans ne seront pas les seuls danger dans le monde de The Walking 2D, de terrifiantes créatures garde des zones spécifiques avec des trésors à la clés. Vos amies pourront également devenir vos pires ennemies avec le système de PvP intégré, parviendrez vous à obtenir ces trésors cachés avec vos amies sans vous faire trahir ? The Walking 2D est un mmorpg façon 2D comme son titre l'indique, vous pourrez discuter dans un chat, invité en groupe vos amies. Venez a bout de ces zombies et crée votre équipe pour faire de vous le maître de la survie ! The game is available in closed alpha through game key, it's key is given only through our discord and after opening a ticket to request the key. The game is only available in French Screenshot : Links : Website : https://www.thewalking2d.fr/ Discord : https://discord.gg/Y7EQ9RZKbu GameJolt Page : https://gamejolt.com/games/thewalking2d/607688
  4. Hello everyone! I present to you the closed tester sign up form. This form will remain up until Friday June 18th. If you are selected, be on the look out Friday afternoon for your steam key that will allow you to download Ambardia and begin testing. We look forward to seeing you there! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeR0rHJko09PmskupSUsVj_fwLu4l0jZOg3e5SraC7op8VWPg/viewform?usp=sf_link
  5. Game development can be very exciting, especially at the very beginning, when you have a lot of ideas and it depends only on your imagination in which direction the development will go. You can choose only one path and then you will most likely never realize all the others. This choice I had to make when I thought about the development of the plot in the second part of the game Chronicles of cyberpunk (here is the first part), which has been in development for over three and a half years. Steam link Engine change The first game was made with Unity. This engine, due to its simplicity, allowed me to master the basics of game development and in three years I made the first game. But at the same time I was playing with the Unreal Engine, I was very attracted by the visual programming system, the opportunity to improve my knowledge of C ++ and a large number of possibilities, which would probably repel me if I did the first game on it. The second game I make on it and because of the change of the engine I could not use the developments from the first game, and it took a lot of time to create them. After the release, I wanted to make a third game on CryEngine, but changed my mind. It is better to stay on UE4, use the developments from the second game, improve and supplement them, and I no longer need to start from scratch, which means the third game will be released faster and will be of better quality. Sometimes you just want to create something, but you have to watch video tutorials and read the documentation for months. And you can't do anything about it, even though you crack. As much as you would like to create the game of your dreams, you first need to go through a long training. Plot The world of the game is a mysterious place representing a city built around a large endless wall. We need to find out what this place is, what Big Brother and the Supercomputer want from us, and most importantly, who we really are. We do not always understand the purpose of our stay here, but we feel that we are being manipulated in order to achieve our goal. Perhaps everything is not what it seems to us at first glance. Each side character here has its own story - tragic or comic, which develops as the story progresses. The world of the game is changing, people disappear. Who is behind this? The answer is before our eyes. Implementation of ideas I believe that game development is one of the best ways to realize your creativity, because here you can be a screenwriter, artist, animator and creator of entire worlds. You can recreate real places from life or your dreams. Sometimes I dream about something, I wake up, write it all down, and then add it to the game. It's so strange to run around these places later. But the coolest thing is when, at the beginning of the development, you have a bunch of unrelated ideas that you have been writing down for years on paper, and here you sit and think how to combine all this into a coherent game, where everything is logically justified. I divide ideas into locations and plot. By the beginning of development, I already have a whole library of images with screenshots from films / games, with works of artists from atrstation and something drawn by me. I divide all this into categories: the upper city, dungeons, roofs, etc., and then I draw a map, where I arrange the key objects for the plot. And then I start modeling. When the main locations are ready, I add houses, pipes, trash cans and many other details around them to make the world look more authentic. And then I write the plot, because it's easier to do when you see where the action will unfold, and not when it's something abstract in your head. And it is always very interesting to look at the final result - on the one hand, it is not as cool as you imagined in your head, and on the other hand, it is more elaborate with a bunch of different interesting things that you came up with and added already during development. The most interesting ideas come between the middle and the end of development, because by this moment you already have something looming and you are spinning it in your head every day. It is also interesting that as soon as you have implemented an idea, it leaves your head and does not come back, so I also clear my thoughts thanks to the development of games. Inspiration As soon as you start creating something, your life changes. If before I had an interesting idea, I thought about it for a while and then stopped thinking, now I know that I can add it to the game. And now, while watching a movie or playing a game, I sit and take screenshots with interesting locations (the result is below), and at artstaion I can freeze for several hours. I do not want to copy other people's ideas, but they can inspire me to my own ideas, although there is still a share of copying. Motivation Every day I try to make some tangible non-scheduling change that can be committed to github. If you have not done anything, then the next day you need to commit retroactively so that the square on the diagram is painted green. It motivates to work every day. Last year I found a new job and had to study a lot, so there was no time to play, but now I work again every day. Three times when everything was ready First, in a year I made the world of the game, which I really wanted to make even during the development of the first game. There were still a lot of details to add, but it was already the world I originally conceived (of course, everything always looks more beautiful in my head, but still ..). I thought that now the matter is small. Then I could not start programming for a long time, because I could not get C ++ on the Unreal Engine in any way. For a whole year I tried to master it .. in the very first room there was a closed door and there it was necessary to play the animation of awakening, then turn on the dialogue, and then open the door. If the player could leave this room, it would mean that I finally learned how to program the basic mechanics and then everything will be easier. But I never could .. for a single question they could not help me on the forums and over each problem I sat for months, and then another appeared. Therefore, I switched to blueprints and in ten minutes I programmed something that did not work for a whole year. It was a moment of insight .. the player was finally able to leave the first room and after that I programmed the main storyline in a few months - the game could finally be played from start to finish. And most importantly, I now know how blueprints can be redone in the future to speed up this process. And now I need to make models and animations of people, and now instead of them there are green cubes. I don’t know how long it will take me for this .. first you need to remember how to do it, then fill your hand and everything will go faster. And people should also be more beautiful than in the first game, although it was not easy to make them there too .. and I don't want to use third-party tools for this, only a clean blender, because this is my author's project and I want to do everything myself (well except music). Working on details is 90% of development I think I could finish everything and release the game in a few months, but I want to conduct an experiment - to postpone the release for a year and improve something in it every day, and then compare how much better the game has become. It seems to me that this will only benefit her and I will be calm if I know that I did everything I could and that my current skills allow me to do in order to make a good game. In general, if you think that your game is almost ready - think again. What's next I would like to finish the game as soon as possible and start making the third one, for which there are already a lot of ideas. After the release I will correct the mistakes that I did not notice, and then I will take on the third part. In scale, it will be larger than the first and second combined. I try to realistically assess my capabilities and think that everything should work out. The game already has an outline of the plot and a diagram of the game world, made from references taken from my favorite cyberpunk games and movies, my dreams and real places. It is very interesting to see how it will all look when it becomes one.
  6. The WasteLand Online I like present you my first game MORPG FALLOUT Like. The engine of my game is built with INTERSECT For the moment the demo is in alpha version with private access online and french language only... Sorry... The background is Fallout . The Vault 88 is lived by clones, and prepare Wastland invasion. The primary game for the moment it is quest and exploration. But in development the crafting and night event ghoul invasion is planned. To be continued Greeting Compounds
  7. A ORPG 2D, medieval and open world style being produced with the the Intersect Engine. SEASON 1 Features Real-time and open-world RPG. Unique Classes. Several hours of story-telling missions. Complementary side missions. Scary Stories Missions Special Dungeons. Daily Events in exact hours. Various complex systems that form the game such as ... Job System. Mastery System. Crafting System. Mining System. Harvest System and more systems... Challenging bosses Custom leveling and simple gameplay. And so much more... The language of the game will be in English and Portuguese. Thank You All Again. Current Staff: Showcases We do not have a date for predicting the launch. Finally we finished what is necessary for the first season. For download and more information visit our website Discord Stay tuned for more news!!!
  8. Ambardia Galactic Empires - Coming Soon to Intersect!!! In a forgotten galaxy, in an age of renewal and awakening, a civilization struggles to maintain balance between the powers of order and chaos in an ever expanding world. The denizens of Ambardia await you: come and live the adventure. Client Download: TBD This is the old Eclipse Origins client. Game Name: Ambardia Reborn Galactic Empires Story Line: TBD WORM HOLE WARPS The Galaxy: EMMERSIVE GAME WORLD Game Description: Ambardia Galactic Empires is a free to play mmorpg. It is currently in closed alph. It's 2D graphics are high end, its low system requirements make it accessible to almost everyone. MINE ASTEROIDS! Publisher: Ambardia Productions using EO modified game engine. DOCK WITH SPACE STATIONS Platforms: PC BUILD CUSTOMIZED SPACE SHIPS Genre: 2D ISO Graphics, Fantasy Space Status: Closed Alpha Facebook: Ambardia Reborn Ambardia Online is a VB6 MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) operated by Ambardia Productions. It is a windows-based 2D game with beautifully rendered 3D graphics. Ambardia was created by James Newkirk and a talented group of developers such as Richy, dg1423, Anna Comnena, Darkkiller, Robin Peris, JC Denton Denton and Kaitol as well as a large group of dedicated alpha and beta testers. Ambardia takes place in the fantasy-space realm of Ambardia, which is divided into several different regions, and cities. Players can travel throughout Ambardia by space ship, by using worm holes and devices, or mechanical means of transportation such as ships or warp speed. Each region offers different types of enemies, materials, and quests to challenge players. Unlike many other MMORPGs, there is no linear path that must be followed setting their own goals and objectives. Players can combat both enemies and other players, complete quests, or increase their experience in any of the available skills. Players interact with each other through trading, chatting, or playing combative or cooperative mini-games. History and Development Ambardia began its history as a fan site for many other popular MMORPG games. As the name of Ambard grew in the gaming community over the next 6 years so to did the desire to produce its own online realm. On August 16, 2007 the production of Ambardia Online began. On October 21st just two months later Ambardia Online Alpha Version 1 was released to open testing. Using isometric graphics from Reiner Prokein, Ambardia set a new standard of 2D gaming with 3d rendered graphics. As a full time commercial graphic designer, Ambard worked on a complete restructuring of the game with the assistance of his close friend, Richy R. Many of Reiner Prokeins graphics were replaced by a mix of custom and purchased 3D graphics. Ambardias popularity began to grow when dg1423 began working on the project to help out with coding issues and a new quest structure of custom menu's. This freed Ambard and Richy up to concentrate more on mapping and scripting. It was not long before Richy began to master the scripting code and introduced the games first mini adventure, The 21 Gates. To support Ambardia's free content, advertisements appear throughout its extensive web site and a donation rewards system has been established. Server Ambardia Galactic Empires will be run 24/7 on its own custom built P4 server. Administrators from around the world have full access to the server at any time to continue to develop and improve the game. Ambardia Galactic Empires is now being developed (12/22/2016) Using the Intersect Game Engine. Gameplay
  9. WORLD OF TASKAN 5% Done Open Alpha Description: The world is set in a medieval Kingdom surrounded by forests that are steeped in threats, secrets and legends. Start by choosing a character. Now that you've created your character in this new world, start developing your character: Find a career as a blacksmith, miner, lumberjack, or a host of others to lay a solid Foundation that opens up many opportunities; Choose from over 50+ spells and expect to master an Arsenal of skills and abilities for combat; Live a luxurious life by buying a house and building relationships with other players; Become an evil force to be reckoned with or a deserved defender of the Kingdom because there are monsters and bandits lurking around the Kingdom and you can join them or face them. After all, you are the master of this world. From humble beginnings to legendary end - an MMO that introduces you to an alternate world in which you live a new life that begins with startling experiences. Embark on expeditions across vast plains, rocky mountains and unknown seas with old or newfound friends; Evolve to become a ruthless assassin who seeks to defeat legends, a keen traveler who wants to uncover all secrets, or a respected Royal knight destined for glory. With limitless boundaries, you can live, and be any character of your choice and learn unforgettable stories. Stand with the king against his enemies, help him save the Kingdom from danger or rise up against the king, team up with friends and take his throne! Across the map there are dangerous monsters that break into the city and kill everyone. Will you fight them and save the city from destruction? Will you help the villains destroy the city, take the throne and cause huge destruction? Or will you just walk by and look from afar? It all depends on you! Buy weapons from more than 5 different weapons, each of which gives an independent skin depending on the type of weapon! Explore the map, uncover the secrets of the Kingdom, fight with invincible bosses and get the most powerful treasures! Get a job from more than 15 interactive tasks, work hard, get experience and money as a reward! Jobs depend on the type of task, money earned, experience earned and working time! Class: Traveler Choose four abilities from 50+ different skill sets with base sets for each. Create your hero Taskan! House: Buy from more than 9 houses with different sizes and prices, buy furniture and purchase an elegant house or use it as a secret base for your mercenaries! Dungeoun: Taskan's Dungeon Dungeon Hora Iclaomor Dungeon Alanmont Dungeon Work: Supplier of Blacksmith: a Blacksmith creates objects, and you deliver. Courtier: you deliver things from the trainer's room to the blacksmith. Librarian: do you prefer peace and quiet, a place where you can find everything books... Time to correct misplaced books and return them. Baker's Supplier: Your job is to make sure the tavern is satisfied, make sure you deliver the order correctly. Miner: your task is to mine, collect resources inside the mine and sell them. Will you be able to find gold? Gladiator: Live, love, burn life, kill and survive. Only the strong will stand. Fisherman: You will catch fish and sell it in the market so that people will not starve without fish. Grave grave Keeper: You are the grave Keeper, your task is to provide peace to the dead ... Be attentive to the dead ... Lumberjack: your task is to Cut down trees so that people can feel the warmth of home instead of harsh cold nights. Bodyguard: You are a bodyguard, the customer asked you to protect him / her from one place to another, if they get to the place alive, you will be paid... Wine supplier: You are a wine supplier, you deliver wine to Taverns. Quest Board: on the quest Board, there will be a random request to escort, kill, defend, etc. Useful mainly for adventurers. Officer: You must maintain law and order in the Kingdom. Protect the city and make sure no crimes have been committed. Cook: You are a cook, your job is to cook food for the soldiers in the castle. Alchemist: You are an alchemist, you will make potions of a different type, cooking them will be expensive and can have unpleasant consequences. Blacksmith: You are a blacksmith, your task is to forge weapons and armor and prepare them for shipment. Janitor: Clears the streets of garbage for money and makes people happy. King's guard: Fight for the king's glory! Events: Taskan Day | Once a year Team vs team | Every hour Capture the flag | Every hour Last hero | Once a day Advance of the monsters | 22:00 Daily Siege Of Taskan | 20:00 Saturday Mini game: 50 Floors Race PVP all PK all Craft Spoil Instanced dungeon World Boss Pets The game is in development, but will be released in Closed beta RU by December There are kits in the game testers, you can sign up in a private message on the website or in the mail ccetalon@mail.ru Eu server: Black Ru server: White Online RU Offline EU Team: Lalak Client Eng: https:// Client RU: Launcher: https:// Ru community: https://vk.com/wotaskan Eng community: https://facebook.com/ Discord server: https://discord.gg/79zs3S Screenshot: Menu: Alpha game 1%: Gameplay: Spells: Maps: Dungeon: Extraction: Mini Game: Update 0.01 Game 1.11.2019 Update client RU 0.01 Update Ru community Maps Taskan Mini game maps NPC traning quest NPC class Taskan's Dungeon NPC 10% Quest 10% Skills class Skills animation 10% Items icon Items 10% Resource icon Skill 15 Resource spoil and craft Update 0.02 Release Closed Alpha Test 30.12.2019 Site World of Taskan Start Closed beta RU server Ru client 0.01 | ping 10+ Intro Preview, Preview Game, Guides Site RU/EU Update RU community Update EU community Update EU client 0.01 NPC 20% Skills animation 20% Dungeon Hora Iclaomor Dungeon Alanmont Dungeon Quest 20% Items 20% Craft 20% Item paperdoll 20% Starter kit: Standard, Premium, VIP Advertising and PR server
  10. http://ccaenter.es/tierrasrobadas/ Greetings! My name is Raeven, I'm a spanish YouTuber, writer and community administrator for www.ccaenter.es Last year I published Tierras Robadas: La Roca del Destino, a project of mine which took way too many years to complete. Since always me and the few guys who followed the project wanted to make an online game about our universe, but we never found any 2D or 3D engine which satisfied us. Until we found Intersect, of course. Even in it's alpha stage I absolutely fell in love with the mapping system and the general stable feel of it and three days ago we started the project. We don't know yet how customizable it is, as we'd like to add some custom programmed stuff in the future. For now we'll start our work with custom graphics - we'd like to make it feel more like a graphical novel than an anime-pixelart-fest, hence this style someone may find strange. In the future we'd like to update both this post and our own on the CCA Entertainment site so both communities see our progress. As I previously said, we'd like to launch the game on Steam (we already have a Greenlight license, with one project approved!), if we ever do so I'd like to give a small % of our earnings to the development of the engine as gratitude for your work. We'd appreciate any feedback or even contributions - if you're an artist, want to help with the programming stuff or any kind of material, just PM me. Features planned: · Rich story based on the novel · Huge explorable world, with puzzles and rewarding content · Deep PVE progression · Weekly/Monthly content updates · Oldschool hardcore feel, inspired by the original Everquest Some updated screenshots of work we've done so far:
  11. About the Game The Jist Ruinic is a competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler -- CMDC for short. The objective of the game is to farm loot, hone your skills, discover ancient and forgotten secrets, and compete with other players via a comprehensive ranking system. In addition to this, Ruinic will feature a strong social element, as guilds will also be able to compete with each other. Gear and skills Unlike most other dungeon crawlers and RPGs, your character will not be locked to any one class; rather, your characters skill will be determined through a combination of how much time they've put into utilizing that particular skill and the abilities of the gear they're using. The skills in Ruinic will be centered around four different types of game play: Damage, Tanking, Healing, and Necromancy. All of these game play types will have to work in harmony in order for the players to survive the harsh environments in which they find themselves. Players may also create unique gear builds in order to hybrid between these roles and secure all the treasures of their adventures for themselves. The first three types of game play are pretty standard in most games, but the fourth is unique to Ruinic. More about these skills can be found below. Damage - As should be obvious, the purpose of damage builds is to unleash as much destruction upon foes as possible. It is vital that enough damage is done in order to assure that the Tank is not overwhelmed and that the Necromancer is able to fulfill its role. Tank The purpose of the tank is to concentrate the wrath of enemies upon itself and soak up as much of their damage as possible. Healer The purpose of the healer is to, as simply put as possible, ensure that everyone stays alive Necromancer The Necromancer plays an extremely important role. The purpose of Necromancy is to harvest the life force of dead foes and channel it into forms of energy usable by other roles. Without the Necromancer, the Tank, Damage, and Healing roles cannot effectively perform their jobs. Dungeons Dungeons, which will make up the majority of content within the world of Ruinic will be massive, sprawling labyrinths filled to the brim with monsters, traps, puzzles, and other players. Entrances to these dungeons will appear to the overworld occasionally, so players should always be on their toes to be the first ones to jump in, explore, and amass untold riches. After a set amount of time has passed, dungeons will begin to become unstable and collapse in on themselves. Players should then quickly evacuate, as a stray piece of ceiling, fire storm, or chasm in the ground could see that much of their acquired treasure is lost. PVP Player-versus-player interactions in Ruinic will be very similar to older hardcore ORPGs such as Tibia, where player killing can be extremely rewarding, but potentially disastrous should you decide to take a risk and slay your fellow explorers. Past a particular introductory level, which is yet to be determined, the initiation of a PVP battle will be unrestricted aside for some severe penalties for the initiating player. If you are successful in slaying your opponent, you will receive the treasures they have acquired in their backpack as well as some of the experience they gained while in the dungeon, but, if you are unsuccessful, there are some rather nasty consequences! Upon attacking another player in a dungeon, you will receive a red skull, which will last for a duration of time scalable to the difference between your level and the victims. This could range anywhere from 30 minutes for a player who is equal to or greater than your level, to an hour for players who are of a much lower level. If you die while skulled, you will not only lose all of the acquired items within your backpack, but also your equipped gear and the experience acquired from the dungeon you were skulled in, as well as every dungeon you visited after you received your skull. If you attempt to enter a hub city while still skulled, not only will you have guards to fend off who will have been warned of your treachery, but players will also be able to attack you without penalty, so it's best to wait out the heat before trying to resurface! Hub Citites The hub cities are where players will congregate to interact, buy and sell their amassed loot, host clan events, and participate in various other social activities. Players will be able to set up their own custom stocked shops, where you can set your own prices and allow other players to swing by and see what you have up for grabs. More information will be released about hub cities as we move forward in development, but expect an update about the first city, Thelara, to be released very soon! Screenshots and Details Below you may find a collection of updates that I will also post as replies in this thread. Click here for our official website! Keep track of development on our Discord 9/26/2017 9/9/2017 2/7/2016 2/12/2016 2/22/2016
  12. Part in English: Sorry for my english, I'm using google translator. The Last War 2D! Welcome to my medieval 2D mmorpg project. LuG has a quite original story, it is not the classic story of the chosen one, etc. In LuG's story, you are a peasant who went to the big city (Esberoth) to collect money and gain combat ability to save your parents from the claws of the Drakoria clan. But in the course of the story you have to choose a clan to join (Cross Warriors, Circle Wizards and Shadow Killers) In the clans that you join with different spells they learn and different weapons they use. It is a game with level 15 Maximum, but to rise to the maximum level you need many but many hours. Level up is slow, but once you go up to level 5 choose to choose a clan. And with a different combat style ... Every Saturday and Sunday we will open very good events! As an all-against-all event, events of killing a giant boss and another of PvP! The Warriors Will Have Spells (Buffs, Debuffs and Movement Speed) Magicians have spells (AoE, and Stuns) The Archers have spells (Invisibility, movement speed and Target) We will launch the Alpha version in a short time. What are you waiting for to join the group of Lug? Facebook group To donate you can do it with an idea, help us make this great game! Video of the game on Youtube! Parte en Español: ¡La Última Guerra 2D! Bienvenidos a mi proyecto mmorpg 2D medieval. LuG tiene una historia bastante original, no es la historia clásica del elegido, etc. En la historia de LuG, tu eres un campesino que se fue a la gran ciudad (Esberoth) para juntar plata y ganar habilidad de combate para salvar a tus padres de las garras del clan Drakoria. Pero en el transcurso de la historia tienes que elegir un clan para unirte (Guerreros Cruzados, Magos del Circulo y Asesinos de Sombras) En los clanes que te unes tienes diferentes hechizos que aprender y diferentes armas que usar. Es un juego con nivel 15 Maximo, pero para subir al nivel máximo necesitas muchas pero muchas horas. Subir de nivel es lento, pero una vez que subas al nivel 5 podrás elegir un clan. Y con ello un estilo de combate diferente... Todos los Sábados y Domingos abriremos eventos muy buenos! Como un evento de todos contra todos, eventos de matar a un boss gigante y otro de PvP! Los Guerreros Tendrán hechizos (Buffs, Debuffs y Velocidad de movimiento) Los Magos tendrán hechizos ( AoE, y de Stuns) Los Arqueros tendrán hechizos ( Invisibilidad, velocidad de movimiento y Target) Lanzaremos la versión Alpha dentro de poco tiempo. ¿Que estas esperando para unirte al grupo de Lug? Grupo de Facebook Para donar pueden hacerlo con ideame, ayúdanos a hacer este gran juego! Video del juego en Youtube!
  13. Hi guys, Today I opened for the very first time the server of my game, and everything was awesome. Great job guys, the server worked fine, some lag sometimes on the desert map but amazing, 10/10. A little video of the testing(without any sound): Thank you guys, this engine has everything I want, hope you keep doing this for so long.
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