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  1. Graphics

    sounds nice, the old style rpg you do is cool, im sure you gonna go far if you continue, im gonna give you some i did myself this sprite is 5 years old xD i did my self soo long time ago i was trying to imitate rambo but i failed miserablely xD (this one is what i was using as example)
  2. yea that was the point -------------------------------------- im just stucked in logo fadeout and fps show for now i used the intersect default gui background... im sure you dont care, almost i have a lot of alternatives at least im doing into sfml lib instead of xna because of perfomance. a cool dude is helping me so much
  3. you didnt get it i go do it from scratch from myself and im gonna do style old scool, is better for newbyes like me
  4. 1 is callet M.U.G.E.N 2 is a game called Mapple Story 3 is similar to CatalystEngine Titan Plus(only i have the files) 4 i dunno, i found in google images
  5. I was working on xna and learning how it works. and i was thinking "im bad doing games and i dont know how do my own sprites" then, why dont take an old project and continue it? i was learning a little how to charge resources and do animations. This is a test file but i want do a votation. what do you like as result VS Style Engine (online matckmaking support) Lateral Engine MMO Classic MMO engine(like intersect) Moba 2d Test download(without networking only testing controls , move and simple 3 frame sprite animations) https://www.mediafire.com/file/0c9ho9s20wp9psm/MMOTEST.rar IM SOOO bad in networking but i think i can do something, with relax jeje... I let you the last word, and i will considere it, im good vb.net programmer but im still noob in XNA and DX and graphig manage, Thanks for read.
  6. really thanks for create this engine, is cool, easy to use and flexible.
  7. Graphics

    very very cool. the only i dont like is live colord like vivid red makes things look plastic but the sprites are super amazing!!!!
  8. its an started game, i was working on it in a few weeks non stop working include characters, maps, tilesets events, sounds music, etc. and a lot of stuff for add new things this is a old video
  9. free

    in one word SO COOL
  10. Those are spell animations dude...
  11. Closed Alpha

    that i suggest, but i don wanna be owner i just want to help
  12. thanks but a guy has taken the server. but thanks
  14. Closed Alpha

    i belibe you can do better than me for sure
  15. Im tired to work in this because i waste so much time and energy and i cant host because in my house we turn off the router. Here i put for someone want to continue where i stop. Includes: - Part of Snowdin mountain - Full Snowdin Town - High part of waterfall - Lot of chars and one or twice of animations - Au chars - Some events , npc , dialogs - Tons of unused resources - All dialog sounds - Panoramas - All Music - Tons of SFX - One currency and two items -------------------------------------------- Some more things to discover. https://www.mediafire.com/file/h0w0p3m08d18nm2/UndertaleMMOServerandClient.rar Welp... Im going to grillby's