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Found 12 results

  1. I have 2 wav files that should be playing audio, one doesn't play sometimes from an event, and another one sends a error log. What should i do?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    music orchestal instrumental jas -free-
  3. Sound is work? so... if that work what kind of format need to use to sound work?
  4. I want to know how i make a click sound every time the player click on the inventory, in the login screen etc. how ?
  5. I want to tell people about some legal and free samples packs for their projects.When i make my projects i always use these sound effects : first legal pack from official site - https://www.lucidsamples.com/free-sample-packs/181-free-sound-effects-sfx-pack.html second site with many sound effects - http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ third pack - http://www.blastwavefx.com/i25/Blastwave-FX-Free-Sound-Effects-Download-Pack/information.html If u know good legal sound effects packs too, pls write links at the comments. P.S - pls don't write about pirate packs.
  6. It is possible to make footsteps sound ? Thanks !
  7. Hi, if i have a sound effect, how do i make it with mobs death? For example if i kill bear then the sound effect will start playing.
  8. Hi, I found this sound effet freebies. It's really nice, 20GB of sound effet: medieval, space, forest, car.... " In celebration of #GDC2017 we are giving away 20GB+ of high-quality sound effects from our vendors here at Sonniss. You can use them personally or commercially without attribution. (Everything is royalty free)." http://www.sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2017/
  9. Hi everybody, It´s posible to play a sound only one time when I use a projectile spell? When I add a sound to an animation and I test the spell in the game, it plays in a loop. I don´t know if this is a bug or a wrong configuration by me. Regards
  10. Changed the config to play the menu music but it's not working with .ogg. Only having mp3 support would be the epitome of retarded, because .mp3 requires licensing to distribute in projects.
  11. Hi all! Is there anyway to add a sound to the menu/click events (when you open the inventory, close windows or click the buttons games), like when you configure the background sound in the XML file? Or I should wait to the open source to do this? Regards
  12. Hello All, For as long as I have had Intersect, I have been unable to get the editor to recognize sounds files. As in, when selecting a sound within a map properties, only 'None' shows within the dropdown. This also occurs when selecting sounds for events/animations. Please see the screenshot attached. Currently, I have my sound files as .ogg within the following folder relative to the engine: \Client and Editor\resources\sounds Is there anything I am missing? Any help would be appreciated!
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